Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chapter 23 ~~ Waiting

I looked out on my apartment's window. I sighed. Three days...three days of continuous rain and three days of complete silence. The city was silent and the humans continued to be ignorant at the night life. Three days in which I watched the city, searching for signs that she began her distruction. Three days in which I stood still and contemplate at my own state of mind.
The journey without her was one of the most difficult things I had to do over and over again. The sadness that made me depressive so many times was not mine, but hers and even so I ended up understanding it and love it. The loneliness that I felt like a thorn inside my heart was not mine, but hers. But this time we shared it through time and space without even knowing it. She might have watched over me, but it was fate who decided to unite us once again. It was fate in the skin of her grey cat that led my steps to her...
Min Ah...Kwon Min Ah...My maker, huh?
I sighed and turned my face towards the inside of my new apartment. White walls, empty walls. Wooden floor full of newspapers. The new furniture was empty, without feelings lingering around it. The chair creaked under me as I stood. I walked to the small kitchen and used to only glass in the apartment to drink some water. I had to put out the fire in me. I had to put out the longing that was bothering me. I had to...but there was no escape for me.
A new apartment...a new life...a new purpose?
"Why isn't she doing anything?"I mumbled as I threw the newspaper on the floor. "What are you planning now, Kwon Min Ah?"I mumbled, looking out the window again. The same rain was washing the streets...
The waiting became too much for me to handle. I was tired and hungry and sad and and and... I had to go out. Hunt. Take a rain shower. Wash away all the pain. I had to do something and stop waiting in vain! I closed the apartment's door behind me and stepped outside in the cold rain. I dragged my feet on dark alleys, not minding the silence. I walked and walked, kept wondering about the next move, trying to figure out what was she waiting for...then I stopped. The same alley...the same house...why was I there? How in the world did I ended up there?
"Step away, Seung Ho,"I muttered, watching the house with a hungry look. "It's not good for you to be here..."
But even so I remained put, continuing to stare at the house. It's windows were dark and there was no trace of a living being around it. Did she left? I took a step closer and before I knew it, I was touching the wall. Like a wave of electricity shaking my body, memories invaded my head, making it spin. There was such a bright light around them. And warmth. The image of me embracing her from behind seemed so real that I could even taste her perfume.
"Why did you do that to me?"I punched the wall, making the whole building shake. "Why?!"
"You know, punching the wall won't get you an answer,"spoke someone from behind me, making me spin around. "I knew you'll eventually come here, Seung Ho."
He smirked. "You know, I should kill you right now,"he continued as he approached me.
"And what's preventing you?"
He shrugged. "Nothing much. Just my consciuousness."
I raised my eyebrows. "You have something like that?"
"Yah!"he frowned. "You're being watched..."
"I know,"I nodded. "Come out, Thunder."
The young demigod stepped out, soaked by the rain, looking all pale. "What's up, Seung Ho?"
"You tell me. Were you following me?"
"Stop coming here,"he suddenly said.
"And why would I listen to you?"
"She left."
And that was enough. There was no more warmth coming from the house's walls. Without her presence near the building it was yet just another house lost in the darkness of the night.
I decided to play cocky. "I don't care. So stop following me, ok?"
"Seung Ho..."
"Stop calling me on my name! I don't know you! I don't know any of you! You lied to me, demigod! And you'll pay for it,"I growled, making them both take a step back.
"Wow! So you do have a tough side, don't you?"I heard Thunder whisper. "I'm sorry. It seems that this is truly our destiny. Stay well, vampire! I don't want a weak oponent when the time comes..."
"When the time comes, you'll take the same path as her."
I was already walking away when I hear his question. I stopped and turned towards him with a smirk playing on my lips. "Meaning you'll all visit Hell at the same time." And I walked away. I ignored everything and I just left. I put distance between us.
Forgive me heart...
"This is getting..."
The building was still there. But the lights were off and there was no music coming from inside. Everything was still and no one was puking next to the dumpsters.
I placed my hand on the steel door. It was cold. Cold and wet. But even so, I couldn't ignore the urge to unlock it and press the knob. The door opened with a  smooth movement. 
I went down the stairs. My feet recognized the place and moved on their own. Soon I was standing next to the bar. The switch was still there...but as I touched the smooth ebony, a hand squeezed my fingers, making my bones crack.
"Got cha!"

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