Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 13. Sell Yourself To Me

Seung Hyun’s POV
I looked everywhere in the apartment and I took out all the pictures I had. Now I was sitting on the floor, surrounded by them. My dead wife was in most of them. But I was looking for something. A picture that would resemble with the one I found on the table, with the one that the monster left behind. But there was none. In every single picture of her, she was smiling. She was cutely smiling for the camera and she was wearing light colored clothes.
“Who are you?”I asked the picture that I was holding in my hand. “Who are you?”
I sighed. There was only one way to find out. Go after that monster and convince her to tell me.
Ra Nae’s POV
I sighed. Was he coming?
“Why the sad look?”asked Hyun Seung, opening the door.
“Yah, don’t you know how to knock?”
“Nope. Not at all,”he smiled. “So, what are you doing?”
“Tomorrow, Pororo! I’m waiting for tomorrow!”
I chuckled. “Well…”
“Stop! You can talk to my hand if you want,”he placed his hand right in front of my eyes. “I really don’t want to know!”
“Ra Nae?”a knock at the door made my replica die inside my head. “You have a visitor.”
I never flew in my entire life. But at that point, I practically…I can’t even explain what happened there! All I can tell you is that in less than 10 seconds I was already in the kitchen, facing him.
“What’s up, fatto?”
He just bowed his head. But his eyes were sparkling in a strange way. So it did get to you? Hmmm…now it begins!
“So, what brings you here?”I smiled as I sipped from my glass of juice.
He placed the photo which I left on his table the morning he practically threw me out. “What can you tell me about this?”
“Hmmm…let me see…nothing?”
He frowned. “Don’t play around with me,”he hissed. “I know that you left this at my apartment. So you better tell me where you got this from and who is that person! Or else…”
I raised my eyebrows. “Or else what? You’ll hit me? Insult me? Go ahead. My lips are sealed. Now if you please, get out. The junkyard waits for no one,”I placed the photo on the table.
But he stopped me. He cought my wrist and made me look straight into his eyes. Big brown eyes, full of pain. “Please…I need to know…”
“And if I tell you? What are you willing to do?”
“What do you want me to do? I don’t have anything to offer you.”
“Oh, but you do! You do! Sell yourself to me.”

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