Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 14. The Contract

Ra Nae’s POV
“Sell myself to you?”he mumbed confused. “What kind of nonsense is this? Sell myself!”he puffed, letting go of my wrist. “How could I possibly do that? Are you some kind of pimp?”
I chuckled. “Haha. No. Fortunately for you, I’m not. But I meant it when I asked you to sell yourself to me.”
“You’re crazy, monster!”
“Maybe,”I shrugged. “But not as crazy as you are. Coming all this way for a woman…”
“Fine! Explain to me this term of ‘selling’.”
I smiled. He was really crazy! Doing such a thing for a woman. But tehn again… “It’s going to be a contract between you and me. A contract which gives me the power to do anything to you. You’re practically my slave without payment,”I chuckled as he stared at me shocked.
“This is…”
“And you have to listen to me no matter what. At the end of the contract, I will tell you everything I know about this picture,”I held that piece of junk right in front of his eyes. “How does it sound?”
“For how long?”he gulped.
I thought about it for a second. “3 months. Practically, all summer. So, what’s your answer, big guy?”
He looked at me like I was some sort of crazy chick that was telling him to jump off a building. Maybe I was, but it was for his own good. Then he looked at the picture. I could practically see his brain working, waking up from those alcohol steam.
“Fine,”came his answer. “3 months are nothing to me.”
“But be careful, this contract will be legalized. If you don’t respect the terms and clauses, you’ll have to pay. Do you understand this?”
“Fine with me too,”I smiled. “Come by tomorrow and we’ll have it legalized as soon as we can. Then, from the moment you sign it, you’re mine to use.”
He frowned.
“I don’t think I like the sound of that,”he mumbled. “Ok! Three months will pass quickly.”
I nodded. They will pass…eventually.
“How did it go with Tempo?”asked grandpa as we ate dinner.
“Perfect,”I smiled, placing a big piece of meat on my plate. “He just doesn’t know what will happen to him.”
“You do understand that this could break in just a few seconds,”spoke Hyun Seung.
“Pororo, you’re are negativist as ever!”I rolled my eyes. “Don’t worry! I have everything planned out perfectly! There will be a contract and it will be legal from every point of view. If he doesn’t respect what’s written in there…well, it will be his lost!”
They both remained silent. Grandpa Han stared at me. “I hope this will go well.”
“Me too,”I whispered, looking how Hyun Seung next to me was eating his food with high speed.
“What’s this, dear Heaven?”he looked at the paper stack that I placed on the table in front of him.
“The contract.”
He looked at me shocked. “You’re crazy! And I have to read all of this?”
“You don’t. I can tell you what’s written in there:
1.       You have to obey me no matter what.
2.       The orders are not to discuss.
3.       These 3 months, you as Choi Seung Hyun, no longer exist. You are going to be ‘fatto’ and this can not be discusted.
4.       Everything you own is mine as well.
5.       If any of the clauses and terms above, that have been or will be mentioned on the way, you lose everything:your cash, your car, your apartment.
6.       These 3 months you are to live in the same place as your master(me!), meaning the junkyard.
7.       There will be no complaining about: the food, the hour you have to get up, the place where you’ll have to sleep, about the noise or the work you’ll have.
8.       You will not drink alcohol during these 3 months. Not even one drop!
9.       There will be a test at the end of the thirs month. If you don’t pass it, you’ll lose everything.
10.    And the last one and the monst important in my opinion: NO falling in love with me.”

“Please,”he waved his hand. “That’s not difficulat at all! But wait! That’s all?”
I nodded.
“Then why al this paper?”he pointed towards the stack of paper.
“Oh there are minor things written in there,”I sipped from my coffee. “For example, my orders will not be orders, but polite request that you’ll have to accomplish. And everytime you fail to obey me, you’ll pay a tax of $100.000. Small things! Are you ready to sign?”I handed him the pen, without minding his open mouth.
“I think I want to read this, thank you,”he pulled the stack towards him.
I shrugged. “As you wish!”
And he did read it. But he gave up after exactly 244 pages.
“The letters are killing me! What dimention for the font did you use? 12?”
I chuckled as I gathered the papers. “Actually I used 8. Sign?”
He took the pencil and signed the first and the last page. “Congratulations! You’re officially mine!”I took his hand and shook it with a big grin on my face.

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