Friday, February 17, 2012

Once pon a red tree's leaf

Chapter 24:~Mad as a hatter meet Sleeping beauty

The light was bothering me. My eyes were hurt by the powerful light.
"Why were the curtains invented if no one uses them?"I huskily asked.
Someone giggled.
"You know, you're annoying. You could at least draw the curtains."
"Yep! And he's back!"
This time I opened my eyes. The setting was different from what I remembered. The ward's walls were painted in blue and the window had bars made of iron painted in grey. My hands and feet were tied to the bed.
"Sorry about this,"said Thunder, pointing to immobilized body. "It's for your own sake."
I frowned as I tried to free myself. "My own sake? Park Sang Hyun, do I look like a mad person?"I slowly asked.
"Not now. But you were like that a few say ago."
"Days? I don't follow."
"You were found outside, on the hill, almost frozen. When you woked up you began mumbling something to yourself. No one could understand what you were saying there, but you were obsessively repeating 'air', 'icy-blue', 'gone' and 'dead'. The doctors started believing that the cold affected your brain and took you to have an MRI, but you began yelling and after hitting on of the doctors, you tried jumping off from the seventh floor. They had to put you to sleep. And that's how you ended up like that."
I took a deep breath. It wasn't possible to do all those things! And why couldn't I remember doing them?!
"Look, Thunder, I'm ok now, so you can untie me,"I said after a minute.
He just stood there and smiled. "Sorry, but that's what you said last time too!"
"Last time? Please, be kind and do tell me what day is today?"
"12th of February."
You must be kiddin' me! I was under medication for almost two weeks?! Now would the tabloids say if this would go out into the media? I can imagine the front page huge title 'Yang Seung Ho, leader of MBlaq, gone crazy?!' or even better 'Yang Seung Ho, leader of MBlaq, tried to commit suicide?!'. Great!
"Don't worry! They are professionals! Nothing will ever go out to the media,"said Thunder as if he read my mind.
I rolled my eyes. "Gee, thanks! Feeling much better now!"
He chuckled. "I see you're yourself once again! Can't wait for the doctor to come and see you!"he chanted.
" too! Where are the others?"
"They had to go back to Korea. I heard that manager hyung is...well, let's just say he's not in a good condition either,"he smirked.
Hmmmm...good for him then! It's his fault anyway for not leaving me to...
"Oh no!"I heard Thunder.
I snapped from my thoughts and turned my eyes to him. "What's wrong?"
He pulled himself backwards. "I know that look. You're going to act like a crazy person once again!"
I laughed. "Don't be silly! I'm ok now! I won't turn crazy again. I promise. Now, what's for...lunch, I guess?"
He went out of the room without a word. For his own good, I hope he doesn't bring a doctor to put me back to sleep! Thunder returned with a tray of food.
"YUCK! This looks like..."
But he placed one spoon of that kind of 'food' in my mouth. "And it tastes like..." And another one filled my mouth, making me chocke.
"Water..."I begged.
"Hyung, you look like a baby,"he laughed.
I rolled my eyes. I could sense in him the relieve. I won't go back to being crazy, Thunder! Or at least, I hope I won't...
"Hyung...I told you already that he..."I heard someone's voice on the background.
I chuckled. "I won't say I'm sorry,"I said as the silence installed itself at the end of the other line. " 'Coz I'd be only lying if I told you this."
"Listen to me, will you? I'm not sorry, but I'll accept whatever punish you give to me when I return to Korea."
"Don't 'hmmmphhh' me, 'coz this is all I can give to you!"I snapped, trying not to fall again from the cliff my mind was on. "Hyung...understand me please..."
Silence. I could almost hear his brain functioning.
"At least, did you find what you were looking for? Did you find her?"
My mental equilibrium was...
"I'm sorry."
"Me too. Hyung, I got to go now. My doctor needs to check up on me,"I lied, not being able to endure the pain I was feeling in my chest.
"Talk to you later then!"
And I hanged up. No goodbye. No nothing.
I turned on the TV and started watching a random program. 'The Young and The Restless'....
from: Froggy Mir
'Happy Valentine's Day, hyung!'
from: Naggin' Byung Hee
'YAHHHH~~!!! Don't go eating all your chocolates without me, arasso?!?!?! By the way, how's your food there?'
from: ThundeR
'Just got to Korea. Call you after I take a nap....Zzzzzz....'
'I took care of Dongwoon for you.'
I smiled as I red all their messages. Sweet.
"Happy Valentine's Day, nurse,"I said to the woman dressed in pink that brought flowers to my ward.
"Happy Valentine's Day to you too, sir!"she replied with a happy smile. "Ho w are you today?"
"Like always,"I shrugged.
"I don't think staying that longer inside makes you fee any better! Let's get you out of that bed. How about meeting some of our patients?"
I shrugged and followed her outside. She took me to see some elders that were all alone. I sag for them. Some happy songs and not like those that I had in my mind. Soon, the ward got crowded and I slipped outside to take a breath of fresh air. The hallway was empty. Just one or two nurses who were visiting the patients. I took some steps to the right, studying the wards' doors.
16 10...
That door was closed. I wonder who's inside?
I pushed the door slowly and it opened itself without a sound. The room was full of light, but silent, giving out a feeling of emptiness. I was about to turn around and close the door when a nurse came smiling towards me ith a bouquet of white lillies in her hands.
"I see you found our Scarlett,"she said while making her way in. "Come in! Come in! It's not like everyday someone visits her!"
I listened to her words, trying to see the person who was lying on the bed with an oxygen mask on her face.
"Who is she?"I asked, unable to see the girl's face.
"She's Scarlett Gilbert,"the nurse answered. "Come closer! She won't bite!"she laughed. "Actually, you should tell her who you are..."
"Hi there, Scarlett! I'm...Seung Ho,"I whispered as I approached to her bed.
It couldn't be! Her white, milky skin, her sweet features...
I streached my hand and touched her cold cheek.
"Mi Rae..."

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