Monday, February 27, 2012

Once upon a red tree's leaf

Chapter 27:~The monster that I am

I took a deep breath as I tried to relax and unclench my fists. My knuckles were white and the old man on my left was throwing me weird looks.
"Can I bring you anything, sir?"asked the stewardess with a white smile.
I shook my head and she left. I looked out on the window and I saw the land looking like a cube of sugar...I sighed as I remembered Mrs. Choi's face as I left New York for Seoul.
"Seung Ho, please understand me! I wanted to tell you all about this, but then...I got scared! I thought you may change your mind and..."
"Leave her again on your hands?"I hissed, looking the other way as people passed by us, throwing weird looks. "I'm sorry,"I sighed as I saw her eyes filled with tears. "Is just that...I wish I never found out about her marriage."
"What are you going to do now, Seung Ho?"she took my arm as I headed towards the terminal.
"I've got to return to Seould right away. I have something to solve there. Then I'll come back after Mi Rae,"I answered.
And that was exactly what I was going to do. Nothing nore, nothing less. Well...
"SEUNG HO HYUNG!"called someone, making me turn around.
"Oh! Sorry,"he stepped back with a huge grin on his face. "I thought you weren't coming back till March..."
I chuckled. "What? SO dissapointed to see me?"
"Nonononono!"he defended himself as we got in the black car. "'s Mi Rae?"
I sighed. I think it was time to tell him the truth. "Thunder, how about we stop somewhere on the way to the dorm? I'll tell you all..."
He nodded as he left the parking lot of the airport. We drove silently away. Seoul...freezing air was coming though the opened window, but I was feeling good. The cold air was waking me up and somehow, clearing my thoughts. But even so...I couldn't get over the fact that I knew that Dongwoon knew all about Mi Rae and haven't told me one single word about her situation! Where to put the fact that he married her...remembering the awkward moment after the doctor inforned me that she was married, I felt that I was failing in this life...
"Two black coffees,"I said to the waitress, hiding my figure behind a black scarf.
She nodded and smiled.
After I took the coffees I got back into the car and Thunder drove to the park we used to come while we were still trainees.
"Tell me,"he said as we sat on a cold bench.
I took a deep breath. "Mi Rae...she' a coma..."
Thunder spitted his coffee out and then turned his eyes at me. He there anything that goes beyond the shock? "You're kiddin', right?"
I shook my head. "I wish I was. But I'm not."
"W-what happened to her?"
"She had an accident during a show. Her partner dropped her on the floor because of muscle cramps. Her mother said she was perfectly fine when she went to bed, but the thing is she never woked up in the morning. Not even the next one...she's in a coma from 2009,"I whispered the last part as if I was realizing only then what the real situation was like. It was more than bad. It was...impossible to overcome...
"Wow...and she's been living through all that hell till now?"I head Thunder's voice.
I nodded.
"And her parents...her parents put up with it for this long?"
I nodded again.
"Wow...if I were them I would have let her go,"he said. "Don't get me wrong, hyung!"he jumped the next second as I glared at him. "But I think...I think she experienced great pain at first. And maybe, ONLY MAYBE! her sould is no longer with her..."
I looked at the ice that was covering the paved path. That was a nice way to say she was already dead....
"Why do I have the feeling there's more to it?"
"Because there is. Mi Rae's Dongwoon,"I mumbled, clenching my fists.
This time he remained silent, making me turn my head to look at him. "What?"I asked, seeing how he got really really pale. "Thunder!"
"Ummmmm....hmmmm...nothing!"he stood. "Let's go to the dorm! The boys will get wild when they'll see you,"he awkwardly laughed, tried to put distance between us. Too late! I cought his arm and pulled him back. 
"Thunder, I swear on what I hold the holiest that if you don't tell me right now what's wrong..."
He looked down. "You know Go Hara, right?"he finally said, still unable to watch me in the eyes.
"What about her?"I said annoyed.
" got on the news after I returned to Seoul. Hmmmm....ummmm..."
"Thunder!"I hissed.
"Dongwoon is dating her!"he said.
That was it! The drop that filled the glass, the light that woke the monster...
I quietly stepped inside the dorm. I could hear laughters from the kitchen.
"I'm home,"I said, stepping in the living room.
Silence. Then...
"YANG SEUNG HO!!!!"yelled G.O. throwing the towel at me. "YOU COULD HAVE CALLED YOU KNOW?!"
I smirked. "And here I thought that you shaved..."
"Yo!"greeded Junhyung.
I shook his hand. The I saw him...the monster I had inside of me opened his sleepy eyes and looked around. Now I was seeing the surroundings through his eyes, like he was possessing me. Bad eyes...criminal eyes...I growled and took a step towards him. His shocked face was really clear. Surprisingly clear to me! I could see everything, but the sounds were turned to mute. I looked at my white knuckles and then at Dongwoon. The shape was perfect...I could see the guys yelling and trying to get between us. But I ignored and dodged them all. And then I suddenly heard how bones were breaking...
" hand,"I mumbled as a huge pain traveled through my hand, from the fingers to the shoulder. "Suits you right!"I laughed at the one who was lying on the foor.
I looked at the ceiling. My hand was throbbing with pain under the ice pack. But I wasn't regretting my action. Not even a little bit! Well, maybe I should have done more than breaking his perfect nose!
"I never knew I would be able to hit him,"I mumbled to myself on a ultra satisfied tone.
A knock at the room's door made me turn around. "Enter."
"Seung Ho, can I know what was that earlier?"asked G.O. entering with a basket full of washed clothes.
I sighed. "Where is he?"
"Thunder is helping him stopping the bleeding. You know, if he needs surgery this will get big!"
"I don't care,"I said on an apatic tone. "I'll pay for it. He deserved it!"
I closed my eyes and an image appeared in my mind. I smirked...
"You know, you're kinda creepy right now...."
I took the file out of my bag and stepped outside the room, leaving the ice pack on he bed. Well, maybe I should have taken it with me after all...
"Dongwoon,"I said, trying to stop myself from hitting him once again.
He flinched as I smirked. "It's ok. I won't hit him again,"I assured Doojun who was watching my moves with worried eyes. I looked at Dongwoon intensly. He nodded and the guys left us alone in the bathroom.
"What?"he asked, trying not to move to much his face.
"You know what? Consider that as you were hit by Mi Rae,"I said, with a lunatic's smile.
His eyes widened. "W-why are you bringing her up?"
"C'mon, Dongwoon! How long do you think you can fool me? I know everything! I saw everything! I met Mi Rae," I declared, watching his reaction with a horrible satisfaction. "And I also know that you're dating that Hara even though you're married to Mi Rae. Tell me, dongwoon,"I continued, while sitting down on the toilet,"how does it feel to be a two-timer?"
I smirked. "Dongwoon, now don't be selfish and give me some tips too! How did you managed, huh? To make her marry you?"
He got paler. I stood and threw him the file I was holding all that time. "Read it. It may contain something interesting for you..."
And I stepped outside. That's right, Dongwoon! I'm not going to step out of this! I did it onc ein the past and I suffered as I watched you making her unhappy. This time I'm stepping in and there's no way I'm giving her to you! And if I'm right, then this marriage is...