Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chapter 2. Second Prologue~~She, Her, Hers

Life sucks. Most of the time and for most of the normal people.
There is no such thing like perfect romance, perfect meeting or destined lovers. That's only bullshit, if you'd excuse my dirty language! Poor people don't have something like that to dream about. There's no McDreamy or McSteamy or Sleeping Beauty waiting for them outside their poverty. They dream of warm clothes in the winter and cold water in the summer. They get to read most of the books that they can get their hands on, but most of them don't finish high shool because of their poor family that just can't handle the expenses of them going to school. And where do they end up? Working the field or selling vegetables...Don't get me wrong! There's nothing wrong about doing something like that! Not at all! But you see, life's treats you bad when there's no silver spoon in your mouth...
The beginning of HER story? Well, let's just say it was all because of an accident. A huge and painful accident...
"What's up, pauper?"laughed some students as 20-years-old Kim Ra Nae made her way on high school's hallway.
"Repeater!"someone threw a crumpled paper in her head.
She just sighed and walked away. Mornings were always bad for Kim Ra Nae. Always. She liked living in school's dorm, but she could not afford paying the taxes so they kicked her out. Now she was living in a storage closet with no heat or water. Food? Only what she could buy, that being some old crackers and biscuits, not forgetting about the expired milk that the nice lady from the convience store sold to her almost on nothing. No, mornings were not the best for her.
"What now, miss Kim?"asked the teacher, annoyed by the raised hand of the girl.
"Can I use the bathroom, please?"
The classmates began laughing which made the teacher frown. The remained silent. "Go!"
She ran outside the classroom. It was that hour of the day when she was using the restroom. Why? Because not having water to use for brushing your teeth or washing your body...well, you can figure out on yourself what she was doing there during classes.
Her head hurt. She had a terrible head ache and decided to take a stroll in the nearby park. That would help her forget about her pain and smile a bit. There was always this old man sittin gon a bench, feeding the birds and greeting her with a kind smile, asking her about school and other random stuff. She liked tha told grandpa. He was...warm.
She snapped back to reality when a sport car stopped right next to her foot.
She ran to the sidewalk. That damn red light! Always turning on red when she was day-dreaming!
"Hello there, Ra Nae,"smiled the old grandpa as he saw her walking towards him.
She smiled back. "Hello, mister Han!"
"Please call me 'grandpa',"he laughed, handing her a piece of white and puffy bread. "You're always so formal!"
She just took a bite and thought about it for a second. "Ok! I'll call you 'grandpa'. But I don't understand, don't you have children?"
"Not everyone around here has a destined  soulmate, you know? And I used to be such a slowpoke when I was your age! Those years never come back,"he looked at her, burning a hole in her pure heart.
He analyzed her from the corner of his eye as she ate the bread. She was pretty. Not beautiful, but pretty. Normal. Life, that damn bitch was always messing around with people like them!
She walked down the alley, watching the Han River glow in the sunset light. It was such a beautiful sight! Few birds were flying above her head and there was so much silence. But she sighed and looked down. She had to think about that assigment on an empty stomach once again! 
"Stupid school,"she cursed, hitting one stone that was in front of her.
The sun was going down and she hurried to get back to her so called 'home'. Small, but clean, that was her little corner, her little piece of world. There was no one to call her names and there surely was no one to bother her when she was working on her assigments.
"WATCH OUT!"yelled someone from behind her as she heard the gnashing of wheels on the pavement.
And she blacked out from the impacted between the trunk and her body.
Maybe she was dying. Maybe she was going into the light. Her body was warm and she could see a light in front of her eyes. Yes, that was the answer. She was dying. Oh, if only that stupid sound would stop and let her rest in peace!
"The nerves are all sectioned. I can't find a way to put it back with all this blood. If I don't stop the hemoragy she will die. Yah! Have you found it?"a voice near her was heard.
"Are you awake, Ra Nae?"asked the grandpa through the closed door of her comfy room.
"Yes. Please enter."
He pushed open the door and entered, holding a tray with hot miso soup. "How is my now 22-years-old granddaughter?"he smiled. "Happy birthday, Ra Nae!"
She smiled and flexed her arm to hug the old man.
"Here! For you,"he handed her a small box. "I hope you like it."
The pendant was key-shaped. It was made of silver. She smiled and put it on her necklace. "Thank you, grandpa! But you shouldn't have spend your money to buy me a present. Only this alone is more than enough,"she said, pointing at the bowl of soup.
"Nonsense! Now eat and enjoy your day,"he kissed her forehead. "Ra Nae, I think I have something else for you. This room seems so empty without anything on its walls. Here!"he put something in her hands. "Put it whereever you like!"
She looked down at the paper. It was a wallpaper. The man was wearing an uniform. A beautiful uniform with golden strings and nice buttons, made of black fabric. The man was hadsome. His brown hair was wavy and hie eyes were deep and full of shining happiness. He was holding his hat in one hand and with the other he was saluting.
"Kirin Airlines top pilot, captain Choi Seung Hyun,"she read on the bac of the wallpaper. "Well, mister Choi, welcome to my room!"she smiled foolishly while hangging the poster on the wall in front of her desk.
You saw that, right?
Life's a bitch that needs a slap.
But even so, there's destiny that we can not change, no matter if we believe or not in it. There is, somewhere on this Earth, a huge book with all humans' lives written in it. What was, what is and what will be...
Long story short, life's abitch and she can not be changed. But ven the deepest scars are curable.

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