Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 16. It's Like Adding Salt

Ra Nae’s POV
I sneaked inside the apartment. It was quiet in there. I chuckled at the sight of empty ramyun packs. The apartment was back to its original, untidy self. Men these days!
I headed towards the bedroom. Seung Hyun was sleeping on his king sized bed, with his right hand covering the eyes. Pfff! He didn’t even bother to draw the curtains!
“What’s this?”I picked up the empty bottle. “Wine? Really, fatto?”I smirked. “You really like to break the rules, don’t you? YAHHHHHHHH!!! WAKE UP, YOU LAZY FAT ASS!”I yelled, pulling off the blanket. I watched amuzed how he jumped from his bed only to fall on his butt on the floor.
“W-what? What’s wrong? What happened?”
“This happened,”I wiggled the empty bottle. “And this happened,”I showed him the empty pack of ramyun. “Now, if you want to explain, I’d be more than happy to listen.”
“I…hmmm…uhmmm…GD came by and…he brought those with him. I couldn’t say not to him, you know,”he mumbled from his place.
He looked so pityful, sitting there on his knees. “Here,”I threw his cell phone on the bed. “Call GD and put it on speaker.” He took the phone with a begging glance. “Do it now!” I really liked to play the master’s role. I was made for playing it!
“Yes?”answered a voice. “Choi Seung Hyun! You better have a good reason for calling me at this hour!”he continued on a high pitched tone.
“H-hey, man!”said Seung Hyun, looking all the time at me. I signaled him to speak. “I-I called you to ask you if you had a good time last night?”
“It was awesome, dude! I mean…the music and the drink were absolutely…wait a sec! How did you know?”
Gotcha, fatto!
“What are you talking about, GD?”he let out a nervous laugh. “I was there with you, remember? It happened in my apartment, remember?”
Silence. Now I really got you!
“…and the marmot was wrapping chocolate in aluminium foil…YAH! Choi Seung Hyun! Are you high or something? What shit did you drink last night?”
I smirket as I snatched the phone away. “Hey there, Rapunzel’s sister! It’s me Ra Nae…WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHO?! Yeah…me! Anyhow, I’ve gotta thank you for bringing da man in front. He tried to lie. Oh yeah? I’ve heard everything. Oki-doki! Bye!”
He looked up at me with a strange kind of smile. Oh yeah man, you’re going down!
“Oh, welcome!”I smiled at the two girls that stopped in front of the stall.
“Are these two only $5?”
“Yes. What would you like? I think these two would fit you pretty well,”I took out of the box two wallets. Branded wallets.
“Awesome! It’s Louis Vuitton!”one girl whispered to the other.
I smirked feeling Seung Hyun behind me. I turned around and faced him. “Is there something wrong?”
He grabbed my arm and pulled me after him, so that no one could hear him. “What do you think you’re doing right now?”
“Bargain fair.”
“With my stuff?!”
I nodded. “Two things cost on $5,”I raised 5 fingers. “Bargains!”I giggled.
He changed some pretty colors:green, yellow, red only to remain with white. “Y-you’re selling my…MY branded things for only $5?!”he hissed.
I nodded once again. He was pretty fun to watch.
“You what?”I raised my chin and provoked him to speak his mind. “Do I need to remind you that you broke not one rule, but three? Don’t you remember that you signed a contract with me? You’re mine, Choi Seung Hyun!”
“OY! Is there anyone who can help me? Or can I just take everything and leave?”a voice brought down the fire that was starting between us.
“Yes?”I turned towards the customer. “OH!”
“Well well well, if it’s not the monster herself,”GD took off his sun glasses. “Heard about a fair being held in front of a block of flats and I stopped by. So, is everything on sale?”he pointed towards the boxes.
“Really?”I glared at Seung Hyun. “You’re just passing by, huh?”
“Man, thanks for coming to save me,”I saw fatto smiling ear from ear.
“Oh no, man! Sorry dude, but I’m here to buy! Like…really BUY!”
I chuckled at fatto’s shocked expression as a truck stopped right next to us and three guys jumped out of it. Fatto practically flew towards them. “What are you doing here?”
“We’ve come to help GD pick up his ‘shopping bags’, what else?”a tall one answered.
“Guys, you can take this and this and that. Oh! And don’t forget about that! You know how much I wanted to steal it from you?”GD smiled as he handed me a pille o bills. “$2,000 for everything?”he whispered, turning towards me.
“$200,”I answered in a loud voice, but putting the mony in my pocket anyway. “Thank you for buying from us!”
“Hey! Who’s the girl?”asked one of the guys that came with the trunck. The one with the bleached hair.
“You mean the monster?”
“Says Rapunzel’s sister,”I replied in the same manner.
“Kim Ra Nae, nice to meet you you all,”I smiled to the guys.
“Holla! I’m Taeyang,”the tanned one answered, adressing me a white smile. “That’s Daesung,”he pointed to the bleached one, “and that’s Seungri,”he pointed towards the one who had an army hair style.
“NICE TO MEET YOU!”yelled the latter from the truck.
“Now I need to go,”said GD, glancing at his watch. “I’ve got the night shift this week. Be good kids, ok?”
“Arrogant!”I mumbled under my breath as the truck left, followed closely by GD’s shiny car. “Oh well…where are you fatto?”

Seung Hyun’s POV
I looked around my empty apartment. My steps were echoing on the empty floor. My apartment!
“It looks like it was robbed,”I muttered under my breath as I passed my fingers over the kitchen’s table, the only thing that remained there actually.
“Oh! Here you are,”the monster’s voice gave me chills down my spine.
“Is that you Satan?”I laughed.
“What was that?”her straight face seemed even more dangerous than her smiling one.
“Nothing! Why were you looking for me? It’s not like you can take anything else from me. You sold everything! EVERYTHING! I’m penniless now, I have no things in my apartment, no clothes in my closet!”
“Yeah, that’s right!”she laughed. “And you’re homeless too!”she laughed evily. “Looks like you need a place to crash. Feel free to drop by the junkyard,”she said as she made her way to the door. “And by the way, from today onwards, this apartment is mine. I changed the access code!”
I clenched my fists. I wasn’t going to accept her tirany anymore! I had to do something…but there was the photo.
“To Hell with everything!”

Grandpa Han’s POV
“Enter, child. I heard from Ra Nae that you don’t have where to sleep anymore. Something about some unpaid taxes…”
“Feel free to take Hyunseung’s room. He’ll…”
“Fatto!”Ra Nae’s voice interruped me. “You’ll share rom with me. Pororo can share his with the mice. Or, do you want to take over the mice family?”
Tempo became really pale and shook his head. I hid my smile behind the newspaper. “Go now, child. Looks like Ra Nae needs you.”
“Thank you for welcoming me…again,”he bowed and left the room. I placed the newspaper on the table in front of me. Now this was getting really really interesting.
“How about adding some more?”I hummed as I took out the add I was writing before Ra Nae interrupted me with her loud voice.

          “4 boys needed! One granddaughter to marry! 3 months probation period. Call at the number below if you are interested!”

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