Monday, March 19, 2012

Chapter 9 ~~ The Beginning Of The Great Journey

Now that scared me. For some reason, I acted like a totally different person out there. And now it was like I woked up from hypnosis.
"Are you ok?"I managed to ask the girl in my arms.
In response, she just clenched her fingers around the collar of my shirt. Her whole body was shivering. Was she cold? I curiously peeked at her face. Some strange and funny liquid was dripping from her eyes. 'Tears,' corrected a voice in my head. She was crying?!
"Hey...hey, are you ok?"I tried to mask my panick. I never saw someone crying in front of me. At least, not since I was transformed. And the thought of holding a crying person in my arms freaked me out from some odd reason. 
Before my mind could find a solution, my feet took control and I soon woked up sitting on a bench in the middle of the park. And there was no one around, 'coz it was Monday morning. And there was her in my arms, crying the hell out of her. What should I have done? How could I, a non-human confort a human? I had no idea! Really! My shirt  was wet from her tears and some of my buttons fell from her grip. But even so, my hands were inertly laying on the cold metall of the bench...
What could I have done to make her feel better?
'Put your arms around her, you idiot!'ordered a high-pitched voice inside my head.
And automatically I did. My arms encircled her waist and shoulders.
'Don't just stand there! Pull her closer to you!'the same voice said, this time much more clearly.
And again, I found myself completly obedient. Now her face was leaned on my shoulder. Her wet cheek next to mine. Her warm breath on my neck, giving chills down my spine.
'Say something, you good-for-nothing creature!'I once again heard that voice in my head.
I wanted to growl and make it dissapear, but I was afraid that I might scare the weak girl in my arms so I kept silent. I opened my mouth to say something to her, some words of confort, but what could I tell her in that situation? When I didn't even understand why she was crying?
"Were you scared?"I heard my voice asking, whispering. "It's ok to be scared..."
Silence. Okay, now I was freaking out badly! Why did I opened my mouth in the first place anyway?!
"I'm sorry,"she whispered next to my ear, still clinging onto my shirt. "I'm sorry I'm this weak. I must look pathetic in your eyes..."
She pulled herself back a little so that she could look into my eyes. But a dead person's eyes don't tell anything, they don't betray the feelings the creature has....that if he has any...
"I'm sorry and I thank you for saving me,"she continued, going back to her initial position.
And what words could have offer her an answer? What could have I respond to her? 'Glad I could help you out'? 'Be more careful next time you cross the street'? 'Can't believe that humans can be this reckless'? What? What could I tell her? The answer:nothing. So I just held her tighter, offering her that pressure that her body needed in order for her nervs to calm down.
Seconds, minutes, maybe even hours passed...
"Is it ok?"she asked, her lips next to my ear.
"Is it okay for you to be out during daylight?"
I chuckled. "With this, should I think that you're alright now?"
I felt her slight nodd.
"I'm special,"I sighed, sensing that she was yet not ready to face me. "I told you back then, before throwing me out."
"Sorry about that..."
I felt something warm in my chest and to my surprise, I began giggling. "It's okay. It was rude, but it's okay."
She  pulled herself back once again. This time I noticed her big, round eyes. Doe eyes... "come! Let me repay you in some way for saving my life,"she stood, took my hand and began pulling me after her.
"Where are we going?"
"You'll see!"
And indeed I saw. It was an old coffee shop. The bell announced out presence and a waitress with kind smile greeded us. But Min Ah passed by her and led me to a table, right in the corner of the shop. As I sat she smiled at me and then dissapeared.
I looked around with curiosity. The coffee shop was indeed old. Not vintage, but old. The building was caring the trace of wars and even so it emitted so many warm feelings. The atmosphere was relaxed and a song was played on the background. Everything invited you to dreaming...
"Your coffee, sir,"a voice woked me up.
"But I didn't...ehmmmm...thanks?"I looked at her while she put the cups on the table. The she sat across me and smiled.
"Taste it! It's not poisoned, I primise!"
And I took a sip. The flavour was really nice...vanilla and some unknown, bitter plant made the coffee taste even better than it usually does.
"How is it?"
"Hmmm...good,"I smiled.
Her eyes sparkled. "Hi there! My name is Kwon Min Ah, but you can call me Min Ah. I am the barista of this coffee house. And the owner too,"she held her hand streched towards me.
I took it with a grin. "Hi! My name is Yang Seung Ho, but you can call me Seung Ho. I own a club in the center of the city. And I'm a...vampire,"I whispered the last part. "Nice to meet you!"
She looked at me with strange eyes. Sad and tired eyes. Like world long lost and dead were trapped inside of them, damned to live inside her soul.
"You look like you need a friend,"I found myself saying.
And that's how it began the great journey...our journey from nothingness to being whole.

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