Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 15. It's Only The Beginning

Seung Hyun’s POV
I still can’t believe what I just did! I, with my own hand and with her pen, I signed a contract and accepted to sell myself to…the monster. Why? Why am I such a stupid…
“I don’t care anymore,”I sighed.
“What was that?”she suddenly turned to me, almost making me drop the shopping bags. “Did you say something?”
“N-no!”I mumbled from behind the bags.
“I thought you said something…”
“I didn’t! Now, can we move? My arms are killing me!”I snapped.
Silence. Why was I so stupid sometimes?! Her hand appeared in front of me. “What?”I asked.
“Payment. Why would you argue with me?”
“Nope. Let’s just start with $100. Hand them over now!”
I sighed. “Fine! Take them! It’s not like I need them anyway!”I placed the bill in her hand.
“Good!”she smirked as she placed the mony in the pocket. “Let’s go now! I’m drying over here!”
“Food!”I took my place at the table.
“Wash you hands first!”she smacked my hand with the spoon.
“Later!”I placed some food on my plate.
“$100 please!”her hand appeared in front of me.
“Aishhhh…Remind me why I agreed with this?”I mumbled as I placed the money in her hand.
“Because you’re stupid,”grined Pororo from behind.
I smackd his head before leaving the kitchen. I looked at my reflection while I washed my hands. My skin was tanned. “More like sun burned,”I commented.
“Where’s my food?”I asked while I took a sit at the table. “You can take the decoration down. What?”I asked when I saw her rolling her eyes.
“That is your food. Vegetables! They are healthy!”she smiled.
I turned towards my plate: peppers, some lettuce and some white stuff with garlic souce. “Uhmmm…no thank you,”I pinched my nose as I pushed the plate towards her. “I can’t stand peppers! Not to mention the garlic! YUCK! Now give me some real food, if you don’t mind.”
“But I do mind! That’s your food and you’re going to eat it. Remember rule number 7?”she frowned.
I sighed. “Ok, I get it! God, please give me strenght,”I whispered as I picked out a cherry tomato and placed it in my mouth. “Vegetables! What am I? An elementary schooler?”

Ra Nae’s POV
I watched him leaving the junkyard. “This was just the beginning, Choi Seung Hyun,”I whispered. “I know just exactly what you’re hiding from me and I have the perfect solution for it. Just you wait…”

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