Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 18. Here To Win

Ra Nae’s POV
So I was just…standing there, having those thick lips over mine, moving like he wanted to rip them! Standing…
“YAH! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!”yelled someone and I just saw how the punch flew towards us and how the tanned guy landed on the ground, with his right hand over his cheek. “JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING HERE?!”an angry Hyun Seung huffed and puffed while placing himself between me and the guy.
“YAH! ARE YOU CRAZY OR WHAT? WHY DID YOU HIT ME FOR?!”the guy stood and stomped towads Hyun Seung.
“Crazy he says…Aren’t you the crazy one for kissing her like that, in front of everyone and out of the blue?”he glared at the tanned one.
I was looking at them like I was watching a tennis match. And everyone was doing the same thing as me…
“What’s wrong with me kissing her?”
“What’s wrong? Yah! Is she your girlfriend or something?!”
“No, but kissing is just another form of saying ‘Hello!’. What’s the big deal about it? Where I come from that’s how we say hello,”he shrugged and dusted off his jeans.
“Hello? Well lil’ boy, here it’s Korea and here we don’t kiss people out of the blue without having any connection with them whatsoever,”puffed Hyun Seung. “I don’t care where you’re coming from, be it ChinaCongo or USA, just stay away from Ra Nae, understood?”
I was still shocked after the kiss. My lips were all swollen and they were burning. But really? What were they all doing there?
“What are you doing here, guys?”asked fatto. Was that a smile playing on his lips?
“As that old grandpa said, we’re here as an answer to his newspaper add,”answered GD.
“What add?”I asked. “Can I see it?”
Someone threw me the newspaper. There was no need to search for it since it was encircled with red.
“Just how could you do something like this to me, grandpa?”I complained as I closed the door. “Just what were you thinking when you wrote this add?!”
I was fuming. I was angry. I was feeling betrayed.
“Ra Nae, you need to marry someday, don’t you?”grandpa Han sighed.
“What’s that have to do with the add?”I frowned.
“Well, this is the best for you. Tell me Ra Nae, do you have a social life? Do you know any boys aside Tempo and Hyun Seung? Do you attend university? Do you have a fortune that I don’t know about? Huh?”
I frowned. “I don’t see the point in this, grandpa!”
“Just answer.”
“No, I don’t have any of those.”
“Then why can’t you see that this is the best for you? Those guys answered the newspaper add without knowing anything about you. And still, here they are, wanting to know you and who knows, maybe even marry you?”he smiled. “Now be a good girl and leave everything to me. Grandpa will take care that you marry a good boy that will love you without minding your appearance.”
I took a deep breath and stood. “I’m sorry, grandpa, but I don’t plan to marry anytime soon. Maybe it’s for the best if I remain single forever.”And with those words I opened the door and stepped outside.
“Marriage my ass,”I muttered under my breath.
“What did he said?”asked Hyun Seung as I got outside the house where they were all waiting.
I glared at them. “Let me understand this please, why are you here?”I pointed towards GD.
He shrugged. “My apartment is just stuffed with his things and I have no place where to sleep. So I just came over with those three over there,”he pointed towards the three guys that were looking with interest at the crane machine.
“Sooooo…you’re here just because you need a place to sleep and eat, is that so?”I said on a low tone. Hyun Seung was already taking his space, feeling that I was going to explode. “THEN WHY DON’T YOU GO TO A HOTEL OR LOVE HOTEL, HUH? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO STAY HERE? WHY? WHY? WHY?”I jumped on his back and started pulling his hair.
“WOMAN! CALM DOWN! YOU’RE PULLING MY HAIR YOU KNOW!”he yelled back, trying to get me off of him.
“Wow…cat fight!”exclaimed fatto, coming towards us.
“SHUT UP!”we both yelled and continued what we were doing.

Grandpa Han’s POV
I looked at the five guys that were sitting on the floor, waiting for me to begin. Hyun Seung was glaring at them from the corner, but he just couldn’t remain uninformed about all of this!
“Now that you’re all here…what happened to your face?”I turned to the one with a strange haircut.
“The monster, what else?”he shrugged.
I nodded. Seems like Ra Nae was going to make things difficult. No problem! The one who sticks to the end will be the best for her. “So, I’m here to tell you more details about this thing I have in mind. You’re all here to fight for Ra Nae’s hand. Whichever wins, he will get to marry her, understood?”
They all nodded which made Hyun Seung glare.
“So here is a chart,”I pulled out a little white bord, which had four fields. “At the end of every month, there will be a ranking. The last one will leave this house. Understood?”
Again they all nodded while Hyun Seung puffed his cheeks.
“Now go and conquer her heart! May the best win!”
I watched them all leaving the room. Hyun Seung approached me. “Do you think she can be selled like that? Why are you doing this, grandpa? You know that she hurt, don’t you?”
“Yah! Are you going to marry her or what?”
He took a step behind. “N-no! What are saying there, grandpa?!”
“Good! Then let me arrange her future, for her, ok?”
“Whatever,”he puffed and left the room as well.
Youngsters these days! Talking back to the elders!
I took a sit in my armchair and looked over the board. Things were heating up. Now let’s leave them boiling in their own juice for a while. Maybe they’ll finally come around to learn the truth…

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