Friday, March 16, 2012

Chapter 5 ~~ The Other Part Of The Blood

The nest...I had to enter the nest...I had to!
Everything became blurry around me as the sun covered me with its light. My feet were moving on their own, but the it felt like the distance between me and the old house was getting bigger. I was approaching  an abbys which coldness and stillness I longed for...and finally, there was the door! I pressed the knob and entered the house. The floor was dirty. Too dirty. And now that my face was so close to it, I could see every particle of dust on it...
"Why does it smell in here like in kitchen? Seung Ho, are you frying fish?"came a voice from the basement.
Incapable of moving on my own, I waited for him to discover me laying there on the dirty floor. I felt shame. I was ashamed. I, Yang Seung Ho fell on the dirty floor of his very own nest and was incapable of raising on his own. It sounded...pitifull.
"Seung Ho?"called Zico again, much more closer now. "Are you there?"
His steps were cautious. That was good! So he wasn't that stupid as I thought he was when it came down to things like taking care of himself!
"SEUNG HO! What happened to you man?"he exclaimed as he saw me down there. "Ewwww! You smell like fried fish! Ewwwww!!!"
I moved my fingers a little. That hurt! The skin on my hands was burned to the flesh...again.
"What did I told you about staying out this late?"he nagged as he placed me on the old couch. "Haven't I told you already that your body can not take that kind of a shock in your curent condition? Why don't you ever listen to me?!"
I rolled my eyes. Even that hurt!
"Now look at your skin! Even your face is burned to the flesh!"he continued arguing with the mute me as he applied the wonder ointment made by him some time ago.
I flinched when the cold creme came in contact with the bare flesh. "Careful..."
"If you'd been careful as you tell me to be every day, 24/7, then I wouldn't have to be 'careful' now!"he snapped. But his fingers did moved slower on the wounds. "Really now, Seung Ho, you should be more careful this time of month. You know you're vulnerable. And if you don't care about you that much, then think about me. What would I do if you, my maker, die before setting me free? You know better than me that I would mourn your death and maybe even commit suicide..."
I tried to frown, but I couldn't feel any part of my face so I ended up staring at Zico.
"Don't give me that look! You know I'm right,"he replied to my look as he helped me lie in my coffin. "Next time you're going out, I'm coming with you!"he said before closing down the lid.
I breath the dry air that was inside. He was somehow right. That Zico...he depended on me as much as I relied on him.I relied on his as a friend and...well, if  I'm going to be sincere, I relied on him for his awesome powers. In the end, those they were the reason I took his human life back then by transforming him into a vampire. But he...he relied on me in a different way. Yes, I was his maker and that gave me full authority to control him in every aspect that exists. Even so, he believed in me. He looked at me like a child looks up to his father. To teach him good manners, to teach him the rules of the vampire community, to teach him how to feed without killing. To teach him how to forget the past he was so tied to. Yes, he was tied to me. Of course, the blood line was what kept us together after the transformation, but there was something more than that. I could feel it inside of me and between us. Maybe, maybe we became friends. But then again, is there such a thing as 'friends' in the vampires world? Unfortunately no, there isn't. Never. The criminal instict is way too powerful to let two vampires that are not related in any way, to stand together for too long...
I wasn't playing fair. Yes, I intended to commit suicide so many times. So many times dark thoughts took over me and left me with no option but to think of death...And every time, every single time Zico was the one that stopped the crazy me from doing something stupid. It was enough to see his face in front of me. It was like a cold bucket of water thrown down on me. It woked me up to reality. And I'm definitely NOT gay!
Kids this days...
I could feel it in my boiling blood...the transformation of my heart...

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