Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 20. Warm Guilt

Seung Hyun’s POV
“Have you seen the monster around here?”I asked through the living room’s open door.
“Hyung, you shouldn’t be calling her like that,”frowned Daesung.
“Yeah, she’s a girl after all,”commented Taeyang too.
“It’s none of your business what I call her! Now, have you seen her or not?”I snapped.
“Why are you looking for her?”asked Hyun Seung from behind me.
I turned around and shrugged. “I’m hungry and she won’t let me eat anything that’s in the fridge because she cooks for me the so called ‘healthy’ meals. So, have you seen her?”
He stared at me for a couple of seconds, making me feel strange. “You should check in the barn Sometimes she spends her time there,”he answered.
I took one of the rain coats that were hanging in the closet and I walked outside. The rain was giving me cills down my spine. “Why does it have to rain anyway?”I mumbled as I tried to avoid the pools of mud. “I hate the rain!”
I tripped right in front of the barn’s door. “Just wonderful!”I muttered as I looked down at my jeans. “The monster will love to wash them!”
I placed my hand on the wooden door and I was preparing to push it open when I heard a familiar voice:
“You…are you hoping that he’ll fall in love with you?”
“GD?”I whispered.
“W-what are you talking about there, Kwon Ji Yong?”answered the monster. “Fall in love with me? Please! I’m the monster remember? I put him to work and I’m nagging every single moment of every single day. Now, why would I hope he’ll fall in love with me, huh?”
“Well, in dramas, the guy eventually ends up with the cold bitch.”
“Well, this ain’t a dram first of all and secondly, I’m not acting bitchy for him to fall for me,”she replied in such a manner that I could practically see her smile behind her words. “Really now GD, you should stop watching that kind of things!”
“And switch to what?”
“No thanks,”he laughed.
Why were they so friendly all of sudden?
Before I knew it, I was already in fron of the house, standing in the rain. Yeah, why were they so friendly one to another?
“Don’t give me that look, fatto!”she said from the toilet while looking over the magasine in her hands. “It’s your pair of jeans and your faut for being such a clutz!”
“I know, I know! But why do I have to wash them by hand? Why is that washing machine standing there for?”I complained as I wipped away the sweat from my forehead.
“Is there for everyone else but not for you,”she answered while she turned the page. “Are you going to stay like that all night? You know that you don’t have other pair of jeans that would fit you…”
“But it just…AISHHHHHHHH!!!”
In the end, I finished washing them. Well, kind off, ‘coz they remained stained in the place where I fell in the pool of mud. But even so, I left them in the bathroom and went to bed. I was dead tired…And I dreamed. That’s what caused me to wake up in the middle of the night and look at the ceiling. Monster’s room was quiet.
“Hey monster, are you sleeping?”I whispered in the dark.
Silence. I stood and looked at her bed. She wasn’t there. Bathroom maybe?
And I waited. Ten minutes, twenty minutes…
“Aish…where did she go?”I opened the room’s door. The corridor was silent and dark. But the bathroom’s door was slightly opened and a ray of light was playing on the floor. I silently pushed the door open, The monster was in there, washing my jeans in the bathtub.
“What are you doing here?”I heard myself asking.
She froze and turned around slowly. “Do you want me to have a heart attack? Why are you walking like a cat?”
“What are you doing?”
She stood and looked me in the eyes. “What does it looks like to you?”
I looked at the wet pair of jeans in her hands. “Why?”
“Because you didn’t do it right,”she rolled her eyes. “Why? You don’t like it?”
I shook my head.
“Good then,”she yawned. “I’m going to sleep then…”
I remained behind, watching her enter the bedroom. Why was I feeling guilty?
I looked at her while she placed the food on my plate.
“Why did you put only that?”I asked, making everyone looking at me.
“Because you don’t like garlic and peppers and this has…”
“Put some…please?”I added.
She put one spoon of that strange food on my plate.
She placed other three spoon on my plate. “Enough now?”
I nodded and turned my attention on the food. That’s when I saw the sparks around her right hand. She saw them too. What was…
“Yah! Kim Ra Nae!”Hyun Seung cought her right before hitting the floor. “Yah…Ra Nae, do you hear me? Talk to me girl? RA NAE?”