Saturday, February 11, 2012

Once upon a red tree's leaf

Chapter 20:~To you by air

"Listen to me, Seung Ho!"yelled my manager at me. "You can't leave now! I thought we went through this already! Seung Ho, this is important for the band and for you too! Have you forgot how many hours we spent in the studio?"
I stood, clenching my fists. "The truth is that I no longer care! You don't care about me and my feelings, why should I care about you?!"I tried to keep it low, even if I was feeling my blood boiling.
But I turned my back to him and took a deep breath. "Please try to understand me too, hyung! I can't do thins anymore. I need to know that she's still there, waiting for me. I need this! I need her in my life..."
"Seung Ho, I understand you, but I still can't let you leave. I'm sorry."
My manager's words hurt me. I was so excited about leaving to New York, that this past days flew by. I day dreamed a lot. I made scenarios after scenarios with what I will be saying to her once we meet, what would her reaction be when she'll see me in front of her after all this years that I was a silent memory for her. I even made a speach! Call me crazy, but I this last few days I barely could sleep! And now he comes and tell me that I need to put the bad before my feelings and my own needs! It's the first time this thig drives me crazy! Now I can understand Joon and why at one moment he wanted to quit after fighting with his girlfriend...
I exhaled. I made my mind long ago about this. And there was no why someone could ever stop me.
"Sorry, hyung, but this time I'll do what I thing it's right for me."
And I walked out.
"What did he want? Isn't he agreeing with you leaving?"whispered Thunder as one of the assistants were putting on my mic.
I shook my head.
"Is he mental or what?"spoke G.O. while checking himself in the mirror. "You told him what's al this about, right?"
I nodded.
"Then what's his problem?!"
I cleared my throat. "His problem is you,"I pointed out.
"Us? How's that?"
"You as in the band. Because we're still promoting our new album, he won't let me leave for New York."
Joon put his hand on my shoulder, making me turn around. "Hyung, we won't let him use us just to stop you meet your love one! We'll find a way together, right guys?"
They all nodded, with serious expression on their faces.
"We're in this together, Seung Ho,"assured me G.O. with a playful smile. "Plus, I kinda wanna see New York in the winter. I heard it's beautiful."
"What are you talking about there, Byung Hee?"I asked confused.
"Yeah, plus if we think about it for a sec, we haven't met our american fans for some time now, have we?"Mir played along.
"Guys, guys! You can't do this! You can't come with me!"
"Why not?"
"Because manager hyung will go ballistic! That's why!"
They smirked as we were led to the stage. "Don't even think about leaving us behind!"
I shook my head, but let out a little smile as the lights went out for our performance. They were so stubborn sometimes! But they were like my brothers!
After the performance, we went to the back stage and waited for the program to finish so we could leave. We were planning. Leaving from right under our manager's nose!
"I think I can manage with the plane tickets,"said G.O. after checking the flights time table from his iPhone. "I'll ask my mother to book them for us."
"I'll talk to Gikwang,"I heard Joon from his corner.
We all smirked.
"What? He can talk in Junhyung to call S7even and ask him to call our manager. You know that he's a fan of S7even!"
Now this guy never ceases to amaze me!
The waiting room's door banged and a puffing manager enter. "Haven't you heard? You're nominated again! You should hurry on the stage again!"
My eyes widened. Again?! And this time our adversary was T-ara. It was kinda difficult since they won so many times with 'Lovey-Dovey'.
"And today's winner is...MBlaq with 'It's War'!"announced the MC.
My jaw dropped. How...? Again?!
"This is your ticket to New York, Seung Ho!"whispered Thunder in my ear.
I nodded as I took the mic that the host was offering me. I don't remember my speach. But I know that I thanked to all our fans, to our manager, to Rain hyung and to all those who helped us. The I looked into the camera and smiled.
"I'm coming to you..."
"Are you guys proud?"asked our manager as we arrived at our dorm.
We all smiled like a bunch of dorks.
I didn't even wait for him to leave. I went straight into my room and started packing. I was so anxious, that I would have left right then, only to be sure that the plane doesn't leave without me!
"HYUNG! HYUNG! WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM!"yelled Mir from the living room.
Why does it souds like 'Huston, we've got a problem'?
G.O. looked at me. "Manager hyung locked us in."
I ran to the door and pressed the knob. Nothing. I typed the code. Nothing. I tried to open it with the key. Nothing. Only that the alarm started, making me growl.
"SHUT THAT DOWN!"yelled Joon, with his hands over his ears.
I typed in the code, but the alarm kept on yelling. At this rate, the police will be here soon enough.
"HE CHANGED THE CODE! I CAN'T STOP IT!"I yelled back, punching the wall.
I saw Joon frowning. Then he stormed towards me and punched the LCD screen. The alarm died. "Now this should put it to rest for some time,"he smirked, rubbing his fist. "Now, we need help,"he continued with a smile, as if he didn't just destroyed an expensive alrm system. "Yeoboseyo? Gikwang, can you pass Junhyung? I need him to do a favour. Stop asking stupid questions and pass him already!...Oh! Junhyung, are you still good with locked doors? 'Coz I need your help. Our manager locked us inside the dorm and we have a plane to catch. Yeah. Really? Awesome! See you!"
I looked at him in awe.
"Junhyung helped me in the past when my mother locked me inside my room,"he smiled. "I should start packing. But before that I need to check out the meteo..."
Really now?!
30 minutes later we heard movements behind the dorm's door. I was anxious. What if hyung returned to scold us? What if Beast called our manager? What do we do then? Then the door opened with a click.
"What took you so long?"spoke Joon who was already dressed up.
"I did my best, you know,"replied Junhyung, crossing his arms over his chest. "What's the rush?"
"We have a plane to catch. Can you give us a ride?"asked Thunder coming in with his bag.
"The van is wating downstairs. If you hurry, we can give you a lift,"spoke Dongjoon. "Dongwoon, at what hour starts the show?"
"10,"he answered, throwing me a strange look. "Why are you going all to the airport?"
"Seung Ho has an-"started Mir, but was quickly stopped by Thunder's hand.
"We want a short holiday. It's fashion week in New York after all!"G.O. covered up.
Dongwoon nodded. We all followed them downstairs and sliped in their van. We traveled in a confortable silence as the Beast members tried to take a little nap as the car drove throught Seoul's traffic. I watched the city's lights as we passed by them. I could feel the butterflies being born in my stomach already. With each kilometre that we covered, I could feel her somehow much more closer. Maybe it was just me being aware of her existance. Maybe it was just me finally accepting the center of my whole world...
"Good luck, guys,"said the boys as the van stopped in front of the airport.
"Put this on,"said Dongwoon, throwing me a big, red, woolen scarf. "You're pretty famous, you know right? You should cover your face,"he rolled his eyes, seeing me all confused.
"C'mon, Seung Ho!"I heard G.O. calling. "We're gonna miss the flight!"
I got down from the van and they drove away.
"I think we should split up. We won't get noticed by fans if we do,"spoke Thunder. "We'll meet at the boarding gate, ok?"
And so we did. I entered the airport alone. In the waiting area there were people and some reporters. I pulled the scarf up and went straight to the boarding gate.
"THERE HE IS!"yelled someone from behind me.
I turned around and I felt sick as I saw an ocean of reporters running towards me. First thing to do? Run as fast as you can! Run, run...RUUUUNNNN!

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