Tuesday, October 11, 2011


He was not going to fall so easily.
He was not going to give up so easily.
He was not going to...but he had to.
The battle that started not long ago was not his to win. He realized that. He knew that. But despite that he tried. He fought along with his soldiers...he fought for them, for the country that grew and loved him. He did it for them, 'coz he knew that there was no chance for him.
They were many. His men were less than a thousand. But they kept going, they did not stop.
When he reached the peak he finally realized. What was there to fight for? His men died to protect him, his king was old and dying, their enemy was strong and cruel. He could not save his people from disaster! He couldn't do anything in front of such a powerful force that was threatening to wipe them off the face of the Earth!
"Your life for your people,"said the Black King.
He raised his eyes and looked at the one that was...oh well, that was his uncle. He looked like an angel with black clothes. That beautiful he was! But his beauty was only on the surface. Inside...what heart? There was none! No heart gave him life, no feelings had he either for his men, country or family. And still, he was his nephew...
"What say you?"
He looked him in the eyes.
He sighed resentful.
What could he do? Save his life with the price of his people? Let them suffer when they were the one that raised him? 
No answer came from his lips, but it could clearly be seen in his eyes.
"Give him a sword!"ordered the Black King.
And a servant gave him a sword. Well, it wasn't quite a sword. It was more like a knife with a long blade. It had it's handle made of pure silver. The blade was shining like a malicious smile.
That was it. Right?
That was the end for him...could he possibly let that dagger and run for his life? No. And why not? There was no one that could hold him back. There was no man hat could confront him and stay alive. But there was something...the memory itself of a place once called home...the wind that carresed his long hair...the flower petals that stole his first kiss...the song that filled his heart.
He had no power...a single tear ran down his cheek.
"Are you going to back off?"
He looked at his uncle. He looked nothing like his father. They were twins. The Good and the Evil. Even if he hated his uncle for trying to steal away from him all that he held dear, now he was looking at him with love. That kind of love that only a son could feel towards his father.
"Looks like my life here on Earth ends here,"he mumbled as he looked at his dagger.
He took a step forward towards the edge.
"Are you going to jump?"
"Don't worry,uncle, you'll see me dying,"he answered back as he looked at the sky.

He looked like a beggar. A handsome and manly beggar.
A prince he was.
A king he was going to die as...

The dawn.
He put the tip of the blade on the place where he could feel his heart beats through his clothes.
The sound went out and all he could see was the beautiful colors of the sky. 
He was standing right on the edge...the soldiers were screaming behind him. Fires were burning behind him. The darkness sprawled under his feet...but he saw and heard none of that. 

(video borrowed from youtube.com)

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