Monday, April 9, 2012

Chapter 5. Again And Again

Ra Nae’s POV
I kept staring at my socks while grandpa was huffing and puffing in front of me. Aish! My feet were sleeping already! I wish I could raise my eyes without meeting his frowned expression. How on Earth would I have know that the Pororo guy was his gradson?!
“So,”grandpa Han started, “I want you to be nice with my grandson. Understood, Ra Nae?”
“Yes,”I mumbled.
“Good! Now let’s make the introductions, shall we?”
I nodded and followed him outside the room, to the kitchen where Pororo was waiting for us. I glanced at him. He really was Pororo! He was wearing a yellow t-shirt and some blue jeans and on the had he had a pilot cap, while wearing sight-glasses with black frames. What was with his fashion sense anyway?
“Ra Nae, this is Hyung Seung, my grandson,”grandpa’s voice woked me up.
I bowed my head, refusing to meet the guys eyes. Not that he cared anyway! “Can I go now, grandpa?”
“Grandpa? Who are you calling grandpa, monster?”Pororo spoke on a high pitched tone. “He’s my grandpa, not yours! What right do you have to call him that, huh?”
That was the moment when I saw myself throwing my fist towards his face and sending him flying to the moon. Goodbye and don’t forget to write! I chuckled at that image from my head. “Can I go now, mister Han?”
“Go, go!”agreed grandpa Han. And I didn’t wait for him to tell me more and I ran outside, slamming the door behind me. Pfff! That guy! Looking like Pororo and having the personality of a bratty bat! The only thing I could do after what I did to him, was to hope that he was not going to stay for to long around.
I turned towards my crane machine and I decided that there was some metal that was waiting to be crashe. So why not releaving my nervs, imagining Pororo’s head instead of some old car?

Seung Hyun’s POV
My head was heavy from all the wiskey and vodka I had all night. It was morning? Was it already noon?
“Hell with all!”I threw my last coins on the table. The dealer took them and placed my cards in front of me. And once again I lost. $ 5.000. That’s what I lost from the moment my foot stepped inside the casino.
“Easy, easy, boys.,”I mumbled as the security guys dragged me outside. “I can walk on my own and I think I still know where the exit is, thank you,”I dusted my dirty shirt. Why wasn’t I drunk? “If I think a lil’ bit about it, maybe another glass of…”
But one of the bodyguards already sended me flying in the air. I landed on the warm pavement, being blinded by the sun. I smiled and covered my eyes. I was soooo sleepy…
“Aigooo, my son! Aigoooo!”some husky voice came to me.
“Eomma?”I mumbled as a pair of arms raised me from the pavement. “Sorry, eomma…I think I lost again at cards…”
“Who are you calling ‘eomma’?!”
The voice was really close now and I opened my eyes, only to find myself face to face with an old man.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”I yelled, pushing him away. I stood and looked at the old man that was standing now on the pavement, near the place where I was lying few seconds ago. “Oh…”
“This is how you repay an old man for trying to help you up?”he frowned as he stood. “Youngsters this days,”he puffed. “Listen here you punk! I should call the police to arrest you for assault! EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME, OFFICER!”he suddenly turned around and started yelling after the police car that was just passing by.
“Okokok! I’m sorry! I really am,”I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “I’ll do whatever you want. Just…don’t call the police, ok?”I looked at him with what I wanted to be pleading eyes.
“Anything?”he whispered, turning towards me.
I gulped. Now this seemed a lil’…dangerous. “Anything.”I gave my word, what the heck! I’m a man of word…or at least, I used to be one.
“Fine! I won’t call the police. But instead, I’ll be waiting you at this adress,”he handed out a white piece of paper. “You’ll work for me from now on,”he grined.
I was shocked. “Listen here, grandpa,”I felt the anger building up inside of me. “This man ain’t gonna work for just anyone!”
He looked at me through half closed eyes. “Aigoo, aigoo! My back!”he started whining in the middle of the street, making passerbys turn and look at us. “My back! I think I fractured something! I need a doctor! Someone! Call the an ambulance! Police, firefighters…anyone!”
“OK! I got it!”I grabbed his arm. Now I was sober. Sober and furious. “I’ll come and fucking work for you. Just stop yelling…”
Suddenly he was no longer in pain. He smiled. “Good! I expect you to be there at 7 o’clock this evening in the morning.”
I frowned at the piece of paper. “Where on the Earth is this anyway?”I mumbled as the old grandpa turned around, preparing to leave me there.
“Oh, yeah!”he turned towards me as he forgot something. “Bring some clothes with you. I think you’ll be staying with us quite some time. Old bones don’t heal like the young ones,”his face was that of a sly fox. That made me want to step on those pieces of advice that mom gave me and punch his wrinckled eyes.
I followed him with my eyes as he disspeared in the crowd. Then I looked at the piece of paper he gave me once again. ‘Us’? “Just what you put yourself in, Choi Seung Hyun?”I mumbled as I stumbled n my own feet as I turned around.

Ra Nae’s POV
I hummed my favourite song as I chopped the vegetables. He was staring again at me, huh?”
“Look here, Pororo! I don’t know what you find so interesting at my back, but I’m gonna have to take your money for staring at it. You practically wore me out!”I said without bothering to look at him.
“Who are you calling ‘Pororo’, monster?”he hissed back.
“God be with you,”I mumbled as I turned around, holding my butcher knife in my right hand.
His eyes widened at the sight of the blade. I just loved that knife! No man alive dared to touch it! It was just so…shiny and clean and was cutting perfectly just about everything! I grined. Short haired Pororo…no, bald Pororo! What a sight!
“Children?”grandpa’s voice came from the entrance door.
Pororo practically jumped from his place and nearly went through the closed door. I chuckled as I out the knife away and took my inocent look. Sighing, I followed the guy outside. Grandpa was waiting in the yard.
“Children, I want you to meet our new worker,”he smiled and signaled towards the fat guy that was waiting at the gate with a black bag in his hand.
Messy clothes, big, fat belly, messy hair, unshaved…familiar?
“OLD GEEZER?!”I exclaimed, remembering the naked guy I unfortunately saw not that long ago.
“MONSTER?!”his eyes almost popped out of his skull.
“MONSTER?!”exclaimed Pororo too, looking at both of us.

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