Monday, April 2, 2012

Chapter 25 ~~ And He's Back

They sneaked closer to us. I could feel their powers and the fact that they were all vampires. Woohyun moved a little closer to me so that we could protect each others' back. But even so, I could finish them in no time if I wanted. Wasn't that Min Ah's plan after all?
"We're closed,"I spoke as they continued to approach us, encercling us.
"Sorry! I don't know how to read,"spoke on with a husky voice. "Get them!"he ordered.
I looked at Woohyun who nodded slightly. He took the left as I jumped on the right, grabbing the first guy who dared to attack me and send him across the room, without hurting him whatsoever.
"What do you want from us?"I asked while they re-grouped and prepared for another attack. Woohyun was still wrestling with one of them on the floor, trying to hit the guy with a broken chair without hurting himself in the process. "I have nothing to offer you and I'm not eatable. So leave!"
"As if!"the one who seemed to be the leader spoke again. "What we want from you is this place. Actually, our boss had his eyes on it for quite sometime now. And here you come, making yourself all confortable and tidying things around here! We're not going to leave this place to you!"
I started laughing and relaxed. "You kids get lost before I get angry,"I spoke, still smiling. "This place was always mine and I don't intend to pass it over to you no matter who your boss is. So get lost!"
Inspite of the smile that was playing on my lips I was feeling the anger boiling in me like a kettle forgotten on the cooking machine. My club, my place, my pass it over to some young vampire that spoted it because of its location? It must have been a bad joke! I was not going to let anyone put its hands on my club. I was going to fight and destroy them if words could not stop them. Burn them all! To the ground!
"Steady, boys,"spoke a new voice from the doorstep. "He can crash your bones without you even notice. How have you been, Yang Seung Ho?"the newcomer stepped inside and pressed the switcher, turning on the lights.
Pale skin, sparkling eyes, cocky smile and a brand new bleached hair. "Hi!"he waved at me, leaning against the bar. "Long time no see."
"How have you been?"I asked as the six guys knelt mumbling.
"Pretty good,"he smiled. "You?"
He analyzed me carefully. "It's not full moon. How come...?"
I smiled and shrugged. "Who are the guys?"I pointed at the six vampires that were waitng for something.
"They are my gang. Together we're Block B. Guys, meet Yang Seung Ho. My maker."
Their eyes widened as I smiled. They hurried to bow their head and mumble some sort of a greeting?
"Are you their maker?"
"No. We just met during some odd events."
"So you're the boss they were talking about. Interesting! I wouldn't have guessed it's you, Zico."
He just smiled as he signaled the guys to stand. I looked at him and analyzed him from every point. He seemed well fed, 'coz his skin was all shiny and perfect. His clothes were new indicating a different style of life. So he did well without me. That's...good.
"Where do you live now?"he turned towards me.
"Aren't you going to introduce yourselves?"I turned towards the guys.
"I'm Taeil, the oldest in the group,"bowed the first on in line.
"I'm Minhyuk, but you can call me B-Bomb,"said another one.
"Jaehyo,"said the one who scrached Woohyun's face.
"I'm Kyung."
"I'm the maknae here, P.O. But you can call me Ji Hoon if you want, smiled the one with husky voice.
"Nice gang,"I observed.
"And he? Who's he?"asked Zico, looking at Woohyun with interest.
Just one look and I knew what he was thinking:that the one that was next to me was my new child. I smiled at the idea. "He's Nam Woohyun,"I introduced him.
"Hi,"he mumbled, becoming the shy child once again. It was for the best if the cocky Woohyun just remained undercover.
"Is he your...child?"asked Zico.
He exhaled and smiled more relaxed. "That's...good,"he laughed awkwardly. "So, where were you saying you live?"
"I never said it."
"Seung Ho..."
"I think it's time for you to leave, Zico,"I stood from my place, being closely followed by Woohyun. "The sun is almost up..."
Zico's gang looked at me shocked. Zico himself was shocked and hurt. But I knew what I was doing. There was no point in getting close again. There was no point in sharing thoughts and being kind one to another. I was the one who made him and I was the one that set him free. We were nothing but strangers that used to share a strong bond. We really were nothing...
And yet, why was that smile blooming on my lips?

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