Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chapter 17 ~~ Facing The Unseen

The wood was silently burning in the chimney. I looked at my and Min Ah's entertwined fingers. And tonight was going to be the last night with full moon...
"You're thinking about it again."
I looked at her face. "What are you talking about?"I rolled over the carpet, pulling her over me. Giggling, she rested her hands on my chest and her chin over those white, slim fingers of hers.
"About the moon. You were thinking about it again, weren't you?"
I silently nodded.
"Don't. Don't think about it. I know it's painfull for you, but try to kep your mind distanced from those thoughts. It's ok. I love you. And I love you no matter of your appearance,"she leaned closer to me and gently kissed my lips.
But it slowly turned into those kind of mind blowing kissed that left her breathless for minutes. I tried to keep my hands steady, but they were acting on their own, caressing her body through her clothes, making dirty moves that heated her skin. Even so, she did not pull away and let me explore her tiny body and her tasty mouth. Our tongues were dancing hypnotically while our bodies were getting warmer and warmer.
I resisted the urge I felt inside and pulled back, listening to her heavy breath as I rested my forehead against hers. "Let's wait a little longer,"I whispered, my lips brushing hers.
"Uhuh,"she nodded and pressed her ear agains my chest. "Let's do that..."
I looked at the ceiling and smiled to myself. Who would have guessed that I, a creature tied to sexual pleasure would ever be able to say 'Let's stop.'?
I put her on her bed and pulled the cover up to her chin, making sure that she was warm enough. I kissed her nose and walked out of the room.
"Noona?"called a voice from down stairs, making me quiver. "Oh, hyung!"he smiled as he saw me coming down the stairs. "Where is noona?"
"She's sleeping, Woohyun,"I answered. "Do you need anything?"
He looked down at the floor, playing with his fingers, hitting his nails one to another. He looked troubled...
"What's wrong, Woohyun?"I asked, trying to find  my usual calm self.
"What's wrong with noona?"
I looked at him surprised. "Why are you asking?"
"Because it's hurting here inside,"he answered pressing on the place where his heart was supposed to be. "Is she hurt?"
Why was he acting like that? He was having the same simptoms that a vampire would have in the moment of his maker's death. That sadness...
"There's nothing wrong with Min Ah. But tell me, what do you need from her?"
He raised his face and looked at me with his big eyes that had childish sparkles in. "I'm hungry,"he said like a lil' kid.
"Oy! Where are you?"I heard G.O.'s voice in my cell phone.
"Hunting,"I answered, watching Woohyun closely. "Or better said, babysitting. Why are you asking?"
"Babysitting? Who? Joon is here,"giggled Mir.
"YAH!"I heard Joon yelling. "I'M NOT A KID! IT'S PROBABLY WOOHYUN!"
"Wait a moment...Woohyun, you need to let her go now,"I said, putting my arm on his shoulder as he kept sucking at the neck of his victim.
He turned to me all bloody and red eyed. His fangs were longer than I ever saw to a vampire, be it even an old one like me. His fingers were curled inside like the claws of felines. He growled and jumped on me, dropping the girl on the pavement. She was already dying as her heart ws beating slower and slower, only to stop few seconds after he let he go...
"Woohyun, stop it. Snap out of it,"I struggled as I tried to keep his sharp fangs away from my neck. 
His fingers were strangling me. "DON'T CALL ME LIKE THAT! I AM NAM WOOHYUN, THE VAMPIRE! AND YOU ARE ONE DEAD VAMPIRE!"he evily laughed while his hands continued to strangle me.
"Wo-Woohyun...s-stop it..."
First?! What was he talking about? I tried to call the power of the four elements, but the ground shook only a little and then stopped. My powers were way to weak. The moon...the moon was quietly dissapearing from the sky, turning into a crescent.
"Damn you...child..."
And all turned pitch black.

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