Monday, April 2, 2012

Chapter 26 ~~ Domino

I sighed as I looked out my window again.
"Here,"said Woohyun, handing me a white towel to dry my hair with.
"Thanks!"I took it with a smile. 
"Do you think that will do?"
I shrugged. "We'll see,"I mumbled as I looked at the rainy atmosphere outside. We walked all day through the rain, posting wallpapers on the walls, announcing the club's re-opening. To be sincere, I was kinda anxious to see if it was going to be a total failure or not. Being busy was such a wonderful idea!
The door bell woke me up from my thoughts. I opened the door with a frown. "What are you doing here, Zico?"
"Visiting, what else?"he replied, pushing me aside and entering the apartment with no other introduction. "Wow! So different from our previous nest! Where did you get the money to buy it?"he examined the empty room.
"Zico...why are you here?"I asked once again, closing the door.
"Visiting, didn't I tell you?"
"How did you find me?"
He shrugged. "I followed you. You're pretty sloppy, you know?"
"And where is Woohyun?"he asked, turning around. "Isn't he around? I thought I saw him enter here as well..."
I opened my mouth to say something, but Woohyun came out from the bathroom and seemed pretty angry to see Zico there. Drama kid! I rolled my eyes and sighed. Now deal with both of them, Seung Ho!
"Woohyun, do you mind leaving us alone for a while?"I said, taking my place near to the window. "We have some catching up to do."
He shrugged. "Why would I mind? Going outside in the rain and wait like an animal that was kicked out by its master is my purpose in life,"he replied sarcastically while taking his leather jacket. "See ya!"
I watched him close the door behind him. "So, why are you here?"I turned towards Zico, who was watching me, having the same expression he had back then when I transformed him. Helpless. Sad. Furious. Lost...
"Why? Why, Seung Ho?"
I sighed. "Why, what, Zico?"
"Why did you left me?"
Yeah, why Seung Ho?
"Zico...that's already in the past..."
"I need you to explain it to me. I need to understand. 'Coz only God knows that I've been trying to find the answer to that question during this year that passed. who knows what I would have done in order to find it if it weren't for the boys. You know how I became their leader? Fate. By fate, that's right. I just happened to help them one night and they began following me around, saying I'm their destined leader. Funny, isn't it?"he smiled bitterly. "So tell me Seung Ho, why?"
And what was the answer again?
"Look, I was uncapable of continuing to drag my feet through this life. It was myserably. I was suffering. You were suffering. And I couldn't bear to know that keeping you tied to me was hurting you. I knew that because of me you were trying to adapt to nothingness and emptiness, that because of me you were feeding with animal blood, that because of me stayed away from human society and from the supernatural one. I knew all those things, Zico and it hurt. I may not be your biological father, but all these things I felt them through my entire body and blood. I wished you the best. But last year I finally realized that you deserved that be free,"I explained, looking out the window at the rain that was falling without stopping, trying to ignore the salty smell of the kid's tears. "Do you understand now, Zico?"
"No,"he whispered. "And I think I'll never do. I liked being that way, Seung Ho. Because I liked being with you. Believed it or not, I liked spending my nights with you, learning tricks from you like a kid learning how to ride the bike under his father's supervision. I was always worried about you going out alone when there was no full moon and I tried my best to find the cure for you, 'coz seeing you suffering from the ugliness and your weakened powers was hurting me. But I guess, I was not good enough..."
I looked at him surprised. "No Zico, you weren't enough. You were more than enough,"I said with a smiled. "You were the only one that brightened up my dark days and dead nights. You really were..."
I looked at the living room without recognizing it. "What the hell happened here?!"
"Don't you like it?"smiled Zico, still holding a brush in his hand, while the other guys looked up at me.
I swallowed my saliva. The walls were striped with green, blue, red, brown, black. There was a lot of things in the middle of the room, boxes unopened.
"What have you done here?"I hissed, looking at the guys. "I never agreed to this!"
"No, you didn't,"smiled Zico. "But you agreed with us moving in here, so we thought that we should redecorate. C'mon! You really don't like it? 'coz the old apartment was so shabby..."
I sighed. There was no way in winning over him. Not when there was that smile playing on his lips. "Fine! Do whatever you want! I'm going to take a shawer and change my clothes. Tonight it's the big night..."
"Ayay, captain!"he smiled goofily putting his hand to his head.
I entered the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I was anxious and excited to see if there were any beings coming to the opening of my old club. Sighing, I took off my clothes and entered the bathtub, where the hot water was waiting to embrace my cold body. I smiled as my muscle relaxed under water. And then suddenly, my thoughts went back again to Min Ah, wondering what was she doing and where exactly was she. The media was quiet and there was no missing vamps or werewolves or any other supernatural being. So she was waiting...for what? 'Coz I sure was not going to chance my mind and become part of her plan!
"So what are you waiting for, Min Ah?"I whispered as I silently driffted to sleep.
"Hurry up!"
"Shut it, will you?"I snapped back as I put on the jacket.
"We wouldn't be in a hurry if you hand't fallen asleep in the bathtub!"rolled his eyes Woohyun, being approved by Zico from behind.
"If you don't shut that mouth of yours then I'll..."
"Guys!"spoke Zico, making us both turn to him.
He pointed in front of us. There was a huge crown in front of the club's entrance and the bodyguards were trying their best to check all the IDs and all those who were pushing the red rope.
"WOW!"I exclaimed silently as we approached the crowd.
"Congrats,"smiled Zico as the bodyguards let us enter with a slight nod.
We made our way inside the club that was already swarming with vampires, werewolves and other beings. I think I even saw a wich somewhere around the bar! Under the DJ's glass platform, the dance floor was full of dancers that were swaying their bodies with the music.
"How about you and the guys take over the stage tonight?"I turned to Zico, who's face brightened up at the idea.
Soon, the speakers were covering any other sound, inviting everyone to dance...
I looked outside. 
The rain stopped over night.
Sun was shining brightly.
The club was closed for the day and the guys were snoring on the sofas. Woohyun sat next to me at the bar as I put down the newspaper.
"It began"I turned to him. "This is her plan,"I pushed the newspaper to him.
Bombs. Blowing up buildings full of people. Fire. Five cities around the globe dealing with this kind of troubles at the same time. It had to be her!
"Thet bitch!"hissed Woohyun, crumpling the paper in his hand. "She has to be stopped!"
I looked at him knowing that he was right. But at the same time, there was something inside of me that was so against the idea of ruining her plan. Why? Because I loved her. Why? Because she was the only thing in my life that could have made me give up on everything without regretting it afterwards. Why? Because she was Kwon Min Kwon Min Ah....

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