Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 12. Starting The Fire

Ra Nae's POV
"C'mon, Pororo! It's already noon!"
"Don't worry. He'll be there till 9 o'clock tonight,"he puffed from behind. "I hate this sun!"
I continued walking towards the entrance of the staff. But there we were stopped by a guy wearing a uniform. Security...
"May I see your ID card, please?"
"Kai, it's alright. She's with me,"I heard Hyun Seung from behind. The security guy just nodded and he opened the gate.
"Do you know him?"
"Of course I do! I work here,"he smiled. "Come! The Control Tower is this way,"he took my hand and dragged me after him. "You know, I still don't understand why you want to talk to that guy. You obviously don’t like him, so why bother coming all the way just to ask him some questions?”
“I need his help. Why did you stop?”
“Because this is where you remain and wait for me to bring out that guy. Visitators can’t go in. I’ll be right back, ok?”
I nodded and watched him enter the tall building. I sighed. I looked at my hand. It was still warm after he held it.
“What are you thinking, Kim Ra Nae?”I whispered to myself as I sat on a bench. “He’s married…”
“Well well, if it’s not the monster herself,”I heard a voice close by. “Talking to yourself now?”he smirked.
“Don’t provoke me, Rapunzel’s sister!”I hissed, glaring.
He just stuck out his tongue and sat on the bench next to me. “You know Seung Hyun, don’t you?”he asked, taking me by surprise.
I nodded. “I just happen to meet him on a rainy evening. I took care of him and he just punched me.”
“Yeah, he can be like that sometimes,”he giggled. He actually giggled!
We both watched the plane that took off not too far away from us.
“Are you here with someone?”
“Yes and no. I came here with a friend to look for you,”I finally found my words.
“Me? Why?”
I sighed. “I need you to tell me more about Seung Hyun.”
“Why?”he asked raising his eyebrow.
“Because he needs help and I need to know more about him in order to be able to offer a hand.”
“I still don’t get it. Why would a complete stranger want to help him out?”
“Look, it doesn’t matter why I want to help him, but the fact that I do! So, will you tell me more about him?”
“Where were you?! I looked everywhere for you!”exclaimed Hyun Seung as I approached the bench. “Where were you, monster?”
“Here, there,”I answered evasively. “Let’s go home, Hyun Seung,”I turned to him.
He stared at me and nodded. He was saying something, but I couldn’t find my way back from my own thoughts to listen to his words. What I was going to do…my plan was very fragile. Or better said, the person I had to handle was very fragile.
“You see Seung Hyun as he is today. He’s stubborn and selfish and doesn’t really care about his person, not to mention that he doesn’t give a fuck about the ones around him. He was never like this. Believe it or not, he’s one of the few that were pure at heart and had always a smile for his friends not only,GD said as he sipped from his coffee. “But he’s broken now. And I don’t think he can be fixed. Min Ji was his life, his treasure as he loved to call her. After he lost her…I started believing that he lost himself. He never cried. He took her body from the morgue as it was:full of burns and dirty. He washed her and prepared her for the crematorium. Can you believe this? He stood there all the time, next to her, holding her hand. Then he let go and watched her being burned. It gives me the creeps only when I think about it! He’s broken inside…do you really think you can fix him?”
Was I able to do such a thing? But more important, did I had any right to do so?
“Ra Nae, did you hear me?”
“Huh? No. Sorry. What were you saying?”
He sighed. “I think you should stop and think about this for a while, Ra Nae. I don’t think you can do this, fixing him I mean. What power do you have over him? You barely know him.”
I clenched my fists. “You’re wrong. I know more about him than you’ll ever know about me.”
And with those words I pushed the gate open and stepped inside the yard.
The sun was setting over the junkyard. I had everything in my mind. The whole plan.
“Let’s just hope he won't hate me his entire life,"I whispered as I stroked the old wallpaper.

Seung Hyun’s POV
Again. The same smell invaded my nostrils, making me wake up from my blurry dream.
I yawned and placed my feet into the slippers that were silently waiting on the floor, right in front of the bed. Who put them there?
“Good morning,”she smiled from the table.
My jaw practically dropped on the floor.
“Oh! Sorry about this,”she pointed towards her skimpy clothing. “I spilled some coffee on my blouse and jeans and I borrowed one of your shirts.”
“Put some clothes one, girl!”I covered my eyes and looked at my feet.
“But I have to wait till my own clothes are dried, fatto! What word didn’t you get from what I’ve just said?”
I sighed. “Fine! Whatever,”I walked towards the coffee machine and poured some hot, delicious, flavored liquid in a cup. Only the familiar smell and I smiled with half closed eyes. Wait! I turned towards the girl that was standing at MY table, in MY kitchen, reading MY newspaper. “Why are you here, monster?”
“Oh, you only notice me now?”she chuckled. “I’ve been around your place for almost a month now.”
“Oh?”she raised her eyebrow. “Is that all you can say? ‘Oh’?”
“Thank you?”
She puffed. I turned my back to her. The coffee was just to great!
“Do you think Min Ji would be proud of you?”
I spit my coffee on the wall in front. “W-what did you just say?”I slowly turned to her.
“I asked you if you think that Min Ji would be proud of you?”
I felt the hot coffee dripping down my fingers on the floor. The cup broken from my grasp.
“Do you think she would be happy to see you like this? Do you think she would still love you now? Do you think…”
“Shut up,”I hissed, trying to keep in my anger. “You know nothing about her.”
“Oh, but I know more than you believe,”she smiled while sipping from her cup of coffee.
“Get out!”I threw the already broken cup on the floor. “GET OUT RIGHT NOW!”
“Why? You can’t take the truth, huh?”
Now this girl…I grabbed her wrist and pulled her after me. In vain she tried to get away from my grasp, ‘coz she only ended up by hurting herself. I opened the apartment’s door and shoved her out. Only after the door came between me and her I permitted myself to breathe.
“GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!”I yelled back before walking away. I didn’t need her to tell me what to do. The truth? HA! Like I didn’t know the truth already!
I looked around me confused for a second. The apartment was really clean and silent.
“To hell with you all!”I muttered under my breath as I hit the table with my fist. Her still full cup of coffee fell on the table and the brown liquid spread all over the white wood. And there was something looking like a picture on it. I quickly grab it, before it got stained.
A woman. It was a woman. A woman with nice curves and long legs. A woman wearing a short, black dress and a huge hat. A woman with long, velvet gloves covering her hand as she was leaning against a shiny BMW. A woman with a familiar figure.
“I’m sorry…” 

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