Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chapter 30 ~~ From Darkness, With Love...(Last Chapter)

The sun was up without even knowing that it was the day he would once again witness the distruction of a society.
The life's taste was even more sweeter as I held in my arms my precious tresure. The bed sheet was covering her body, but her slim silhouette could be guessed through it. The shape of her body was copying mine as her back was leaning against my chest. She was playing with her ring, watching it glow in the light, smiling while humming a lullaby. She was smiling at the memory of the night that passed. And that was love too!
The sexual pleasure melting into passionate love. The feeling was totally new to me. To feel her flesh so next to my naked body, to caress her white breast and kiss the tip of her nipples, to taste every single inch of her delicious and perfumed mouth, playing with my tongue on her body while making her feel pleasures she never did before. I wasn't concerned about me, my pleasure, my own excitement. No. I was trying to make her feel me in my purest form. Our fingers intertwined as I thrusted into her, her swallowen lips bitten till blood began dripping off them...
Her name written in drops of sweat on the bed sheets.
My name on her bloody lips.
Our love witnessed only by stars and the full moon...
"Are you sure about this?"she asked as she helped me put on the jacket of the suit.
"I'm not going to leave it as inheritance to no one, dear,"I smiled while zipping up her dress. "Plus, if we're going to destroy them, why not giving them an unforgettable night?"
She just stood there and looked at me with a strange expression on her face. "Just how old is your soul?"she muttered with a smile on her lips.
I kissed her and then opened the door. Zico, Woohyun, Joon, Mir, G.O. and Thunder were waiting us at the base of the stairs all smiles. The back suits did not match with their facial expressions.
"Let's go,"I said to them while putting the coat on Min Ah's shoulders.
And we left the house. Goodbye love's nest!
"Wait! I forgot to lock the door!"stopped Mir on his tracks, making us all turn to him. "Be right..."
"Mir, let it be. We're not going back, Might as well someone take it and look after it,"stopped him G.O with a bored expression. "Now let's go! Block B are probably impatient away from their leader."
"Watch it, vampire,"growled Zico from my side.
"You...brat!"snapped G.O. running after Zico. "It can be seen clearly that you're his offspring!"
I smiled as I watched them running one after another ahead of us. 
The bodyguards let us in with a slight bow. After us, no one else entered and they locked the heavy doors and returned to their places. No one was leaving the club...
"Wow! I never believed there was going to be such a crowd!"Min Ah exclaimed from my side.
"That's why I extended the club. Now it's spreads under the city, but most of it it's outside the city so there won't be too many damages,"I smiled as Block B approached us smiling at their leader.
"Big Bang is here,"I heard Zico mumbling while the band went on the stage and the music began playing again.
Boom-shaka-laka! Boom-shaka-laka! Boom-shaka-laka! The floor was vibrating with the music flow. Everyone was dancing. I signaled Zico and he dissapeared at the bar where the Blackberry was waiting to be turned on. Everything was going to start really soon. I saw Zico pressing the green button, nod and then put up his thunb. Europe was falling. In other corner, Thunder was signaling that Africa began falling as well. Joon and USA...Woohyun and Australia...we were the next ones.
I pulled Min Ah after me. We entered an empty office where coffins were crowded in darkness. She nodded as I pulled the cover of my black, metallic coffin. I forgot how the inside was looking:white silk and lace, big enough for two persons. The door opened and the guys entered as well. Each took its place in a coffin. Even Joon and Mir. I looked at Min Ah and I saw her eyes filled with tears. I sighed.
"There's no more time, Min Ah,"I whispered, covering the sound of the coffins being closed by the others.
I sad down in my own coffin and pulled her next to me. We lied on our sides, with her back leaning against my chest. Our fingers intertwined...Zico appeared out of nowhere and smiled as he put down the cover. "See you in the next life, Yang Seung Ho,"I heard him saying in the dark with a shaky voice.
I kissed Min Ah's hair, wating to keep that scen forever.
"I love you, Seung Ho,"she whispered, squeezing my hand as loud ramblings were heard closer and closer.
"I love you."
The world dissapeared.
And we fell into darkness...
"Seung Ho!"I heard a voice calling me. "Seung Ho dear, wake up! You're having a bad dream!"
I opened my eyes and met the blue ones of my beautiful eyes.
"I think you woked up the kids,"she giggled as I exhaled, realizing it was all a dream.
She turned on the light and looked at me. "Seriously, what's with this dreams of yours lately?"
"I don't know, Min Ah,"I mumbled, trying to understand those last images that appeared in my head right before her voice pierced my dream. I took her hand and looked at her wedding ring. The golden circle was thin and was glowing in the nightlight. I smiled at the static energy that appeared where out fingers touched.
She looked at me with curiosity. But there was something more in her eyes. Something that slept until then and that was awake now.
I smiled.
She giggled as we intertwined fingers.
It was our after life, wasn't it?
~~ The End ~~

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