Thursday, March 22, 2012

chapter 10 ~~ Approaching The Human Heart

I looked out my window. The moon was still there, still full, still beautiful. But tomorrow...
"Don't think about it, ok?"
I turned my head and met her smile. "Think abut what?"
"About tomorrow night. About the moon. About anything. Just enjoy today."
I nodded and sipped the coffee that was left in the cup. I watched Min Ah preparing the drinks for the new customers. She was quite a talented barista! But sometimes, just sometimes, she gave the feeling that there was something more about her, something that she kept away from everyone around her. 
"AISH!"she screamed, dropping the cup on the floor. "Sorry!"she bowed to the customers that turned towards her and ran outside.
I followed her. "What happened?"
"Nothing much. I just..."
"You burned your hand,"I said, taking her hand in mine. "You're way too clumsy for a human! Are you sure you're not some kind of pixie?"I joked while pouring some cold water on her red hand.
"Well, sorry I'm not as skillfull as you are!"she snapped back, pulling her hand and looking at me with teary eyes. "I'm weak and I know that. You don't need to throw it to my face, you know?"
Now what was that all of a sudden?
"I was joking, Min Ah,"I breathe.
She sniffed and put her hand in the water once again. "I know. Sorry..."
"What's wrong with you? You seems way to sensitive today,"I leaned against the wall, watching her closely.
She just swallowed and refused to look me into the eyes.
"Min Ah..."
"Can't you just leave me alone?!"
"Yo! What's going on there?"
I turned towards Zico. His hand was wrapped around a girl's waist. I smirked.
"Nothing much. MBlaq is back in the club and they asked me if I can lend them the stage and I did,"I shrugged.
"They sing?"
"No, they are going to recite poems. Of course they're going to sing!"
"That was not funny, Seung Ho!"
"Yah! Where's your respect, you monkey?!"
"Hyyyyyuuuuunnngggg!"he laughed, making me smile. "What's wrong with you?"
"What's wrong with me?"
"You tell me. You seem awfully lost in your thoughts. So, what's going on?"he took a sit next to me at the bar.
I took a sit from my Bloody Mary. why was I even drinking such an awful drink?! I put the glass down and stared at the bartender. "Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I wasn't such an old vampire."
"Aish! can't you just read between the lines?!"
"No. I don't like riddles,"he shrugged.
I sighed. "Because I forgot all about being a human. I have my memories and all, but I don't remember the feelings. This heart,"I put my right hand on the place where my heart was beating much slower than the day before,"no longer remembers the reason why she beats."
"I still don't understand!"
"I want to understand the humans around me!"
"Oh! You're talking about that human girl you met?"
I nodded.
"Human just want to be all complex and difficult to understand, but in reality they are as simple as an equation,"he smiled while looking at the glass he was holding.
"Is there any simple equation, you genius?"I mumbled.
"Listen to me! What's the answer for [1000-(225/5)+45]/500?"
"You're joking me, right?"I asked in disbelief.
He shook his head. "C'mon! Is really really simple!"
I closed my eyes and concentrated on the numbers. "2?"
"Bingo! That's your answer: 2."
"2? Zico, stop talking in numbers and explain yourself,"I hissed.
"Humans are related to this numer. 2. It's the answer to all their problems. 2 means together. It means that they are not alone and that they don't have to suffer on their own. You see, a vampire is made to live alone almost all his life, when a human can't stand to be on his own for too long. Be it family, friends or lovers, they are always there one for another. That's the thing about humans and that's what makes them weak. For them, being together doesn't mean pain, but hapiness. To understand a, to be able to approach a human being, you must be able to stand by him. To help him stand when he falls down, to show him how powerful he is when in fact he's the weakest of them all..."
Sometimes, just like at that moment, it felt great to have soemone younger around!
"Thanks, kiddo!"
"Kiddo?! YAH! I'm Zico! Z to the I to the C to the O! Z-I-C-O!"he rapped.
"That was good! Why not trying on the stage?"I asked while I emptied my glass and took my jacket. "Be nice, ok?"
And I left the club. I strolled down the alleys, feeling much more lighter. Min Ah was having a difficult time and I as her friend should have been there for her...shouldn't have I?
I stopped in front of her house. The lights were on...
"What are you doing here, vampire?"spoke a voice from behind, taking me by surprise.
The demigod named Thunder was looking at me with curious eyes.
"You know, I'm still waiting for an explanation before I tear you into pieces,"he added with a smirk.
"You really don't waist your time, do you? Declaring war to someone you barely know,"I replied in the same manner.
"Vampire, let me tell you something. That's my sister's house. And I think I have the right to know what you're doing here. She doesn't need to get involved with someone like you. We're enough for her,"he made a sigh and the other members of MBlaq came out from the shadows.
"What's this? Did you followed me here?"I smiled.
"I TRIED TO STOP THEM!"yelled a so-well-known voice.
" know what's that telepathy?"I hissed as he stopped next to me.
His eyes got wider, inforing me that he completely forgot about that.
"So what do you want from me?"I turned towards the group.
"We want you to stay away from our Min Ah,"growled the werewolf.
"No one asked for your opinion, mutt!"
He took a step in front, but G.O. stopped him. "You'll regret soon enough, blood sucker!"he hissed from G.O.'s grip.
"I'm sure I will, but right now, I think you're the one who'd get hurt,"I rpovoked him further.
"Stop it, Joon!"said Thunder. "So vampire, what do you want from my sister?"
"Have you heard of the term of 'friends'?"I mocked him.
"My sister would never be friends with someone like you! You're here to feed, aren't you?"
I rolled my eyes. "Please! do you really need to insult...your sister?"
"He's saying the truth, hyung,"spoke the fairy. 
"Hyung, even if this vampire would be drying inside from hunger and Min Ah noona would be the only human around, he would never touch her. Don't ask me how I know this, 'coz I can't give you an answer. I just do,"he shrugged. "So please, let's give him some credit. Plus, you know that Min Ah noona is suffering right now on her own. Hyung, she'll never let you confort her..."
"Let him be, Thunder,"spoke G.O. "He doesn't seem to be that bad."
"You too, hyung?! FINE! But be careful, vampire! I'm watching you,"he turned to me and stared intensly. "Let's go!"
And he dissapeared into the darkness. Mir followed him, then Joon, the last one being the vampire.
"Help her, ok?"
I nodded and watched him run away.
"I think it's time for me to go too,"mumbled Zico from my side.
"Yeah...I think so too,"I looked at him. "But tell me, why did you come in the first place?"
He shrugged. "To help you out."
But he left without answering back. And the door opened in front of me, revealing a pale Min Ah.
"You came?"
"I did."
"Please enter."
I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. The house smelled the same. Familiar. Like home...
"Min Ah..."I followed her to the kitchen.
"How about I tell you a story tonight, Seung Ho?"she poured some hot tea in two cups.
I looked at her fragile body who had a dark colored blancket wrapped around it. She pushed the long blancket that was sweeping the floor and turned to me. "Will you listen?"
"I will."

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