Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chapter 8 ~~ Blood Sucking Fury [Rated Scene Included]

I returned to the club in a blink of an eye. Everything was so confusing for me. Why did she refused my help? Why did she acted that way? I never intended to hurt her, but now...she hurt my pride. And she must pay.
"Yo!"greeded Zico with a glass of Bloody Mary in his hand. "What's up?"
I just looked at him.
"Old look like you want to kill someone. What's wrong? Did something happen?"
How well he knew me? My own child..."No. At least, nothing bad for me,"I finally said, sitting next to him.
"Didi you kill them?"came the blunt question.
"Am I Zico?"
"What was that supposed to be?"
"Nothing,"I chuckled.
"Fine! Be that way! Don't tell me! You'll regret later not me!"he pounted.
"Fine! Why do people act strange when I offer them money?"
He looked at me with curious eyes. "Why did you offer them money?"
"Let's just say that I had kind of a debt,"I sipped from my own glass of Bloody Mary.
"What kind of people are they?"
"She,"I corrected him.
"What kind of person is she. It's a she we're talking about here,"I frowned, drawing cercles on the bar. "She's...I don't know how to explain since I don't know her that well. What I can tell you is that she never looked at me like the others. She didn't saw the monster face I had..."
"Then that's the reason she reacted bad when you offered money to her."
"I don't understand."
He rolled his eyes. His eyes were sparkling in the darkness of the club. "How should I explain this to you? She is one of that kind of people. Honest, pure at heart. She did it because she felt pity for you, not because she thought about getting rewarded later on. That's why she felt offended when you offered her money to compensate for her good deed. This kind of people don't like money. At least, that's how it was when I was human."
I leaned my head against my fist. Now it was clear to me. From my fuzzy past, I could extract some memories about people like her. Indeed, they never did something just to get money. They were kind and had warm hearts when it came to helping the others. It seemed that I misjudged her. But was she really that pure? Kwon Min Ah, you're giving me headaches!
"You look pale. Did you feed?"I heard Zico asking.
"No. Anything tasty around here?"
"Look for yourself,"he smirked.
And there was. She was swaying her body with the music. Her short black dress showed maybe too much skin for her to classified as a good girl, but I never liked that kind of prays. I went on the dance floor and danced my way to her. Appearently, I was just dancing next to her, but then I put my hand on her waist and pulled her next to me.
"Hello,"I cheekily said.
She just smiled and put her hands around my neck. Swaying her body so close to mine, of course I'd get aroused. My lips began leaving traces of kissed on her heated skin. She was aroused as well, 'coz her moans were covered only by the loud music. No one was paying attention to us, so I pulled her after me till we got to my office.
I locked the door behind us. "Take your clothes off,"I hissed, feeling the pressure both in my throat and in my pants.
She smirked and unzipped her dress. Soon, her lace lingerie flew across the room. I pushed her over the wooden table and spread her legs wide open. I could sense the tention in her. Maybe it was her first time...but then I saw the smile on her face. No, it wasn't.
I kissed her inner tights, but I didn't bother to go too low to her womanhood. That was a job I never did...I pulled her closer and forced her lips to part and make way for my tongue. I kissed her roughly while I pulled off my boxers, leaving my member standing tall, waiting patiently. As my lips went down her neck, I entered her with no other prelude. She gasped as I thrusted deep inside of her.Few seconds to let her adjust to my size and then began moving...slowly. Or at least, that was how I intended to at first. But soon I lost control and the thrusting became deeper and rougher.
"S...slow...down,"I heard her moan in my ear as her hips moved furiously on my member. "I..c-can'"
I pulled her off the table and sat on the leather sofa. Now she was on top, riding me. But even so, the control she had was way too weak to make me stop from pushing and pulling her with quick movements. I nibbed at her rosy nipple as her fingers pulled my hair in pleasure...then I felt it closer and I quickly cought her hands, intertwining fingers. She arched her back, closing her eyes in the ecstasy of the orgasm. As my cum filled her, my fangs pierced her skin and blood began pouring down my throat. Heavenly flavour tickling my taste buds, arousing me even more...I pushed her down and lied her on the sofa as I turned my attention on her feet. I kissed the skin as she pleasured herself. I tried to hide my disgust and continued to kiss her soft skin. Her inner tight was hot and I could practically hear the blood flowing inside of her. And I bit her one last time...
"WOW! You really didn't bother to control yourself this time,"laughed Zico as the guards took out the body.
I growled while styling my hair back to its original form.
"Easy, old man! Easy!"
I shrugged. "She practically begged for it. And I was way to hungry to stop at only one bite."
"I know,"he nodded. "But hey, look at the bright side! You look like a living human being now,"he smiled, pointing at my face.
And indeed that's how it was. My skin was no longer pale like the dead ones were. It had the normal color that I remembered it had during my human years. And not to talk about my cheeks that were rosy. I laughed at my own reflexion. Man, I was one good looking vampire!
"Still the narcissistic prince, huh?"commented Zico with a grin.
"Shut up!"
Zico left the club just before the dawn. I remained behind and checked the club after everyone left. When I left, the sun was up and it's rays heated up the air. It was a beautiful day. I took a deep breath and started walking down the street. The main street was full of cars driven by sleepy people. The bus station was full of kids with bags...The world was moving one. Always moving on...
Then I saw her. Involuntary, she made me look at her. She was waiting to cross the street. And seemed in a hurry. But the light was still red. And she stepped on the zebra after assuring that no car was coming. But she didn't saw the BMW that was speeding towards her...
"WATCH OUT!"I heard myself screaming.
When it comes to vampires, the instincts are much more powerful than the feelings. As well as the reflexes. That's how I found myself on the other side of the street. I was holding her in my arms...

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