Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chapter 27 ~~ I Choose You

"Hey! Where are you going?"yelled after me Zico as I pushed the club's door open and I ran outside.
And I ran. I ran away from all that insecurity and from all that stubbornness. I ran away from all those crazy plans that all ended with me killing Min Ah. I ran from the image of a dying world, knowing already that there was no escape from me and that she was still there, still waiting. Suffering. Yearning. I stopped on my tracks, realizing that I was already there. The house? Still the same. With one exception:there was no longer that static energy surrounding it that would have prevented me from going in uninvited. So I pressed the door's knob and stepped inside, breathing in the dusty air.
The door closed, isolating me from the rest of the world. My thoughts were silent in there. My whole being was vibrating and expecting something. But what?
"What are you doing here, Seung Ho?"
I slowly turned around. A pale G.O. was looking at me unshaved and hungry. His fangs were pushing his bottom lip, hurting it.
"What are you doing here, Seung Ho?"he repeated, this time coming closer.
"I'm here to see Min Ah,"I spoke.
"She's not here."
My heart dropped. Indeed, there was no sign of her energy around there, but somehow I felt her presence between the house's walls. "I'm here to see Min Ah,"I once again said, this time with more confidence.
"Are you deaf?"he hissed dangerously. "I said that she's not here. So get lost!"
Never fight against a hungry vampire. 
Never fight a man with no religion...
My hand was already strangling him. All the anger in me was burning on my skin, making my powers boil inside me. My fangs were already out. "And I said that I'm here to see her. Is that so hard to understand, Byung Hee?"
"What are you doing?!"exclaimed someone behind. "Let him go, Seung Ho!"
A hand came between us, forcing me to let go of him. I frowned at the newcomer. "Cockbloker as always, Thunder!"I muttered, withdrewing my fangs.
"What are you doing here, Seung Ho?"
I sighed. "I'm here to see Min Ah. Do I have to say that every single time?!"
"She not here,"he said.
I stared at him. "Will you stop saying that? Then where is she?"
He shrugged. "I don't know."
There was no way she would leave without them and do everything on her own. There was no way they would have remained behind and watch her head over towards her own distruction. There ws no way!
"Look Thunder, there's no point in lying to me. I know she's here,"I turned around and started walking towards the fist floor. "And if you're not going to tell me where exactly is she, then I'm going to discover tha ton my own, thank you!"I continued from the staircase.
Strange thing, they didn't bother to come after me. They didn't bother to answer back. They just continued doing whatever they were doing before I arrived there. Once upstairs I stopped and looked at the closed doors. She was in there somewhere. In one of those rooms she was waiting. And  there, on that hallway, I was ready to go to her and receive forgiveness.
First door. The room was painted red and had the lights on. A book was lingering open on the night stand. A glass of water half drank was waiting on the little table in the corner. A messy bed and a pair of pijamas on the floor...her scent...
Second door. A green light welcomed me. Piles of books were threatening to fall down and destroy the catle of cards. The bed was untouched and cold. The  curtains were pulled and sun was playing on the dusty shelves...her silent breath...
Third door. A blue painted room full of stuffed toys and dolls. Stiff eyes were watching me. There was no bed and there was no air in there. I got out. The guild of her eyes...
The four door. A deep breath. A heart beat skipped. The door was locked. I pushed it with all my might, but it refused to open. This time I could smell the warmth of her skin. I could touch her silhouette through the closed door and there was nothing else I could do to get inside. I leaned my forehead against the cold wood and let go of my tears. There was no point in holding them inside anymore. Actually, thare was no point in holdin anything back...I clenched my fists and I hit the door. Seeing that it did not even move under my hits, I brought the flames upon it. It burned down and fell on the floor where the fire went down, leaving the wood untouched. I looked inside. The room was white. The rays of sun were warming the room and making it even brighter. And there was the bed with white sheets and a pale figure lying on the pillows, breathing silently.
I approached the bed with trembling feet. I was afraid. Afraid of what I was going to see there, afraid to look at her pale face. But there was she, closed eyes with long lashes, white skin sparkling in the sun. I couldn't help but strech my hand and touch hers.
"She's not here,"spoke Mir, appearing out of nowhere on the other side of the room, with dark cercles under his eyes. "She is not here. Why are you looking for a person who is no longer among us, Seung Ho?"
I looked at him. Was he crazy or what? "She's breathing, Mir,"I whispered not to disturb her sleep.
He shook his head. "She's not here. Stop disturbing her. Her mission is going to be complete soon."
And he disspeared. I gulped and turned to her again. He was crazy. She was sleeping. They were crazy. She was breathing. They were hungry. She was drained of energy. They were waiting. She was no there...
I lifted her gently and hugged her, pressed her soft skin against my chest, against my beating heart that recognized her from the very fist second I saw her back then. I caressed her cheek and her silky hair, muttering unspoken words and crying uncried tears. 
"Min Ah,"I called her. "My love...open your eyes love. Let me see your beautiful eyes, love. Let me lose myself in you, love,"I whispered while kissing her temple, her cheek, her nose. "Love, where is your fire?"
But there was no answer and no energy flowing from her.
"I'm back, Min Ah. It's me, Seung Ho. Your child is back,"I whispered in her ear. "Your lover wants you back, Min Ah. So open your eyes!"
No heart beat incresing...
"I really am back, Min Ah. And I'm giving you my all. So take me!"I cried with her face resting against my cheek.
A spark. And then those wonderful colors. One, two, three...nine tails popped out and danced around her. The energy floating around her was pure and the light that was embracing her body was pure and warm. She opened her eyes. Icy-blue colored eyes...the light that shined so bright in my dark world.
"I waited for you, love,"she smiled, placing her palm on my wet cheek.
"I'm home."

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