Friday, March 16, 2012

Chapter 6 ~~ Full Moon

"Yah! I can hear your beating heart from here!"yelled Zico from upstairs.
I pushed the coffin's lid open and rushed to the mirror. The water was dripping in the rusty sink and the mirror was still there. And my reflexion as well. Standing there. Looking straight into my eyes. Those brown eyes I used to know well before were looking at me filled with something that looked like happiness. I passed my slim, white fingers through the blonde hair. The scalp was no longer grey and bald. It felt good to have the hair all back on my head once again! I continued the right ear was back to it's place, pinky and cute. Cute! The skin was smooth and white. No more bumps, no more the feeling that I was touching the scales of a fish every time I came in contact with my own skin.
"Aren't you the nacissistic prince?"mocked Zico from the doorstep. 
"Shut up!"I laughed, zooming pass him.
"Ohohoho! Are we going?"he yelled from behind as I reached for the door's knob.
I knew where he wanted us to go. The club...
"Maybe,"I smirked as he arrived behind me. "Race me?"
He smirked as an answer, showing his impressive and white denture. "Wanna bet that I can win over you?"
He was already ahead of me when I left the nest, careful to lock the door.
I took a deep breath. The full moon was shining brightly above the city. And I was back to my true form...I zoomed along the main road, not being afraid that someone might see me. I passed groups that turned around, wondering what was that strange wind that lifted the girls' skirts. I chose a longer route than Zico. He chose the pathway through the woods. I wanted to play a little with him...but even so, I arrived first at the club. The bodyguard outside greeded me with a little bow.
""puffed a tired Zico.
I took a leaf from his hair. "Let's go in!"
I pulled him after me. The corridor was long the the smoke from cigaretts was like a fong in there. Even so, I could easily remember the place where two doors open and leave you see the rest of the club.
"WOW!"Zico exclaimed as I showed him the club that was full.
"Go! Have fun tonight!"I smiled as I showed him the stairs. I didn't had to tell him twice. He ran down the stairs, leaving me behind with a big grin.
"Boss,"approached me one of the guards.
"It's ok,"I said while heading towards my exclusive place. I let out a small sigh of satisfaction as I sat on the velvet armchair. "Anything odd lately?"
The guard positioned himself behind the armchair with a smooth move. "Nothing much. Just a strange group that's coming here almost every evening."
"And what's so odd about that? This is a club. If they enjoy it, they come back,"I shrugged as I scanned the dancing floor. It was the night with live music. It was like a mini concert. The singer, Lee Min Ho was singing with Dara from the DJ's place, right above the dancing floor. 'Extreme' was making the dancers sway their bodies in a aluring way, tempting the other.
"I don't know. But I don't think they are right to come here every night,"the guard shrugged looking towards the place where the tables were hidden in the dark.
Indeed, thare was a group of five around a glass table. Four guys and a woman. I smiled. Four guys and only a human companion? Like it rough or what?
"Is she their companion?" asked, watching the girl movements.
"I don't think so. I mean, she's always with them, but I haven't seen them doing anything from what the other couples are doing."
"Is that so?"I said, paying more attention to them. Indeed, she didn't seem to be a mere human companion. They were gouped around her and they were listening carefully to what she was explaining. Even her gestures were closely watched. And they were approving. Whatever she was telling them, they were approving her. Interesting!
With a smooth move, I arrived next to their table. Now this was interesting! A mixt group! In my very own club! A vampire, a werewolf, a fairy and demigod together! Really, really interesting! "Good evening!"
They all turned their heads to me, taken by surprise.
"We didn't order anything,"said the vampire after annalyzing me for a second.
"Don't you recognize the power when you see it in front of you, vampire?"I replied with the same smile on my lips.
"He is the owner of the club,"I heard her saying. It wasn't a question, but a statement.
"Yang Seung Ho,"I politely presented myself.
"Lee Byung Hee,"presented himself the vampire as the custom in our world was.
I looked at the others. The werewolf let out a little growl as I stared at him. The fairy giggled while de demigod looked at me disgusted.
"Joon,"said finally the werewolf, even though he looked like he regreted the moment he opened his mouth.
I licked my lips.
"Are you gay?"he snapped.
I laughed. "Only in your dreams, doggy!"
He stared at me, probably imagining who he was ripping my head off. "Joon,"warned her voice.
I turned my attention on her. She had quite some influence on them. If she was able to sop the werewolf from starting a fight...
"And you? Who are you three?"I finally asked, taking a sit next to the vampire.
"I'm Mir,"answered the fairy, making me feel all giddy inside.
I turned to the demigod. "And you?"
"Why do you need my name?"he cockily replied.
I shrugged. "My club, my rules."
"Thunder. You can call me that."
"What was that? Do I smell disgust?"I leaned forward to meet his eyes. "You, a demigod, feeling disgusted by me, a vampire?"
"Thunder!"called the girl, making the guy break the visual contact with me. "Please guys, don't fight here!"
"Wanna take it outside?"I smirked. "And who is she? You're personal whore?"
"Now this is getting a little too..."
"What are you for them, human girl?"
She looked straight into my eyes. I annalyzed her as the silence took over us. Her jeans were cutted in many places and yet she looked decent. Her black lace, short-sleeved blouse let her bra be seen easily, while her wavy hair was apple-styled. Her skin was fair and yet there were some blue marks on it. Bruises...
"Just their companion,"she shrugged.
"I never saw so many vampires in one place,"said Zico as I approached him.
"Do you like it?"
He nodded.
"How about you take care of it while the new moon is out?"
"What?! How? I couldn't! Plus, I bet there's a manager here already!"
"He's stainding in front of you,"I smiled.
His eyes widened. "But never told me!"he pounted.
"Rascal! I'm the manager and the owner of this club. It's the only one across Asia. So feel a lil' proud about it, ok?"
"Why are you watching those five?"he asked as I turned around to look at the strange group that was leaving the club. "Are they your enemies?"
I felt his all being vibrating. A mixture of feelings was travelling between us:anger, frustration, confusion and hunger. A terrible hunger.
"Go!"he said, giving me a slight push. "This place will be safe,"he proudly emptied his glass of red wine.
I smirked. Kids this days!
"So that was him?"asked the vampire as I sneaked behind them while they strolled down the alley.
"I think so,"the girl answered. 
"But he looked quite normal to me,"spoke Mir, the fairy.
"Maybe, maybe he is schizo,"laughed evily the werewolf Joon.
I almost threw the fist, when they all stopped in front of a dark house.
"Are you ok?"
"Yeah,"she answered from the doorstep. "Wanna come in?"
"No. We need to feed,"answered Byung Hee with hungry eyes. "Next time we'll definitely have a sleep over so don't worry!"he speeded up and dissapeared into the darkness.
"Yeah! Be safe!"wished the fairy, glowing in the dar before dissapearing as well.
The werewolf just winked at her and ran after the vampire. Now there was the demigod and the girl. All alone.
"Lsten, Thunder, I'll be ok! Stop worrying, ok? You'll get wrinkles!"she playfully pushed him as he tightened his hug. "Trust me on this one. I know I won't fail..."
He sighed and then let go of her. "If you say so..."
"Please Thunder, you have to believe in me with all your might!"she clinged on his arm.
"Ok, ok! I trust you, you brat!"he kissed her cheek, leaving it glowing in the dark. "But promise me one thing."
"You'll be careful. And you WILL stop if this gets to dangerous."
She just stood there.
"Look at me!"he pulled her chin up with his thumb and his index finger. "Promise me, or I swear on Thor that I'm not going to watch this happen!"
"I...I promise! Chill! Nothing's going to happen!"she smiled, pushing him. "Go now! You need to feed too!"
"Yeah,"he mumbled with a disgusted look on his face. "Take care! And don't let anyone inside, ok?"
"Yeah, yeah..."
"I love you, lil' sis'!"
"I love you too, Thunder,"she whispered from the doorstep.
Whatever she promised him, she lied. I could sense it in her voice and in her whole being. And he knew that too...
"Who are you?"I asked in the dark while looking at the house.
And then, as if the house sent me the answer, I remembered the cat and the kindness of a human heart towards the hideous me...
"So we meet again, Kwon Min Ah."

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