Saturday, March 3, 2012

Once upon a red tree's leaf

Final Chapter:~~Epilogue

MBlaq members enrole in the army...
Yang Seung Ho is promoted to rank of Lieutenant General under ROK Air Force
Choi Mi Rae moves back to South Korea
Choi Mi Rae signs with JTune as choreographer
I passed my fingers through my short hair as I stopped at the red light. I smiled as a group of kids crossed the street in the zebra. I looked into the rearview mirror...Mi Rae was sleeping with her arms around the 3 year old girl. They both looked like a pair of angels fallen from Heaven. and even after so many years I was still wondering if I was deserving her, to be loved by her, to be the father of her child...
"Seung Ho,"she whispered, caressing my cheek with her long, slim fingers. "What's wrong, love?"she asked as she moved on the front seat next to mine, careful not to wake up Hee Hee.
"Nothing,"I smiled, kissing her palm as I drove away to the place where Dongwoon was holding his wedding reception.
"You looked lost there for a second."
"Lost? Not quite. I was just wondering if I indeed, am worthy to have you,"I shook my head.
"Seung Ho, I should be the one wondering if I'm worthy enough to be with you. But I love you and I know you love me too. We are blessed,"she smiled, intertwining her fingers with mine. "I love you!"
"I love you too!"
And indeed we were the luckiest people on Earth!
She opened the window and put her hand out in the sun, letting the warm rays play on her white skin, giving sparks around her. A giggle made us turn around. Hee Hee was watching us from her sleep. Well, she was watching Mi Rae.
"What's wrong, Hee Hee?"I asked, watching her through the rearview mirror.
"Mommy is dancing with the sun,"the little girl giggled.
We both laughed as I parked the car in front of a fancy hotel. Dongwoon was waiting us on the stairs.
"Mi Rae!"he exclaimed when my godess got out off the car.
"And I'm not here,"I mumbled while taking Hee Hee into my arms.
"Complaining like a big baby again,"he smirked. "Sometimes I wonder why they even allowed you to work for the air force."
"Yah..."I threatened on a low tone.
He imediately turned around with a bright smile. The bride, Hara, was approaching us holding the hand of a little boy with chocolate colored hair. "Dongwoon, Heechul was looking for...Oh! You came!"she smiled when she saw us. "Is that Hee Hee?"she asked Mi Rae as she hugged her.
Mi Rae nodded while I passed her to my wife. "Look, Hee Hee,"she said to our shy daughter. "He is Heechul,"she continued, putting her in front of the little boy.
We all laughed as Hee Hee hid her face behind Mi Rae's black locks. Heechul was watching her with intense curiosity.
"Mommy, why does she have blue eyes?"he asked Hara.
I looked at Mi Rae. "Because she looks like her mother,"I smiled.
Then the kid let go of Hara's hand and went to Mi Rae and tugged at Hee Hee's white shoe. "Lets be friends,"he asked. To our surprise, Hee Hee looked at him with the same intensity as Mi Rae looked at me that day, the first time I saw her.
"Sure,"she said, getting down from Mi Rae's arms.
And hand in hand, they left us and walked inside the hotel. But before dissapearing from our sight, Heechul turned around and said: "Mommy, can I marry Hee Hee?"
I laughed.
"We'll see,"replied Hara. "Shall we enter?"she turned towards us.
I took Mi Rae's hand and proceeded inside.
As we watched the two kids playing with a house made of plastic in the kids' area, we knew that a new bond was created. Not as ours, but still a strong one. Their connection was made through my wife's warm arms so it was going to be a safe one, without ups and downs...
"I love you,"she whispered in my ear as Dongwoon and Hara smiled for the camera surrounded by all of us.
~ The End ~

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