Monday, April 9, 2012

Chapter 6. Bickering

Seung Hyun’s POV
Now this was funny! Next to Monster, there was this guy with doe eyes that was looking at her and then at me and so on and so forth.
“Grandpa, I hope you’re not talking about him,”the monster said, pointing a shaky finger at me.
“Who else then?”the old fart replied with a smile.
“Aish…you’re so noisy, monster,”I commented while passing by her while following the elder inside.
“Who are you calling ‘monster’, you fatto?!”she hissed back, moving her right hand to hit. I dodged it and continued walking. Sometimes, just sometimes, being sober can save your life. I followed the old man to the room where not too long ago I stood and bowed, just to run away after few minutes. He sat behind the little table and signaled me to do the same, which I did. The monster sat on his left, while the doe-eyed guy sat on his right.
“Now, mister…?”
I looked at him. C’mon, think! “You can call me Tempo,”I finally said, not minding the raised eyebrow of the old man.
“Tempo?”snorted the monster.
“Got a problem with it, monster?”
“Not really. But I prefer calling you ‘fatto’,”she shrugged.
“Kids, please,”spoke the grandpa. “So Tempo, you’ll be staying around and work for us to pay for hurting me…”
“WHAT?!”yelled the monster, suddenly jumping on her two feet. “HE HIT YOU?!”
“Young lady, please calm down,”spoke her grandpa. “We had a little…accident,”he turned grining towards me. “And he agreed to work for me until I heal.”
“Agreed my ass,”I mumbled under my breath as I looked at my own socks. “Yeah, that’s true!”I said louder, looking at them. “Now, can you tell me where I’m going to sleep?”
The old man turned towards the monster.
“Don’t even think about it!”she cut his idea off before even being said. “I won’t share my room whit this fatto! I prefer Pororo instead!”she pulled the doe-eyed guy by his neck, making him fall on the little table.
“Y-yah…who are you calling Pororo?!”
“Shut it!”she hissed.
“Good, good then! Hyung Seung and Ra Nae are going to share one room and you’re taking over my grandson’s room. Now go, kids! And behive, understood?”
We all stood, bowed and left the room.
“Pororo, you better not snore at night or else you’re sleeping outside,”she looked at the confused guy.
I chuckled at her expression.
“And you! I don’t know what you said to gradpa that he agreed on letting you stay here, but you’ll get it soon,”she tuned towards me. “That’s your room. Pororo, grab your things and put them in my room!”
Then she left. I looked at the closed door and then turned towards the guy that was looking confused after her. He really looked like Pororo now that I was thinking about it!
“I’m Hyung Seung,”he put out his hand.
He just nodded and opened one door. “This should have been my room. As you can see is not big, but for one person is more than enough,he grabbed his unopened bags and threw them in the hallway. “So…I’ll be going.”
And he closed the door behind him. Now, the room was smaller than my closet!
“Really now, Choi Seung Hyun, what did you get yourself into here?”I mumbled as I sat on the bed. “What did you get yourself into?”
“YAH FATTO! GET UP, RAISE AND SHINE!”she practically banged her fists onto my door, making me jump 10 m from the bed.
“Go away, monster,”I opened the door only to close it back.
“Fatto, in this house no one sleeps till late. GET UP!”she yelled, barging inside. “GET UP! GET UP! GET UP!”
I sighed. No more sleep for me…”You’re crazy! Making me wake up at 6 o’clock!”I followed her in the kitchen where something was smelling delicious. “Monster, that better be my breakfast,”I sat at the table.
She turned around and her smile widened in a creepy way. “Suuuure! Here you go!”she put a plate with that steamy and delicious food in front of me. “Bon apetite!”
Not thinking twice, I picked up my spoon and dig up. Several minutes later, the old man and Hyung Seung entered the kitchen, the later more dragged by monster than walking on his own.
I raised my eyes from my place. “Huh?”
“Why are yoo eating Gon’s meal?”asked the old man while placing some strawberry jam on a slice of bread.
“Who’s Gon?”asked Hyung Seung.
“Yeah, who’s that?”I asked myself while looking around, expecting one skinny guy to enter the kitchen.
“The pig.”
“Gon is our pig. So why are you eating his meal, Tempo?”the monster turned towards me while my spoon remained hanging in the air. I was going to throw up…
“Now now, don’t we have a sensitive stomach?”she patted my back while passing by us. “See you in the junkyard in 5 minutes!”
That…! AISHHHH! I frowned at the old man. He just smiled and looked away. This was going to be…Hell on Earth for me. And as could see, Hyung Seung beside me was silently agreeing with me.
“PORORO! MOVE YOUR ASS UP HERE AND HELP ME WITH THIS CHAINS!”she yelled from the crane machine. I looked how the skinny guy threw her a scared look. I smirked even thought I never touched soemthing like that. “IF YOU DON’T MOVE UP HERE IN 5 SECONDS I’M GONNA DROP EVERYTHING ON YOU!”she thretened, making Pororor..oops! Hyung Seung I mean, run twards the crane machine.
That day was not Hell, but a meeting with Lucifer himself! Run through the pilles of metal and assure that the ones who were coming were taking and leaving just the right things, climb up those old machines and check the engines if they work, climb up on the crane’s arm and tie the chains around the metal load and so on…
“I’m dead,”I practically fell on my bed.
“Hey, I wouldn’t sleep like a piece of wood if I were you,”the monster appeared out of nowhere.
“Don’t you know how to knock, monster?”I was too tired to fight with her.
“Just passing by. I heard that this room was never used before because there are mice around here,”she opened the door. “Good night!”
Mice? Oh…I should…
I fell asleep in no more than 2 seconds, only to wake up in the middle of the night. Silence. Only the crickets culd be heard outside. I took a deep breath and prepared to go to sleep once again. But no! The sound that woked me up was once again there, bothering me. It was like someone was nibbling something in my ears. Wait a sec! She mentioned something about mice…MICE?!
There he was…all grey and big teeth and nibbling something in the flashlight’s light.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”I yelled while running out of my room. I barged inside the room across the hallway. Hyung Seung was reading while the monster was playing with a ball. “T-T-THERE’S A MOUSE!”I freaked out.
“And?”she turned towards me.
“Are you afraid of mice?”
“Are so!”
“Are so!”
“AM NOT!”I huffed. “Make room for me too,”I hissed at Hyung Seung who was sleeping on a futton, next to her bed. “I don’t care about you, but I’m sleeping here tonight. Good night!”
I closed my eyes and dind’t answer. Suits her right!

Grandpa Han’s POV
I put down the book on the table and took my cup of herbal tea. The kids were bickering in Ra Nae’s room.
“This is going just perfect,”I whispered as I looked towards the white moon that was watching everything from the dark sky. “It’s going to be interesting, don’t you think so?”

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