Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 17. If This Ain't A Drama!

Ra Nae’s POV
“Are you sure you’ll be ok?”
I rolled my eyes. “It’s not like he’s some sort of a rapist. Don’t worry, I’ve got a pocket knife under my pillow just in case.”
“I CAN HEAR YOU TWO!”yelled fatto from the crane machine.
“DO I HAVE TO HOLD IT FOR MUCH LONGER? MY ARMS ARE…UNDERSTOOD!”he quickly took in the message my glare sended to him.
“As I was saying, it’s better for him to share the same room with me. This way I have more control over what he does,”I turned towards Hyun Seung. “Why are you so worried over? I’m a big girl! I can take care of myself,”I smiled as I put on the red helmet.
“If you say so…”
“What’s this? Have some faith, will you?”I playfully punched his arm.
“If you say so…”
“Did you call me?”fatto’s head appeared in the bathroom’s door frame.
“Yes. Enter,”I said without even looking at him. In fact I was almost done with the chart I prepared for him. “What are you doing, standing there like a lost dog? Didn’t I asked you to enter?”
“B-but…it’s a bathroom...”
“Wow! You’re pretty smart, you know?”I pointed at him with my pen. “Of course it’s a bathroom! Now enter and close that door behind you, will you?”
He cautiosly stepped inside and pulled the door behind him. “What do you need from me?”
“Take off the shirt.”
His eyes widened and his hands formed a X over his chest. I rolled my eyes. “What are you, some kind of virgin maiden? Take of that shirt and don’t make me repeat myself anymore!”
With trembling handsm he took off the shirt. The sight of his tummy was…it gave me the creeps! Where was the handsome man that I used to dream off? Was he hiding inside fatto’s body? Was he dead and long burried?
“Look at all this fat,”I mumbled as I took his measures. “Get on the wighter! Aren’t you ashemed with yourself?! I mean…95 kilos?! Yah…you’re not fat, you’re obese! Get down before you break it!”
I wrote down everything. I was going to monotor him closely. Just wait and you’ll see! Captain Choi Seung Hyun will be brought back! “Puppy eyes don’t work on me. You should know at least that,”I commented while I placed the chart in the white cabinet. “Done!”
“Ra Nae!”I heard Hyun Seung calling. “RA NAE!!!!”
I pushed the door open. “What’s all this fuss about?”
He looked at me. Then at fatto. Then back at me. “Why…you…him…bathroom? Together?”he mumbled pointing at the two of us.
“Only porn is in your head!”I smacked his head, making his redish hair move towards his forehead. “What’s going on? Calling me on that desperate tone?”
“Oh…OH! Problems. I think we’re having some problems!”he cought my hand and started dragging me after him ouside the house. Problems? That was quite far from the definition of what was standing in front of me. Not one, but four guys! One of them was leaning against a shiny car…
“What brings Raspunzel’s sister here?”I asked confused.
He smirked. What was that supposed to be? Mysterious smile?
“They are all here in response to my newspaper add,”I heard grandpa from behind.
“Your add? May I know what it was about?”
“You. Why don’t you introduce yourselves, boys?”grandpa wiggled his eyebrows.
“You can call me GD, monster,”he whispered the last part while taking a theatrical bow in front of me.
“Seungri,”the army hair styled guy kissed my hand.
“Daesung,”smiled the bleached one.
I was expecting the tanned guys introduction, but instead a pair of muscular arms pulled me forward while a pair of juicy, thick and sexy lips crashed with mine.

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