Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chapter 19 ~~ It's The Beginning

The sun was playing on my face, making me see the world’s beautiful colors. I opened my eyes and got shock at the surrounding place. A fild of multicolored flowers was swaying with the wind. The flowers that were bending in the wind were gently touching my face, caressing the heated skin and tickling the soft skin. I looked at my hands. The skin was flawless and white. Warm as well.
“Where am I?”I mumbled as I stood. The wind moved my hair and I heard someone giggling behind me. I slowly turned.
“What’s up, slow poke?”
“Zico! But how…where…why are you here?”
He smirked. Cocky bastard! “So many ‘hows’ and ‘wheres’ and ‘whys’! You really haven’t chanced one bit! Come! I think this is the last peacefull incounter that we’ll have from now on,”he streched his arm towards me.
I stepped closer to him. It really was him! The one and only ‘child’ of mine, the one I let go when I could no longer bear the loneliness inside of me, when I could no longer bear the thought that my maker left me all alone. I abandoned him even though he did no wrong to the world that I punished with his death and my murders.
“Where are we, Zico?”I asked, as we started walking through the colored flowers.
“I don’t know,”he smiled, looking at the blue sky above us. “You should tell me. You called me here.”
“I did not! I…this ain’t real, is it? It’s all a dream, isn’t it? ‘Coz I remember that Min Ah gave me her blood and then something really strange happened:a sensation of peace took over my whole being and I felt so sleepy and content that I could not bear to keep my eyes open for another second. This is a dream,”I concluded looking around. “But then again, why is it so colorful?”
“And if it’s only a dream, can’t it be real?”replied Zico smiling. “Aren’t dreams the unseen part of reality? Your mind is working without the body right now.”
“So you’re telling me that this is real? C’ mon, Zico! You’re good a science, you tell me! Is it possible for two persons to meet outside reality, even though they haven’t seen each other for quite a time now? Let’s be serious! I think this conversation is the product of my imagination,”I said, turning around.
Behind us, the storm was gathering it’s clouds. The sky was heavy and the dark clouds were darkening the atmosphere.
“What’s that?”
“Oh, that? Appearently a storm is coming.”
“I can see that, smart ass! But why? In my head, there is no room for a storm right now,”I mumbled as I watched the clouds moving fast and swallowing the blue sky.
“No, there isn’t. But even so, the storm is going to unleash and take you with it,”he said, looking at the same grey sky.
“What do you mean?”
“What do you feel right now, Seung Ho?”
What was I feeling? I closed my eyes and tried to bring to the surface the feelings that were hinding inside of me. Fear. Of what? And peace. Why? And an unmesurable love. That was not a surprise. And…and gratitute. This too was not a surprise. And, and? And relief, and a great happiness. But why?
“So?”he asked, analyzing my expression. “What do you feel?”
“I…don’t know,”I frowned, turning my attention back to the dark clouds. “Do you think it will do much damage?”
“Maybe. But that’s not what we were talking about here! Why are you happy?”
“Aish! I told you already that I don’t know! Now will you stop bugging me?!”I snapped, starting to walk away, following the path that was opening in front of me.
“Why are you afraid of seeing the truth that is in front of you?”he yelled after me.
I stopped on my tracks and turned towards him. But Zico was no longer there.
“Why?”came again the same question.
“I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT! NOW GET LOST!!!”I yelled, hitting the air with my fists, trying to make that voice dissapear.
I huffed and puffed while I looked around me confused. The rain started. And Zico was no longer there. I was alone again. And one single voice was heard in the wind, asking the same obsessive question again and again…Why? And it was only me…
“I know, alright?”
I smiled as the rain poured it’s water over me. I was no longer alone. My maker…
Voices close by…
“Is he…dead?”
“Of course he’s dead, you dog shit! He’s a vampire for Catzilla’s sake!”
“Noona, why isn’t he reacting?”
“He’s transforming!”
I could feel that the heat inside of me was going out through all my pores. Strange and well known warmth illuminating my skin, transforming me into what I used to be once?
I opened my eyes. The room was bright colored as the sun was rising outside. Her smiling face above me made me believe that I reached Heaven. But then I remembered and I took a look at myself. The skin was flawless. White, soft, undistructible through its deathly essence. I looked at every singel face that was in the room. And then I turned back to her, fixing her face with my gaze.
“Who are you, Kwon Min Ah?”

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