Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chapter 7 ~~ Animalic

I touched the house's door. The unseen force was there, but it allowed me to touch the cold wood. Good! I pressed the knob and entered silently. From the entrance I could her humming in the kitchen. She was definitely not thinking that someone was in her house, watching her...or hearing her? Anyway, I moved along the corridor and stopped in the kitchen's doorstep. She was leaning on the table next to the cooker, waiting for the kettle to boil. She was lost in thoughts...
"You know, someone could easily steal everything around you,"I chuckled, watching her reaction.
She froze and turned around slowly, her hand searching for something to help protecting herself. "Who are you?"
"Forgot me already?"
"What are you doing here?"
I smirked. "What I want from you? How did I got in? Blah blah blah. Anything else you want to know? Maybe my shoe number? My home adress?"
She glared and she threw the cup she grabbed from the table towards my head while trying to run away. Not only that the cup didn't even touched me, but in one blink of an eye I was in front of her. "Going somewhere?"
She took one step behind. "How did you get inside? I don't remember inviting you in?"
"Are you sure? 'Coz I clearly remember you saying to get in,"I replied smiling.
"No, I did no such thing. So how did you? It's impossible for vampires to get inside inhabited houses..."
"I told you, you invited me in. It's not my fault you have such a bad memory,"I said, taking a step closed.
She didn't flinched this time. But she did something unsual. She smirked. "Don't come any closer!"
That got me all confused and I stopped.
"I have a cross and I'm not afraid of using it!"she then continued making me explode in laughter.
"So you really believe that a wooden cross could stop me from feeding off you if I wanted to?"
"I never said it's a wooden one,"she replied, taking out something really shiny.
I put my hands over my eyes as the shiny thing hurt my sight. The light was unbearable. It felt like it was piercing through me, drying out every cell off mine...
"STOP IT!"I yelled as the light became brighter and made me incapable of moving one inch.
"How did you get in here?"I hear her.
"I  DIDN'T INVITE YOU IN!"she snapped. "So how did you get in?"
For a second there, I thought she didn't believe me and that she was going to put that shiny thing on me, to burn the life out of me. But suddenly the light dissapeared and a blessed darkness covered my eyes. In fact, her hand covered my eyes.
" You were..."
"Ugly?"I completed her sentence with a small smile on my lips.
"That's not I wanted to say,"she looked away with blushing cheeks.
"Even so, yeah, I was ugly,"I laughed while standing. "How about a cup of tea?"
She looked at me. " drink tea?"
"I thought vampires drink only blood."
"I'm special,"I smiled while sitting on a chair.
"I know that,"she mumbled. "So you're the famous Yang Seung Ho..."
"Famous? I wouldn't say that,"I laughed as she sat in front of me. "But yeah, it is me. How come you know about me?"
"Well, as I said, you're quite famous in the supernatural world...everyone heard about you. At least here in Asia,"she shrugged.
"And you know that because...?"
"I have a well informed brother."
"I can't sense any kind of power in you,"I once again brought the discution on the track I wanted.
"I'm human, if that's what you're implying. Just human."
"So, why are you here?"she finally asked.
I took a sip of that flavored tea. "Because I never forget someone who treats me nicely,"I answered, putting the cup down on the table.
"It's nothing,"she said shrugging. 
"Really? Do you help anybody out there that stands in your garden with your dead cat in his hands?"
"But even so, you helped me. No, you took pity and looked at me. That's something. Especially when I look like that. So tell me, is there anything I could do for you?"
She stared at me in disbelief. "Are you offering to 'buy' me?"
"I don't know. Isn't that something that every human dreams of? Receiving money out of the blue?"
She just stood there, clenching her fists. Her white knuckles made me wonder if there was something wrong with what I said to her...I was regretting the fact that I speanded so much time away from the human society! Sometimes I can say really weird stuff to them!
"I think I'm revoking your invitation,"she said on a neutral tone.
And with only that I felt like burned. It was like she set fire to my flesh and I was burning with invisible flames. And there was the urge to leave as well...I woked up outside her door. The unseen force was there again, making me back off.
"It was nice to meet you, Yang Seung Ho!"she said from the open window.
"Why did you do that for? I could have walked out on my own two feet, you know!"
"You could have done that, indeed. But then again, I'm not that sure that I want to see your face ever again. So goodbye, Yang Seung Ho!"
And she closed the window, turned off the lights in the kitchen and left me thare in the darkness of the night.
Oh yeah? Do you think you can get away from me that easily, Kwon Min Ah? Think again! Now you did it!
"I mark you as my next victim,"my whisper got carried away by the windy night.

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