Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chapter 24 ~~ The Night We Go Back

He pulled my hand and twisted it to my back. And I endured it. Why? Because I did not wish to harm the one that cought me off guard.
"How can you be a vampire if you're this slow? If I cought you, then how about your enemies?"he whispered in my ear as he pushed me towards the place where the sofas were covered with white sheets.
"How about letting me go, Woohyun?"
"Oh! Sorry,"he withdrew his hands, letting go of me.
"What are you doing here, Woohyun? Aren't you supposed to be with Min Ah?"I asked while looking at him. "Are you here to spy on me?"
"Nonono! She...left me behind. I don't know where she is either. I woked up and had this strange feeling inside here,"he said, tapping his chest. 
"Loneliness,"I whispered. "Is he there too?"
He just nodded, understanding imediately who I was talking about.
"Can you let him speak to me, please?"
"I need to hear something from him,"I said while sitting on the sofa. "Can you?"
"I'll try. But I don't promise I'll succeed. He's been quite stubborn this past few days,"
I watched Woohyun closing his eyes. I knew the other part of him was stepping in front, 'coz his expression changed in a matter of seconds:from the childish sweetness and inocent look, going to that sly and gangsterish look that I remember seeing it on his face the night I took him hunting. He even sat on the other sofa that was across the little table, crossing his legs in a provoking way.
"Woohyun,"I smirked. "Nice to see you again."
"It's mr. Nam for you,"he replied.
"Tell me, Woohyun,"I purposely ignored him,"why did Min Ah left you behind? Aren't you her child as well?"
"Pffff, please! That bitch would have never transformed me. She killed me! She killed me because she was too afraid of what I was becoming. She was too afraid that I could have surpass her, the almighty gumiho."
"So you knew about her being a nine-tailed fox?"
"Of course! I saw her tails. From that point onwards was pretty easy to figure out the rest. Why? Why are you interested?"
"Just. So, if she's not your maker, then who is he?"
"Just someone,"he shrugged. "Aren't you going to give m something to drink? My throat is burning!"
I analyzed him from head to toe. "You're still underage and all I have here is alcohol."
"C'mon! I'm a vampire now! Who cares for things like that when you're immortal?"
"I do,"I said.
Suddenly, the bar's windows shattered into a million of pieces and two glasses and one bottle of wiskey few out and landed nicely on the table in front of us. I looked at Woohyun who was grining.
"I'm not impressed,"I said while the floor started shaking and roots formed some sort of a cage around him. "Telekinesis is weak in front of my powers. Actually, if I keep that around you, you won't be able to use your powers while being insede there. Wanna try it?"
I saw him frown as he concentrate on moving the bottle, probably to hit me with it. But the bottle refused to move and he turned towards me with his face distorted by hatred. "You...! Let me out of here!"
"Not until you tell me your story. And please, leave your smart ass attitude for someone else, ok?"
The kid in front of me was frowning, like he was trying to see something through the fog.
"I don't remember clearly that day. It's all foggy, but I'll give my best. Min Ah and I fought again. I admitt that I was jelous on every guy that approached her, but that didn't gave her the right to look down on me just because I was younger! That was one of the times I got drunk. I got drunk and I screw some hooker I met at the club. I remember she bit me while having the orgasm. I was unsatisfied so I strangled her. That image, of her choking, gasping for air, her blood on my lips and in my mouth, made me hard again and I fucked her until she got cold. Then I left the club, leaving that woman there and not sensing that all of my senses were sharper. That night...that night I think I over did it a little while I fought with Min Ah noona. I think...I don't rmemeber well, but I think I hit her. Really badly. The I went to bed. The last thing I remember is the smell of blood when I woked up. I was already a vampire and Min Ah was already gone."
Woohyun was lost in his own thoughts and memories. He wasn't a bad kid after all, but a scared one. He killed his own maker without knowing. I guess it was somehow normal for him to have split personality since the crime took his sanity. Poor guy! I was lucky...
"You know about her plan?"I asked as I withdrew the roots that were keeping him captive.
"That wich is planning to kill every single supernatural being out there! She's crazy!"
I nodded. "What are you going to do?"
He looked at me. His features softened and he became reluctat. "I was thinking that I could...stay with you?"he whispered the last part.
I sighed. "I don't know if it would be such a good idea. After all, you did tried to kill me."
"Please! I'll behave! Please?"he pleaded, throwing himself at my feet. "I'll do anything! I'll be good! Just plese, let me stay with you..."
I smiled. I was getting too soft. "Fine. But if you ever disobey me, you're out, understood?"
"Yes, sir!"his smile spread from ear to ear.
The rest of the night I dedicated to cleaning up the club. I was planning on re-open it. Woohyun was cleaning the glass tables while I was re-arranging the sofas and the bottle from the bar. Suddenly I saw him stop and listen attentively.
"We're not alone,"he muttered while I turned off the lights.
And so it was. Six silhouettes sneaked inside and surrounded us.
"Well well, if it's not going to be an interesting night,"spoke someone.

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