Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chapter 8. Meeting The Past

Ra Nae’s POV
“Hyun Seung, can you please move that to the right?”I asked through the crane’s open door.
He raised his thumb to signal me that he heard me. The silver chain moved to the right and the load was dropped on the place marked with white. “OK!”I clapped my hands in excitement.
“Lunch?”he smiled looking up to me.
I got off and jumped next to him. “Let’s go!”I took his arm and dragged him towards the house. Near the metal fence that separates the house’s yar from the junkyard we met fatto. He looked at us surprised. I dragged Hyun Seung after me and then turned slightly towards fatto and stuck out my tongue.

Seung Hyun’s POV
Now, what was that?
I watched them entering the house linking arms. What was wrong with the monster? She was acting strange!
“Yah, fatto! Aren’t you hungry?”I heard her voice from the kitchen’s window. I smiled. Now that sounded more like her!
“Coming,”I said, placing the school driver in the bag.
I went to wash my hands and as the warm water poured down on my skin, it hit me. She liked him! The monster liked Pororo! BUAHHAHAHAHHAHAhAHA! Nice pair! Nice…very nice…
I entered the kitchen with the same smile on my face. But it dissapeared suddenly when I saw her placing more food in his plate. “Hey! Mine is almost empty!”I complained, lifting my plate. “Why is he getting more food?”
“I cooked! I get to put the food in your plate! So eat and stop complaining,”she glared at me. “That if you don’t have snything else to do.”
“Aish! I’m done here! I’m sick and tired of you, woman! Treating me like some sort of animal! I’m tired! I’m leaving!”I threw the plate in the sink and left the kitchen. My stomach was protesting, but I ignored him while I put on my shoes. I was right! She liked him! But even so! What on  Earth did I do to her to deserve such a treatment?!
I left the junkyard without looking behind. One serving of raviolli sounded like Heaven to my empty tummy. But then again, I looked at my money.I had too little money with me. Aish! I hate this! Guess some ramyun would be good as well! Sighing, I headed towards the convience store I used to go when I was…well, back in my past that was my favourite store.
I entered the store without looking left or right and went straight to the shelf that had instant ramyun. I payed for it and went to the corner of the store, where a long counter was placed. I added hot water over them and covered it. I looked to my right. A guy with a strange haircut was waiting as well. Oh no! I turned my head, not wanting to be recognized.
“Choi Seung Hyun?”I heard my name.
Oh shit! I messed up my hair. “You’re mistaken,”I said on a low tone, hoping I was deceiving the guy.
“IT IS YOU! OH MY GOD! I FINALLY FOUND YOU!”he exclaimed, jumping up and down around me.
“Sit down and shut up!”I hissed as the other customers turned towards us. Good thing that he remembered my bossy tone after all this time! “What brings you here, GD?”I asked as I opened the cover and the smell of my ramyun made my stomach growl.
“I was looking for you and I was hungry. I remember you told me that this shop has the best ramyun around so I wanted to give it a try,”he smiled.
I placed some noodles in my mouth. Really now! It was Heaven on Earth!
“How come you’re not drunk?”he suddenly asked, making me choke with the noodles. “I mean, you used to drink every single day. How come you’re not drunk right now?”
I frowned at my chopsticks. Yeah, how come? “I don’t know. I just got busy,”I shrugged and continued to eat.
“Look here, GD! I don’t mean to offend you, but I don’t intend to go back. They fired me and I intend to stay just how I am right now. So please, go back! There’s no point in trying to convince me to go back,”I sighed just before I left the store.
Yeah, it was difficult, but after a year of drinking every day, sleeping drunk, screw every single bitch that wanted me to do so, I couldn’t see myself back at Kirin Airlines. Yeah, I had the best team while being there, up in the sky, starting from the Control Tower, continuing with the co-pilots that were flying with me and ending with the cockpit manager. I had, past tense. Now that I was on ground for almost a year now, I was on my own. I had to be on my own…
When I got back to the junkyard, the two love birds were playing some kind of odd football? Anyway, I passed by them without paying any attention to them.
“YAH! CHOI SEUNG HYUN! THIS IS WHERE YOU LIVE NOW?!”yelled someone from behind making me freeze on my spot. I turned around carefully. GD was there looking around amazed by what he was seeing. The monster dropped the ball and her jaw. Pororo…well, he was just smiling.
“GD, you’re an idiot!”I muttered under my breath.

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