Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chapter 20 ~~ To Sink In Dirt

She looked at me and gave an awkward smile. "What do you mean?"
I studied her expression. I took her hand and pulled her into my arms. "You are my precious angel. Never leave my side, ok?"and I kissed her. She didn't pull back or froze on the spot. She gave back the same passion I wanted her to feel, the same feelings were travelling between us like the waters of a river.
We broke the kiss and she rested her forehead against mine panting.
"Get a room you two!"whistling.
"Let's take it slowly. You still need to recover, don't you?"
I nodded silently. "Thank you guys, for saving my life,"I turned towards the guys.
Awkward silence. "Whatever!"waved his hand Joon, trying to hide his blushing cheeks.
"Puppy,"I sticked my tongue out like a lil' kid.
I don't quite remember the next few days. Only the feeling that I slept most of the time, having this feeling that I was always watched by someone dear to me that was encouraging me to complete my transformation. I was waited for to go to her side...
The third day of sleep ended the moment I rose from my coffin in the middle of the night. Now the transformation was complete and I could finally see the old me in the new skin. I left the basement and ran up the stairs, looking for a bathroom. I needed to see me...The house was silent when I opened the bathroom's door and entered the blue room. And there it was. My reflexion in the big wall mirror. White skin, flawless skin, slim fingers always prepared to kill, big brown eyes flooded with a mix of feelings, perfect, white denture and a light that was surrounding the present self like it never did before. What was that light and where did it come from, I never asked myself. Why? I was way too happy and relieved to stay and think about small things like that one. I was missing Min Ah...I was missing her like Hell!
I got out the bathroom with a smile plastened on my face. I was going to make her a surprise and prepare dinner. I approached the kitchen door's only to remain steady and listen to the voices inside. Thunder, Mir and Joon were having a talk to Min Ah and it was rude of me to interrunpt them, wasn't it?
"Are you serious about this?"asked Thunder.
"Like never before,"I heard Min Ah's naswering on a strange tone. "It's only right to do such a thing."
"But how about him, Min Ah? Will Seung Ho be able to do what you wish?"asked Joon. "He may be the strongest vampire ever and all that shit, but think about what you want him to do..."
"Joon, you're a werewolf, aren't you?"spoke Mir. "I'm a fairy, one of the last, and Thunder is a demigod. Aren't we all in the same situation as he? Aren't we all fighting agains our own kind?"
What were they talking about? And why was I eavesdropping? It wasn't nice...
"Min Ah, are you 100% sure about doing this?"spoke Thunder on a worried tone.
"Thunder, I'm sure about what I want to do and that's final."
"No need to be bitchy with me. I'm only concerned about you, Min Ah."
"I know and I'm sorry. But Thunder, this thing that I want to do it's something I dreamed of since a long time ago and you know it. And you know as well that it can't be done without him. We need him in order to achive what we all worked so hard for."
"So in the end it all goes to him, huh? It's all up to him choice."
"I'm afraid that it isn't. That's the first thing I had to take care after we approached him..."
I placed my palms over my ears, trying to protect myself from those worlds. But it was way too late. Her words were crashing inside my head like the waves of a stormy sea. Needed me? For what? So in the end it was all a charade? A facade?
I took a step back, not wanting to believe what I just heard. The door opened and I remained looking into Min Ah's eyes. It took me some time to find my voice...
"What are you, Kwon Min Ah?"I mumbled as I took several steps back. 
For the first time in my life I was afraid of a woman.
"WHAT ARE YOU?!"I yelled, thins time having tears going down my face.
"Seung Ho..."
"Seung Ho...please calm down. I don't understand..."
"DON'T GO SHITTING AROUND WITH ME!"I growled, this time the fury taking over me. "So there was a reason behind your so called love, huh?"I continude whispering on a dagerous tone. "There was a reason for loving me, huh?"
"No. I love you ever since I saw you. Seung Ho..."
"DON'T LIE! Just...don't lie..."
I knew how I must have looked in her eyes. Weak. Hurt. Crashed. But I didn't care. Instead, I took a good look at the woman in front of me. The air around her was stiff and the energy hat surrounded her was not that of a weak human. And her eyes...her pretty eyes were cold and distant, full of mixed emotions that I never saw in her before. She was...a different Min Ah...
"Who are you?"I asked again, this time more calm and more demanding. "Tell me please..."
She took a deep breath. I think I'll always remember those few seconds of silent and the moonlight burning the window on the left. Her face bathed by the silver light, her whole body illuminating, her eyes...her eyes becoming that icy-blue color...a globe of light swallowing her and then a woman with nine tail standing in front of me, looking at me all glowing and with merciless eyes.
"I am Min Ah, the nine-tailed fox. Your maker."

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