Saturday, March 3, 2012

Once upon a red tree's leaf

Chapter 28:~~Taking action

"You can't do this,"he whispered, still looking at the papers inside the file.
"And why's that?"
Silence. That was right. By law, I could do it. Break him, take her away, sue him...leaving him bare like an empty shell. And now that I think about that moment, I think I was enjoying the moment. He had to plead in front of me. To beg for the mercy he would never receive. Not from me. Not when it was her we were talking about. No. I had all rights to do what I had in mind and no one could ever stop me from making him suffer like I did...
"Mr. Yang, you can  enter now,"said the young secretary with a formal smile on her lips.
"Thank you,"I stood and approached the white door with silver knob.
I closed the door behind me and for a second I stood there, analyzing the office. One thing it's for sure:it was bright! The furniture was white and beige, the only spot of dark color was the carpet that was painted in a strange blue with red reflections. It wasn't purple. Neither blue nor red. It was like the carpet itself was bleeding and the red paint dirtied the pure and calm blue...something like the monster that lived inside of me. Tainting the wonderful intetions I had, making me mischievous and bad. But then again, what would you chose between your heart and mind? Your heart? Isn't she always subjective? Your mind? What if she's tainted as well?
"What can I do for you, mr. Yang?"asked me the old lawyer.
I took out the white file and put it on his desk. "Can you please tell me what legal actions I can take by this?"
He opened it and read all the papers inside. He read them twice and then he closed the file and looked straight into my eyes. "Well, what do you want to do?"
I sighed as I played with my fingers. I wasn't ready to answer that question...
"I guess you want to break the marriage of those two?"
I nodded.
"Mr. Yang, I can represent you in court, but you'll have to work with me on this,"he made himself comfortable on his chair. "This papers grants you the necessair power you need in order to do what you have in mind. But then, we have to think about the judge we'll get and so on and so forth. If we get jugde Kwon, then we'll have to get something more."
"Something more?"I repeated.
He nodded. "You need to get someone to confess that the marriage it's a fake and that the woman did not give her consent, neither written, nor spoken,"he explained.
I thought about it for a minute. It was quite a problem..."And what if her tutors agreed to it?"
"The we'll have to bring arguments on the case without giving the other party the oportunity to bring us down,"he shrugged. "We have an enormous advantage:no matter what happened in the past it remains in the past; you have absolute power when it comes to this woman since you are her legal tutor."
Legal tutor...indeed, that I was. "I will get her mother to be a witness at the trial,"I said while standing. "I trust you to do all it's needed for me to get the annulment of that marriage. Oh, and one more thing, the woman, Scarlett Gilbert is none other than Choi Mi Rae, your daughter,"I added before closing the door behind me.
Outside the building I took a deep breath. The cold air filled my lungs and made me dizzy for a second. Was I right? Was I doing a good thing? What if I was wrong? What if Mi Rae really loved Dongwoon back then? What if...she still loves him and will hate me to death if I do this and break their 'happy home'? Wat if...what if...what many what ifs! Too many to live by their law! I shook my head and began walking towards my car. It was going to be a long, a very long month...
"Hello?"answered the woman.
"Can you come to Seoul till Monday?"
"I'm going to sue Dongwoon. I want their divorce before she wakes up."
"Seung you really think she will wake up?"I heard her whispering.
"Of course I do! If I were not be convinced of it, I would have ended my life long time ago!"I snapped. "So, can you come?"
"I will,"she sighed. "I will be there to help you. After all, it's all my doing there..."
"Seung Ho,"greeded my Junhyung as he sipped from his Coca~Cola. "What brings you here?"
"Yo. I just wanted to hand something to Dongwoon. Is he around?"
"Let me call him...YAH!  MAKNAE! THERE'S SOMEONE LOOKING FOR YOU!"he yelled without moving from his place from the couch.
Minutes later Dongwoon appeared with messy hair. "What?"he asked Junhyung, without noticing my presence leaned on the living-room's wall. "Oh..."
He nodded and watched me with curious eyes. "Are you here to hit me again?"he provoked me with a cocky smirk.
I walked towards him with the brown envelope in my hands. "Fortunately for you, no,"I said while handing the envelope to him. "That's for you. I wanted to give it to you personally. C'mon, open it!"I smiled.
It was a bad smile, an evil one. But he didn't see the difference...he opened the envelope carefully not to damage it's content. Then he took out the papers that were inside. His eyes grew wider as he read the first page. He turned towards me. "You didn't!!!"
"It's the end, Dongwoon,"I said on a prophetic tone.

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