Saturday, March 3, 2012

Once upon a red tree's leaf

Chapter 31:~~The credits and the cast

My whole body froze. The name was echoing inside the ward...what kind of spell was that? What kind of morbid joke?!
And then again the same sound, like it was tasting the air, it's composition... "Seung Ho..."
I turned around with round eyes, expecting to see anything else but that. A pair of icy-blue eyes, looking straight at me with the whole world reflecting in them...
"Mi Rae,"I breathe. "MI RAE!"I ran to her weak, opened arms. "Are you true? Are you really here? Is not a dream?"I cried while listening to her heart beat. Her real even the machine was silent, letting me taste the sweet reality.
"Seung Seung Ho. I knew you'll come once again,"she whispered as she wrapped her arms around my body, holding me tight to her chest, letting me listen to the vibrations of her voice. "I knew you'd never leave me alone. My Seung Ho, I'm finally home,"she whispered, pulling down her oxygen mask. "I'm home...home..."
I watched her smile. Blooming like a red rose on snow...but there were those eyes, attracting me like megnets and tying my universe once again to her. It was the moment I understood why I fell for her ever since I saw her:we were destined by God to meet and to remain together through the end of time...
"Are you sure about this?"I asked her as we got off the plane.
She nodded slightly and continued to look at the cars that were running on the highway. "I'm fine."
I shook my head and smiled. Stubborn as usual!
"Hyung!"called someone, making us turn around.
And there they were, running towards us. G.O. had a strange expression on his face as if he was planning to kill me. Joon was smiling like a dork while Thunder was smirking and Mir was trying to hug me.
"Not in public, you big baby!"I hissed, pushing him gently.
"Hyung!"he complained. 
"Byung Hee, why are you looking at me like that? You know, I brought you something calle wax,"I whispered, throwing him the black bag.
"YAH!"he began running after me. "WHY YOU...! WAIT TILL I CATCH YOU AND I'LL...I'LL...YAH! COME HERE!"
"Seung Ho!"she called, making me dodge G.O. and go straight to her. "Let's see the red tree,"she whispered, hidding behind me from the others. "Who are they?"
I cleared my throat. "Guys, meet...Mi Rae,"said loud enough for them to hear me and stop playing around.
Their eyes widened as they approached us and looked at Mi Rae carefully. "Hello?"the whispered, sounding more like a question than as a greed.
She smiled and stepped closer to them. "Did you see the red tree?"
They all nodded while I smiled. In just seconds we all transformed in a bunch of kids that were behaving awkward and shy around the new girl in town. But then again, she was way to 'sticky' to stay away from them so she took them by their hands and while smiling at me, led the way to the black car that was waiting for us.
"It grew so much,"she whispered, touching the tree's bark. "Hi there, red tree! Missed me?"she asked while resting her forehead against the trunk.
The leafs moved in the wind, making a strange dance. It was an answer. The old tree recognized the child she used to be, the child that lived inside of her.
I looked behind as if it was possible to see the old surroundings:the city untouched by so many concrete, traditional houses filled with the sun's rays...But there was only Dongwoon who was approaching us with rushed steps.
"I know I'm not welcomed here,"he cut my words. "But I had to see her..."
"Hara saw you together at the airport and called me. You see, she knows about Mi Rae and about all...of this,"he ended in a whisper because she was approaching us.
I watched her reaction with curiosity. She did not go balistic. She did not yell. She didn't even say a word to him. She just looked at him, letting him analyze her from head to toe, print her image in his heart for the rest of his life. In her eyes were written something similar to motherly reproaches. He lowered his eyes, but then he raised them and smiled. 
"I'll go now,"I heard him. "Hara is waiting for me. Choi Mi Rae, I believe this is the happy ending you were talking about years ago..."
He was holding in so many feelings. He really did love her. But he loved the other one as well. He had from where to chose his final partner. And this time, he chose well, giving me back what I longed for so many nights and years...
We all turned around and looked at the tall tree that was bending his branches in the wind, dancing along with time...
"The red tree that protected our dreams was one strong bond that tied us together. Love was only the metal that the cord was made off..."
The public rose from it's chair and everyone clapped and whistled as on the enormous screen the last image faded away, leaving it's place to the black one of the cast and credits. I glanced at Mi Rae who was smiling with tears streaming down her face. Even the director of the movie was crying...Dongwoon was smiling while clapping...
We all took a bow in front of the audience and thanked to the 2.000 people who came to the releasing of our movie.
But life beats the least, mine did.

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