Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chapter 2 ~~ The Body Is But A Mere Cage

I stumbled on my feet on my way home. That must have been my imagination that went wild once again. It couldn't have been her! It just...couldn't...right?
I blinked as the sun raised on the blue sky. I had to go in...
The house was in the middle of a field full of weeds and bushes. Centuries ago, the field used to be a forest. Green trees used to grow tall on the very place where that abandoned house was. Deer used to run around and wolves howled at the full moon. Now was only silence. No one walked on the forest tracks anymore. No one approached the empty place anymore. The main road that was not that far away carried away speedy cars that never stopped in that place. Everyone was running away from the monster that I was...
I breathe the stingy air. There was so much dust taste in the air! And the mildew was covering the furniture...a damp air, a dirty air...the very nest of the monster.
I stepped attently on the basement's stairs. Here, the air was dry and little cleaner. Thanks to that freak...but I could no longer keep the silence and I ran to the black coffin and opened it. The guy resting there fell with his face down on the floor.
"Stop pretending, Woo Ji Ho,"I hissed, pushing him with my foot. 
"Why are you disturbing a vampire's slumber?"he rose in slow motion, only to show off his levitation power.
"Stop pretending you're sleeping when I come home,"I replied, throwing down my cape and letting him see the real me for the second time since I tranformed him. "Young ones don't need sleep. If there's someone who would need it, that would be me,"I tiredly said, sitting on the old sofa.
"Ewwwww! Stop appearing like that in front of me, will you?"he covered his eyes.
"Zico,"I hissed, not in the mood to listen to his bad jokes on my appearance. "Tell me, have you discovered something in those books you stole the other day?"
His eyes widened. "How did you...?"
"Zico, I'm your maker. Or have you forgotten that already?"I smirked.
He sighed. "Unfortunately, I think I know what's wrong with you. But before telling you, will you answer to some of my questions?"
"What do you want to know again?"
"You met her, didn't you?"
I flinched. "Why are you asking me that?"
"Because I felt it in my blood. It was a happiness I never experienced before. Euphoric...but then something happened and it dissapeared. What happened tonight?"
"Are you trying your hypnosis on me, Woo Ji Ho?"
His shocked expression made me laugh. "You should know that none of your powers work on me. I'm the one that gave them to you. Through my blood, they came to you. Through me, from me, through you, to you. But I think you're still young, so there still time to learn that I'm much stronger than my appearance shows it."
He shook his head. Prideful brat!
"I think I met her. I'm not sure. I need to touch her in order to know that,"I said after a long silence. "But I saw the same blue eyes I saw at that nurse. So it has to be her. if only I'd knew her name..."
"Look, Seung Ho, I told you that I think I know what's wrong with you. But if I succeed in curing you, I need you to promise me one thing."
"What do you want?"I asked him with amusement.
"My freedom."
I took a deep, wheezing breath. This cocky bastard was still dreaming of going back home to his mommy. Kids this days!
"And what would you do with it? What would be the first thing you'd do after I set you free?"
He smiled. "I don't want to go back home. My fowks are dead by now. I need to see the world with my own colors. All I see now is white and black. Everything is white and black to me. I need to find my own colors to paint my new life. And later, after I become a worthy vampire, I'll return to your side."
Maybe it was time. I analyzed him. He had the appearance of a 19 year old brat, with platinum blonde hair and a cocky smile on his lips. But behind all that was hidding a monster, just like me. A beautiful one compared to me. Maybe it was time to free him...Like he said, because he was tied to my life, his world had the same colors as my feelings:white and black. I was seeing the real colors of the world just because my maker realesed the very moment she creted me. Or he? Anyway...
"If you behave, maybe I will. Now tell me,"I said, looking him in the eyes.
"Good! So, this one was a great help to me,"he took out an old, huge and heavy book. "Here it says that vampires are mythological creatures that are told to be gifted with incredible beauty and supernaturale powers that differs from one to another. It also says that in the first years of life, the young vampire can get infected by a rare, human disease..."
I rolled my eyes. "You should have asked me that. I could have said it word with word without reading that book."
"No, no, no! There's something...tell me, after you were transformed, did you drank from someone infested with any kind of disease?"
And there I was, transported back into my dark past by my own creation...
...England, 1816...
I strolled down the streets of London, hidding my figure behind the hood. Princess Charlotte of Wales was waiting quietly for me on the same balcony like every every evening. I stood there in the darkness and watched her without a sound. She wasn't beautiful. Not at all. But she had some kind of glowing aura around her. I was thinking about transforming her. Maybe she could be my destined partner...
"Sir Yang!"she exclaimed seeing me in her garden.
"My dear princess,"I smiled, jumping over the balcony's marble railing. "A rose for the most beautiful lady in the country."
She blushed as she took the rose from my fingers. "If only I could be with you forever..."she cried, a shadow of sadness falling over her face like a dark veil.
My eyes sparkled in the moonless night.
"If only I could. I would be as beautiful as you and eternity would seem so short,"she cried on my shoulder. "But I have an old husband who forgets who I am and loves me only for the power I brought to his family! Oh, my life!"
"Darling, don't cry,"I shushed her. "Eternity you say? Would you really like to spend the eternity with me?"
"What are you saying there, sir Yang? Eternity? Oh, but that was just a foolish, poetic declaration of love!"she blushed, looking down at her own hands.
I raised her chin with my index finger. "Look at me, Charlotte!"I demanded on a tone I never used with her before. "If there would be a possibility for us to be together through space and time, what would you chose? This life you're living right now or me?"
Her brown eyes sparkled and I needed no answer to my question. I lowered my head and gently kissed her white skin. Her lips were delicious and her whole being smelled like ripened peaches. "It will hurt just a little,"I said as my fangs emerged silently.
"Oh..."she weakly exclaimed as I pierced the skin and sucked he blood that circulated through the carotid artery. I expected the sweet, metallic taste to flow inside of me, but it never came. Instead, the blood was thick, tasting like decayed meat...yuck!
"W-what's wrong?"she asked as I suddenly pulled myself and began spitting the blood.
"What's wrong?! What's wrong with your blood?"I said, wipping my mouth with the back of my hand.
"I...I'm dying of pox,"she whispered, flushing.
My eyes widened and I felt shock, sorrow, rage and then nothing else but an imense disgust and disdain. "You whore!"I slapped her across the face.
She looked at me shocked and hurt as I jumped over the balcony railing. Those pretty eyes filled with tears haunted me all the time.
Princess Charlotte of Wales died on 6th of November 1817...

"So?"he asked, watching my reaction.
I sighed. "I once bit a woman who had syphilis. But I don't-"
"THAT'S IT!!!"exclaimed Zico, punching the air. "When was it?"
"Syphilis is a sexual transmitted infection that didn't had a cure at that time. Even now it's pretty rare... it has to be it!"
I watched him getting over exited. I could practically see his brain working on chimical formulas. The lil' Einstein...
"It won't work,"I said with a mean smile.
"It will! It will!"
"It won't...believe me,"I yawned as I sat in my coffin. "I'm going to sleep. Please, don't eat cats anymore. It's desgusting to step on their dead bodies when I wake up. Do it outside if you want."
And the cover of the coffic closed over me with a pathetic sound. I closed my eyes, knowing alreasy what was waiting for me. The same shadow, the same eyes, the same white hands, the same pain I saw and felt on the night I died to wake up immortal...

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