Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chapter 29 ~~ To The Shattered Future

I looked at the maps in front of me. My head was aching from all the data I've memorized.
"Let's look over it again,"said Thunder, placing his black notebook on the desk.
"Thunder, I think I've got it already,"I hissed while massaging my temples. "All those mumbers and red Xs are giving me a headache!"
He chuckled. "And just where is Zico when you need him?"
I glared at him and stood. "Look, I've got it, ok?"
"The effect has to be one of a domino,"I heard Min Ah saying from the doorstep. Her face was sleepy and she was dragging her feet across the floor, tripping on her own toes. "Once it starts, it has to continue all over the world, without missing anything. There has to be no mistake, Seung Ho,"she turned her icy-blue eyes to me.
I nodded. "I know that. And believe me when I tell you that everything is gonna be alright. Now, to bed with you, young lady!"I lifted her bridal style making her giggle as I spun her around.
"Please, get a room you two!"commented Joon who came in holding a slice of bread in his hand. "It's gross, you know?
We both smiled and I began going up the stairs, holding her tight in my arms like I was somehow afraid of what was waiting for us once upstairs. The room was cosy and the light weak. I put her on the bed and sat next to her, our fingers automatically intertwining.
"Where do you think he is?"she asked softly while her right hand's index finger was drawing circles on my shoulder.
"I don't know."
She sighed. "I just hope he's alright."
Zico returned with the gang looking all drained. He smiled when I entered the living room, but I could tell just how tired he was.
"How did it go?"
"OK!"he put his thumbs up. "Actually it was..."
The front door banged open making us all turn around like we were expecting some kind of an army to attack us right there, right at that moment. But there were no soldiers, but one single man, soaked by rain and unshaved, passing by the guys with a strange expression on his face. Now, why was I standing on the floor?
"YOU IDIOT! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! YOU LEFT ME ALL ALONE! TO DIE?! AREN'T YOU ASHAMED OF YOURSELF A LIL'?!"he yelled, expossing his high pitched voice once again.
I touched the place where his fist came in contact with my jaw. It hurt! "Nice to see you too, Woohyun,"I stood. "How nice of you to visit."
"Cut the crap, Yang,"he hissed, throwng himself on the sofa, next to Mir who froze on his place. 
We all turned to her. Her soft voice was just like honey, hiding behind it a deeper meaning and a lot of feelings. His eyes widened at the sight of her. She had that motherly expression once again as she approached him with the pink apron over her blouse. "You big dummy! Running off like that,"she scolded him as she hugged him. 
"Get lost, wich!"he pushed her after few seconds. "I don't like your touch or the sight of you!"
"Behave,"I said from my place.
"And why should I? When I stand in a room full of criminals?"
she placed her hand on his cheek, making him tun towards her once again. "I do this because I want to set my children free. They are hurt. They are lonely. They can't see in this dark void. This world never welcomed them and it got even colder for them. I want to save them all, both humans and supernatural beings. I need to do so. And you know that, don't you? Woohyun, you need to be free. Inside here resent two different people that can't become one unless they die. You miss your old self, don't you?"
He looked down at his feet. Tears were dripping on his cheeks, down his neck and on her fingers. We all watched him being embraced by her light and for one tiny moment, I was gelous. But it passed quickly, 'coz seeing him smile with teary eyes brought a smile on my face too. He was no different from me. He was addicted to her, to her energy, to her presence. The only difference that there was was about the feelings:I loved her with all my might, to the exted where I was going to set fire to the world and he loved her like a child loves his mother. Pure. No dirt in his thoughts whatsoever.
"Say again, what's the plan?"he whipped his tears away and looked around with a smile.
He missed his old self...
"Where are we going, Seung Ho?"she asked from behind as I pulled her after me on Seoul's streets.
"You'll see once we get there,"I mysteriously smiled, continuing to pull her after me.
I'll never forget the dress she was wearing. Actually, it was her night gown. Made of white lace, with broad straps, letting the skin from her back sparkle in the sun's light. The gown was touching the asphalt as we walked towards the destination that only I knew.
And there it was. The old chapel made of white stone, the green garden that was surrounding it...I checked the pocket to see if they were still there, those little circles of gold, so thin and so old, that bore such a deep meaning to me.
"What are we doing here, Seung Ho?"she whispered, looking around her with fear. "I don't think I'm allowed to be here..."
"Everything is allowed on your wedding day,"I smiled as I kissed her forehead just before dragging her to the altar.
"We-WEDDING DAY?!"her voice echoed between the empty walls of the church.
I nodded and watched her facial expression change from being confused to supreme happiness. "Will you say yes?"I asked, putting down a knee.
"Oh, Seung Ho! Why are you still asking, dummy? Of course I'd say yes!"
And the rest didn't matter as much as those words she said then and there. What the preist said was insignificant. What he demanded from us to swear goes without saying. The song that the old piano played while the priest declared us husband and wife was just the momentary melody of that memory, 'coz later on it was going to be hasten to mute, letting only the images speake...
Forever mine.

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