Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chapter 4 ~~ The Encounter

I stolled down the silent alley. It was dark and dirty. The cold air of the night made my lungs long for the summer. But then again, the burning hunger that set fire to my veins and throat made me listen to the silence. I succesfully hid my presence from a group of noisy teens and gulped at the healthy sound of their hearts. But I ignored the impulse of following them and I stepped in the shadow waiting for them to go away. That's when I saw it. A grey cat with long fur and pink nose. She was watching her prey, a small mouse that was nibbing at a rotten fish. Her big green eyes were watching evey move, waiting patiently for the best oportunity. I took a deep breath. It was going down to that once again, huh? Well, since I can't taste human blood because of my appearance then I have to...
I smirked at the cat that was looking at me with confused eyes, not getting how the hell she got cought by me. I felt my teeth pushing down my bottom lip and I lost any patience I had left. The cat was warm and her lil' heart was beating fast. I sank my teeth in her skin and pierced it till I felt the artery throbbing under them. And I bit it hard. The taste was like Heaven for me. The metallic taste that rushed down my throat and the cat's movements in my grasp, it made me feel excited for some reason. But then the blood got less and he cat catwauled in my arms before dying.
"Pearl?"called a voice, really close to me.
I flinched and dropped the dead body on the ground. It made a strange noise that drew the attention of the newcomer.
"Pearl? Where are you, girl?"called the voice again, this time much more closer than I expected. "Pearl?"
Too late to move. The flashlight found me. I pulled around me the dark cape.
"You're not Pearl."
Because of the light I could not see the newcomer's face. But after the voice tone I could distinguish a girl. "No, I'm not,"I answered.
The girl dropped the flashlight and kneeled beside the dead cat. "PEARL! What happened to you?"she sobbed, making me look at her with intense curiosity.
But she remained silent, mourning the cat's death with silent tears. She then stood with the corpse in her arms and looked at me with no fear. I knew she couldn't see me. I knew that and still felt pain in my chest as her eyes searched for my face.
"You look hurt and hungry. Come with me!"she demanded, putting her hand on my arm.
My eyed grew wider as she pulled me after her. For some strange reason, I obeyed her. She led the way to a small house situated on a illuminated alley. The windows were white and the door was slightly opened. She didn't seem to mind this detail. Maybe she was the one who left it open...I watched her entering the house. I remained in the doorstep, unable to move one inch in. The same unseen force that was keeping evey vampire outside the lived houses was forcing me to stay out. I sighed. There was no way for me to go in!
"What are you doing there?"she turned around and fixed her eyes upon me. The strange way she looked at me gave chills down my spine. "Please, enter."
And like a broken spell, the unseen force withdrew itself, allowing me to step inside. I closed the door behind me.
Watching her moving the cat's dead body in a shoe box, I somehow felt bad for killing her only pet.
"Let me,"I heard myself saying while she headed towards the exit with the box in her arms.
She nodded and passed it to me. Guessing the place where she wanted to burry the cat, I stoppd in front of a big oak situated in the backyard. She wasn't behind me. Probably she was too affected by it...I streached my palm over the cold ground. I could feel the weak power trying to obey my will. And then, the earth opened itself and a small hole appeared. I placed the box carefully and then the earth closed itself over it...
"Thank you,"she said as I entered again inside the kitchen. "I don't know if I could have done it."
I nodded and continued to analyze her now that she was standing in the light as well. Her white skin was bruised all over as well as her face. Purple cercles were drawn under her eyes. I could see finger marks on her delicate neck. They were the dark, old signs of a fight...
"You know, I think you can take down that cape."
Instinctively, I pulled it closer to my body, leaving only my eyes to be seen. "No."
"Oh, yes!"she smiled and pulled it off.
That moment I covered my face with my hands. I was furious and hurt in my pride. I was...nothing else but a monster.
"As I thought, you are hurt,"I heard her voice close by. "Let me bring the first aid kit."
I looked at her in shock as she left the kitchen. Who was she? This being with no reaction towards the ugly me?
I took a seat on a white chair. The room was clean and smelled...strange? I mean, something was boiling on the cooker. Something that had garlic in...YUCK!
"Come here,"she called from the doorstep.
I followed her on the corridor.
"Here,"she placed a puffy towel in my arms,"take a bath and then I'll take care of your wound."
I looked at her and then at the towel. At the towel and then at her. "Are you sure I'm not a criminal?"
She looked straight into my eyes. No, didn't thought about that. hen she shrugged. "You're not."
"And you know that...?"
"I just know. I can sense this things. Now, please take a bath. You really stink!"
"You're not afraid of me?"I asked while I watched her eating the garlic stew.
She shook her head.
"Why? I look like a monster. Aren't monsters scary?"
"Do you want me to be afraid?"
I thought about it for a second. It was my turn to shake my head.
"Then I'm not,"she shrugged, continuing to eat in silence.
I stood. Sun was about to rise. "What's your name girl?"
"Min Ah. Kwon Min Ah."
"Kwon Min Ah, we'll meet again and maybe then I'll be able to repay your kindness."
And I left. Running down the alley I somehow knew that hose words were the one that started everything...

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