Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chapter 1 ~~ From 1765

It was one of those nights once again. One of those nights in which I wandered on the cold, dark alleys of the sleepless city. One of those nights in which I sneak around more like a shadow than as the creature that I am. Sneaking around without sounds, without betraying my presence, I hid in the darkness of the desolate alleys.
I pull the cape around me to cover my body even though I no longer feel the coldness. Maybe it's a reflex that remained from those times. Who knows? The cold wind howled and I look around. No one was on the alley except for a hungry cat with sparkling, green eyes that was watching a rat. The rodent was nibbling a piece of rotten fish. The feline prepared to catch its prey, but I was quicker and snatched it away. I looked at the ugly rat that was struggling in my clench and my lips curled into a disgusted grin. Even so, I still bit his head off, sucking out all the blood. But it was like a man lost in the desert drank only few drops of water...I threw the dead rat to the cat who was glaring at me. "Eat!"
And I walked away, cursing the moonless night...
At the intersection of alley 65 with the main street I met a couple. Well, at least I think it was a couple, 'coz the boy was holding the girl's hand even though he looked so much younger than her. I hid myself in the shadow of a building, decided to let them walk away. My hunger was making me feel her sweet scent, but I knew that I had no chance to win her over with my curent appearance. So I let them walk away. Or at least, that was what I had in plan...'Coz she suddenly yelled, looking straight at me as if I was not hidden by the darkness around or by the black, heavy cape.
"What? What?"asked the boy. "What is it, noona?"
"MONSTERRRRRRRR!!!!"she yelled, pulling the boy after her as she ran off.
How...? Then her face appeared clearly in my mind. It couldn't be! And I sneaked away from my place and ran after then. In seconds I reached them. The girl was laughing with tears.
"Noona, you're crazy! I could have had a heart attack, you know?!"
"S-sorry, Woohyun,"she apologized holding her hands up. "But you should have seen your face...BWAHAHAHAHAHHA!"
"Noona!"he stompped him foot.
"Okok! Sorry! Let's go home,"she took his hand once again.
I quietly followed them. So she didn't see me? Then, it couldn't be HER, right? 'Coz if it was HER, then she would have seen me and there was no reason for her to run off like that...
I watched the house they entered in. It was a villa with black fence made of wrought iron, with illuminated white windows and white stone path that led to the entrance. I pulled the gate after me and it closed with a creaky sound. I listened the silence of the night and then approached the closest window. Even if I could touch the window, I could feel the density of the material that looked like plasma to me which was keeping me out of every single lived house. It was elastic and somehow vibrating under my fingers, but it was rejecting me if I was trying to enter uninvited. Everytime. Everywhere. The same problem.
The lights were turned off on the first floor and I climbed up to the second. Lucky me, I got to see her room. She combed her hair with fluids moves like the one back then used to do....
...back in 1765...
"Your Majesty! Your Majesty! You shot it! You sot it!"squeeled the servant, bringing to me the rooster I just shot.this little piece of crap...! Runnig from your highness,"he mumbled under his breath while strangling the rooster.
I looked the other way and I started going towards he camp, when suddenly my vision got blur and I hit the ground.
"Oh...what happened to me?"I weakly asked the fizician I saw next to me.
"Sire! You're awake!"he brightened up. "I think you ate something rotten. It's no big deal..."
I nodded. But I had the strange feeling that it was something more than a simple stomach ache...
The days came and passed, leaving me even weaker than before, feeling sick at the sight of food. That's when SHE came. She was the nurse that accompanied my fizician. That day had a grey sky. I can still clearly remember it...
"Tell me doctor, what's wrong with me? And I want the truth..."
He sighed. "Your Majesty, I'm afraid you cought an unknown virus. And I...I think it's deathly..."
"So I'm going to die,"I whispered, looking out my window at the garden full of roses. "Doctor, tell them to cut down all the roses and bring them inside. I want to die surrounded by roses..."
I heard the apartment's door closing behind him. I sighed. I was going to die from exactly the same illnes like my father...'The Royal Disease'..."Damn it!"I hit the wall.
"You know, you don't have to die if you don't want to,"spoke a voice, making me turn around.
"And you are...?"
"Does it matter?"she replied with a sly grin.
"You're his nurse, right?"I laid under the cold blankets. "The you know that I'm going to die. Why aren't you with him?"
"You don't have to die,"she insisted.
I frowned. "Do you think I want to?!"
"Look, I can help you. I can make you healthy and give you even more than that..."
She approached my bed and I could see her strange eyes. Blue...icy-blue..."I can give you immortality..."
I flinched. "What are you talking about there, woman? Are you crazy? Get out! Get out before I call the guards!"
She bowed. "As you wish."
And she closed the door behind her...
Ten days later I was burried...

I snapped out of my daze as someone approached the window. it was the girl. She looked outside and scanned the quiet street. Then she turned her eyes towards the place where I was and looked me in the eyes.
...icy-blue eyes...

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