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Chapter 3. Meeting...

Ra Nae's POV
"This damn...AISH! I CAN'T! I'M GIVIN' UP!"I yelled, throwing the shifting spanner on the floor. "I swear to you that if you don't move, I'll..."
A knock at the door stopped my cursing. "WHAT?!"
"Ra Nae,"grandpa opened the door and chuckled at my frustration. "Need help?"
I looked at him and then at my hand. That stupid hand! "No, grandpa. I'm done for today,"I managed to put on a smile as I walked towards him. 
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah. Let's go cook dinner, shall we?"I linked arm with him.
I sighed as he brought in the vegetables that we grew in the small garden behind the house. The sun was setting so beautifully there! I turned my attention back to the onion that I was chopping. Lots and lots of onion to have a healthy life!
"Why are you smiling? Did you manage anything with that engine?"I heard grandpa ask.
"Nothing much. He's too...too...too stubborn,"I sighed, putting the knife on the table as I put the chopped onoin in the pot. "I mean, I don't get it! I really really don't get what's wrong with it! I don't think I'll ever be able to make it work."
"Ra Mae, with pacience you can..."
"...cross the sea,"I completed his sentence. "But this time I'm out of patience,"I muttered under my breath as the pot began boiling.
Grandpa Han just smiled and put in the pot the rest of the vegetables. "Uhmmmm! Vegetable stew!"he breathe in the steam.
I rolled my eyes. It was the same every evening! I took my place at the table and my thoughts drifted towards the engine I was holding in the basement. I was really lucky the day I found it. It was all shiny and good looking, almost knew...I thought. But every time I tried to make him start, he just remained still and I just couldn't figure out what was wrong with it! If only I knew some more about engines then I would probably know what to do with it! Pffff...
"Yah, Kim Ra Nae! Stop day-dreaming there and go lock the gates! It's raining."
I jumped on my feet and hurried to the closet to take the rain coat out. It was quite a storm out there!
"Who in the world would come inside on this kind of weather?"I mumbled as I made my way though the mud in the yard. I closed the rusty gate that searated the junkyard from our house, and I continued to walk in the cold rain towards the main gates. I looked up. The place where sun setted not long ago was covered with black clouds that bore heavy rain. The pilles of metal were silently standing in the rain like some abandoned statuettes on a muddy island.  sighed. People just don't know how many tresures you find in those pilles of 'junk'!
"Aish...why are you so heavy?"I gasped for air as I pushed one of the gates. The metal was wet and cold and the mud was stopping it from moving like it used to. I used all my streanght and for nothing. "Just close already!"I managed to push it through the end.
"MY HAND!"yelled someone from outside.
I looked around terrified. There was no one around! But then, between the two slight opened gates lied a dirty hand that was trying to escape from the gates grasp.
"Omo! Sorry!"I pulled the gates so that the man outside could pull his hand free.
But he didn't. It remained still, lying there in the mud. I panicked. I stepped outside the yard and looked at the man that was lying there in the rain, unconscious. I analyzed him quickly:he was fat that's for sure! His hair was wet, dirty and riched his shoulders, he was unshaved and his clothes were all dirty from the mud.
"Ajusshi,"I called him, pushing him a little with my index finger. "Yah...ajusshi, you can't sleep in here,"I tried again. No answer. Was he...dead? I looked around. There was no car passing by to ask for help. What to do?! "Ajusshi! Wake up ajusshi!"I approached him more this time. He wasn't faking it. I put my face closer to his to see if he was still breathing. "Pfffeeeewwwww! Ajusshi, you stink of alcohol,"I pinched my nose. "AJUSSHI!!!!"I yelled next to his ear. "WAKE UP, AJUSSHI!!! THIS IS NOT YOUR HOME!"
He just mumbled some words and turned on the other side. Now I could see his muddy cheek on which was a deep cut. I sighed and tried to get him up. There was no way but to carry him to our house and get him cleaned up and all that bullshit grandpa was talking about. I was done with it!
"Who even cared about me my whole life?!"I mumbled under my breath as I half carried half dragged after me the fat man. "Why should I care about you, huh?" But then again there was grandpa that took me in, took care of me, fed me and made me smile when there was only pain in my body and mind. He wipped those tears away from me and it was me who had to repay my debt to him now. So if he believed that doing such a deed was something good, then I'll do it without complaining...too much anyway!
"Grandpa!"I called from the doorstep. "Gradpa! There is this man that I found and...he's wounded and I...brought him in,"I said as he stopped in front of me and took a look at the fat man I let down on the door step. "Help me up! He's killing my back!"
We carried him to the bathroom and placed him inside the bathtub. I looked at grandpa and signaled him to turn the warm water on him to wash away that dirt, but he did the same thing to me, making me frown. But I sighed and pushed him aside while I turned the warm water on.
"I'll do it!"I said, while the water was washing away the mud from the man's chest. "Just go and take care of that stew! I don't want it all burned!"
"Oh! That's right! The stew!"mumbled grandpa as he stood and left the bathroom in a hurry.
I gazed at the man that was sulking in our bathtub. Now that he was inside a small room, the whole air was starting to stink of alcohol and pee. YUCK! I turned the water to maximum and did my best to wash him with his clothes on and without touching his...private parts or anything else.
"Now! You're done, ajusshi!"I smiled, looking at the clean water that was dripping from his clothes. "But your face...hmmm...wake up, wake up!"I splashed his face while smiling like a dork. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and one hand flew by and hit me. His fist made full contact with my eyes, sending me flying across the bathroom.
"GRANDPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"I yelled while running out of the bathroom. "GRANDPAAAA! HE...HE'S ONE CRAZY PERSON!"I cried. "He hit me!"I took off my hand from my eyes. I could practically see lil' stars flying around my head. "HE HIT ME, GRANDPA!"
And I blacked out.

Seung Hyun's POV
 "I'm sorry,"I bowed my heavy head to the old man that was sitting in front of me with his legs crossed.
"Oh! How's your head?"
I bowed again. I was way to drunk to understand what he was saying to me. I mean, the words were familiar, but they had no menaing to me. Me? Drunk? Nooooo! I was very drunk! Near to a coma drunk. I chuckled.
"I'm sorry,"my head fell heavy on the table.
I passed out...I guess.
Some birds were singing outside. The sun was making my dream turn all yellow and goldish, so I placed my hand on my eyes. I smiled. The morning was smelling good! Just watered floweres, wet soil and..and motor oil?!
"What...?"I mumbled as I tried to get up. I looked around, not recognizing the place. I was lying on a futon in the middle of strange room. It was way to clean to be my place. "Where am I?"I asked the empty walls. 
I stood. My head was heavy from all that wiskey I had last night. Oh, that's right! How much did I lose at poker?
I was already in the kitchen. The sun was warming the wooden furniture. A long haired person was humming something while stirring in a pot. I coughed. She turned around. Silence. Then....
"MONSTER!"I exclaimed, jumping horrified backwards as her purple eyes widened.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"she yelled, covering her face quickly. At least she knew that she was..."YOU PERVERT!!!! GRANDPAAAAAAAA!"
"Wha-?! What? Where? Who?"I looked around, trying to discover the person she was talking about. "Who?"I asked again.
"YAHHHHHH!"she threw the fork towards me.
I looked down at the floor. That's when I discovered myself. Butt naked...NAKED?!

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