Monday, April 9, 2012

Chapter 4. Yet Another Meeting

Seung Hyun's POV
I bowed my head in front of the old man who was standing legged-crossed in front of me. The 'monster' was beside him, with her arms crossed over her chest, frowning at me. I was trying to mentain my dignity, but it was kinda difficult after...well, you know.
"I'm sorry,"I bowed again. "I'm sorry, elder!"
The grandpa was half smiling, half looking at the 'monster's' reaction.
"I'm sorry and I thank you for taking care of me,"I bowed again, remembering what mother used to say to me when I was young. Always be respectful towards the elders. Only that way you can be wise later on. Pfff, bullshit if you ask me! But whatever! I stood and I walked towards the door with my face still towards the two of them, 'coz the 'monster' was looking kinda dangerous if you ask me. I mean, she threw a freakin' fork towards my face! MY FACE! And why? Because she saw me naked! What? Has she never seen a naked person? That would be strange...
"Thank you again! Goodbye!"I ran out the door without even looking back.
Only after I passed the gates I stopped. I was panting from the effort. "Aishhhh...making me run like this. Ehe, Choi Seung Hyun! You're not what you used to be anymore,"I bitterly said while glancing at the junkyard that was remaining behind as I started walking down the main road towards my favourite place. The club...that was right. Drinking some wiskey would help me get over the morning's events. Drinking again would save me from that pain I was starting to feel in my chest.

Ra Nae's POV
"Grandpa!"I exclaimed after I saw that old geezer run between the pilles of metal. "How can you do such a thing?! How can you just let him go like that? After he did this to me?!"I pointed at my swallowen eyes that became purple over night.
He just smiled and took a sip from his cup of herbal tea. "Delicious!"
"Yah, Kim Ra Nae! Don't you have anything to do? I think it's time to open the yard, don't you think?"
I looked at him confused. Now just what the heck was he doing?! "Grandpa, I even saw IT before I got married,"I complained as I walked out of the room. I opened the closet and pulled out the blue denim coveralls. I looked at my own reflexion while I styled my hair in a bun. That grandpa! Letting that old and fat geezer run away like that! Pffff!
I stomped through the mud with my rubber boots, feeling like the queen of muddy roads. With that thought, I unlocked the crane machine’s door and sat on the chair covered with an old blanket. It was time to move some junk! The machine swinged around it’s metal arm as I moved the lever around. The chains were usually there to be tied by a second party, but since I had to do everything on my own I discovered that I didn’t need to get in and out of the machine to tie them around the pieces of metal. It was much more easier if once I lift the metal up I move the crane slowly to the place where I wanted to deposit the load.
While I was moving an old car to the place where it was going to be scrapped, something flashed through the yard, making me lose my concetration. What was that flashy, blueish thingy that was running like hell towards the house?
“YAH!”I yelled, opening the crane’s door. “YAH! WHO ARE YOU?”
The thing turned around. It was a guy…at least I think so.
“WHO ARE YOU?”I yelled once again from the high place where the control cabin was.
But instead of answering, the guy puffed and continued running towards the house. He was jumping more than running. But even so! That brat was going to disturb grandpa’s sleep! I quickly climbed down the crane machine and ran after him. The thing with living in a junkyard is that you get to know every single piece of metal that’s around there. And close to the fence, there was a round dick made of metal, perfect for playing frisbee. I chuckled as I lifted it up from the mud. That guy was gonna get it! I flexed my knees, pulled my right arm to my left side as hard as could. YUPIEEEEEE!!!! The frisbee was in the air and then…BOING! The guy was suddenly lying on the ground, with his face in a pool of mud.
“Now, will you be kind enough to tell me who you are?”I asked him as I placed one foot on his back, holding him still on the gound.
“YAH! KIM RA NAE!”I heard the soprano voice of grandpa yelling from the house’s doorstep. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING TO MY GRANDSON?!”
“EHHHHHHH?!”I looked at the guy that was lying on the ground.

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