Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chapter 18 ~~ Blood Bonded

"Open your eyes, love,"called a voice through the darkness that surrounded me. "Look at me, love. I won't give up on you, love. Open your eyes, Yang Seung Ho!"
And as if a hand pulled me out of the dark night, I felt the weight on my chest being lifted up and I could finally open my eyes.
"He's awake,"said a voice from above me. "Yah, stinky vampire, do you hear me?"
"Crappy dog,"I mumbled whilte trying to get up. But the room seemed to spin around with me and I had to remain still in order to be able to move again. "What's going on?"
"Woohyun had you almost killed,"answered Mir while pointing towards the kid tha was waiting in on of the corners. "You have little blood remained inside of you now. I...we thought you were dead when we reached you,"he added on a concerned voice.
"What were you thinking Seung Ho, going hunting with him?"mumbled Joon from my side.
I sighed. "Oy, kid,"I called softly.
Woohyun turned his head towards me. And again his eyes were having that childish sparkle in them while his bottom lip was trembling.
"Did you really planned to kill me?"
"Leave him, Seung Ho,"spoke Min Ah, who just entered the living room. "He's not in his right mind. He never was,"she mumbled while glancing at the young vampire. "How are you feeling?"she smiled, turning towards me.
I tried to smile. "My cape. Please give it to me,"I streached my trembling hand.
"No. You don't need it, Seung Ho. I saw every single part of you and I love you. Don't hide anything from me, ok?"
I gulped feeling the burning desire in my throat.
"I..need to go hunting,"I tried to stand, but yet again the room seemed to spin around. 
They looked at me and G.O. stood and approached me. "I'll come with you then."
I nodded, signaling him to help me stand.
"No,"spoke Min Ah, pushing back to the sofa. "Nobody's going to hunt tonight. Here, you can have my blood,"she said, pulling up her sleeve and ofering me her wrist. "Drink from me if you're going to drink from someone. I'm here for you, Seung Ho."
I turned my head to block the tempting smell that was coming from her hand. Even so, I could hear the blood rushing through her veins, hypnotizing me, calling me, provoking me. But even so, how could I ever touch her and spill her precious blood only to feed the animal inside me? How could I ever touch her and think about her like a meal?
"No,"I said clearly, with no hesitation in my tone.
"Seung Ho, you need to feed. Woohyun almost drained all your blood! You need blood, so take mine,"she pressed her wrist against my lips.
I kept my mouth shut and even though I could feel the fangs pushing down my bottom lip, I forced them to withdraw. "No, Min Ah!"
"Fine! Be that way! But nobody's going to eat until you're feeding from me!"she stormed out.
"That woman..."
"Oy, kid..."
This time he came closer. Thunder moved closer and so did Joon, while G.O. positioned himself between me and him.
"It's fine,'I said. "That kid is no longer the one that tried to kill me,"I said with my eyes closed. "Say Woohyun, where is he now?"
"He's here. But he won't try to do anything to any of you."
"And why's that?"I looked at his troubled face.
"He's too afraid."
"Afraid? Of what?"
He shook his head, refusing to speak.
"Forgive him, Seung Ho. He's a defective vampire, if I can say that. There was something wrong in his transformation though I don't know what exactly. And that had him separate the good and the bad side of him and condamned his both personalities to live inside the same body. That's why you have to be careful around him,"spoke Thunder, while looking at Woohyun with pity. "I really don't know what was she thinking..."
"Seung Ho, maybe you should..."
I glared at G.O. and he remained silent. I took a deep breath. It was going to be a long night...
I slept for some hours. But then I fell into a deeper slumber. Well, not quite a slumber, more closely a coma. I could hear everything that was surrounding me, but I could not reach the surface and speak or signal those around me that something was wrong. That until Thunder came to check me.
"This can't go on like this! Look at you now! You're in a frekin' coma! Mir, call Min Ah! He needs her blood and quickly!"
I heard the door opening and closing back. Mir's wings were fluttering silently, but loud enough for me to hear. The her steps on the stairs and the door opened again.
"I won't,"I defeated the strange state I was in and spoke my mind. "I won't drink it!"
"The I guess I'll have to make you! You're not dying here, Yang Seung Ho! My sister needs you,"he whispered as he helped me up and pulled Min Ah closer to me.
I looked into her eyes. "Are you sure you won't regret later?"I asked as I wrapped my finger around her wrist.
"Why would I? We're already tied one to another. Why would I mind about a blood bond? Now drink?"
Her eyes were sparkling strangely on her face. Demanding. Begging? Asking. Seeking. Yearning.
My fangs broke loose and I felt once again that desire to bite her sking and sank my sharp fangs into her flesh, to rip that white skin and to rape her innocence. But that was the other me, the dark side of me that was begging for violence. I, the real me, gently took her hand into mine and kissed the place where the veins were more visible. While still looking into her eyes, I bit her wrist and blood started dripping down my throat. And that was all I could feel, while my eyes were watching her reaction. She never did flinched under the pressure my teeth were putting on her hand. She even smiled...
And then something weird. A warmth heating up my whole body, going right to my dead heart and electrocuting it and making it beat like it never did before. Shocked, I dropped her hand and looked around. Woohyun was looking at us with a disgusted expression, while G.O. was keeping his eyes away from us, trying not to get tempted; Thunder was watching us attently while Joon and Mir was somehow...expecting something?
"What's...going...on?"I managed to ask on a sleepy tone, right before the ligh went out and I fell asleep.

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