Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chapter 22 ~~ Chosing Another Path

"Excuse me, but WHAT?!"
Her tails danced in the air expressing her impacience. "I want to purify this world. This world is for humans. We have no right whatsoever to be here. We were not meant to be here."
"But...but we are living beings as well! What right do you have to decide something like that?!"I stood from my place with my fists clenched.
"Sit, Seung Ho,"she spoke, having that merciless spark in her eyes. "I've got all the rights to take such a decision. Why? Because I created most of the creature that you met. Because as their creator I have the power to decide their life and death."
She stood from her place and came towards me. I closed my eyes, waiting to feel her slap on my skin or some other kind of punishment for my disobedience. But all I felt was her gentle touch. I opened my eyes and met that icy-blue color that was filled with thousands of sad centuries and surpressed tears. She stroke my cheek with a motherly gentleness.
"Seung Ho, I want to set my children free. They are all hurting and sad. And this world, this world was not made for us. It's too human for us. Even the night became too distant and cold for us. Help me free my children..."
What was she trying to make me do?
"Trying to hypnotize me won't win me over, you know,"I coldly said, taking a step back. "How about your brother? How about your friends? How about...Woohyun?"
She sighed and turned around. Once she sat on the armchair once again I saw what she was in reality:the world's most feared creature. "Thunder is a demigod and he's not my blood brother, but my sworn brother. He and the others know about my plan and they all joined on their own will since I had no power over them. They were the first beings that I met, not to be transformed by me,"she explained on a really bored tone. "So, what are you going to do?"
"I'm definitely not taking part in this madness! You're crazy!"
She laughed making me hear those bells again. Indeed she was one deathly creature...
"Why did you even bothered saving my ass one year ago? If you were going to kill me with your stupid plan?"I snapped, remembering that the pain inside my chest was the cause of something else. "Why did you bothered pretending that you love me when in fact you only needed me to complete your plan? WHY?!"
"I saved you because I love you."
"You love me?!"I whispered on a dangerous tone. "YOU LOVE ME?!"
I started laughing while tears ran down my face. "DON'T LIE! YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOVE! YOU'RE TO INHUMANE TO KNOW THAT FEELING! YOU...YOU'RE A CRIMINAL!"
That was the moment when something snapped inside of me. It was the only bond that kept me tied to her, the only bond that sent me inside that abyss, taking away my mental health. And suddenly I saw colors. I could see each particle of dust in the air, glowing like fireflies from her silver light. I looked at her and saw her for the first time as she really was:the most beautiful woman, surrounded by heavenly light, bearing the cold and ice in her eyes. My heart went crazy as my eyes stopped on her lips, going down on her neck, feeling that power that was throbbing inside her, flowing though her whole body along with her pure blood. 
"Yes, that's right. I am a murderer. But I want to stop now,"she said, smiling bitterly. "This hands of mine want to stop. I had enough blood washing my skin. I want to stop. And if I'm to stop, I'll protect this world as well. I'll embrace all my children and save them from damnation while I save this world from darkness. This is my last wish as Kwon Min Ah, the gumiho."
Indeed, the world was a beautiful place once you're no longer tied to your maker. "I will not take part in this madness. And I'll do anything in my power to stop you. Remember this, Kwon Min Ah, maker of Yang Seung Ho, I'm not going to stand and watch you destroy the supernatural world. If someone's going to die, then you'll go to Hell alone."
"I understand,"she whispered as her tails dissapeared, leaving only the sun's rays illuminate the room. "Go now, Yang Seung Ho and fulfill your own destiny away from me. We shall meet again in the near future."
I turned around and prepared to leave the room and my maker. But even if the bond was no longer there, the feelings were still vivid. I couldn't bare to kill them all in one night, no matter how hateful I found her. After all, she was the only woman that made my heart beat while being the ugly monster that the crescend protected...
"I really love you. From the very beginning,"her voice travelled to me as I closed the door behind me, ignoring the tears that were soaking my shirt. 
"Since ever..."

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