Friday, March 23, 2012

Chapter 12 ~~ Answers

She didn't look terrified. She didn't even looked surprised to see him there.
"You never told me noona, that you'll be having company tonight,"the new commer said with a smile on his face.
"Oh...this is my friend, Seung Ho,"she answered, still watching him.
"Hi there!"
I bowed my head a little. I couldn't stop myself from watching his smiling face, his glowing aura...
"And what happened?"gasped Zico as I tiredly sat on the old sofa in our basement, few hours later.
"Nothing much,"I closed my eyes, re-living those moments in which I practically didn't knew how to act.
"Tell me, was he a ghost? A real one? Like those in the movies where you can see them, but you hand passes through them if you try touching them?"he asked, moving his hand through air like he wanted to catch flies.
I started laughing. "It seems to me that you're still a child, Zico! Tell me, do you believe in ghosts?"
"O-of course I don't!"
I looked at his frowned expression and started laughing again. "Liar!"
"Ok! I do! So what? Aren't they like us? Supernatural beings?"
"Zico, ghosts exist only in movies and in humans mind. For us, there is no ghost 'coz we don't have feelings, so there's nothing to be afraid of, you dummy!" I yawned. "I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow night will be a long one,"I sighed standing.
"Seung Ho! You still haven't told me! Was he a ghost?"
"Don't be a kid, Zico! I told you that ghosts don't exist!"
"Then what was he?"
"A vampire."
"Yah! You there! Yes you! Where is the owner of the club?"
I turned around slowly, keeping the hood on to cover my face. "Are you talking with me?"I huskily asked.
"Is there someone else who stands at the bar?"rolled eyes Thunder. "So, where is he?"
I thought about it for a second and decided to reveal myself. As expected they all took a step back.
"You ugly beast! How dare you come in here and destroy this club's image?!"hissed G.O. raising his hand to hit me.
I stood as tall as I was and looked him in the eyes. My blood was boiling in my veins, but my powers were way to weak to show their spark in frnt of them. "Are you really blind, vampire? Can't you recognize the power when you see it in front of you?"
His fist froze in the air and they all looked at me shocked.
"What kind of sorcery is this, vampire?"stepped in front Thunder as I pulled the hood over my head and sat on my chair panting.
"Sorcery?"I repeated.
"Why do you need this kind of disguise for? Is there someone ofter you?"
They all gathered around me and looked at me with curious eyes, waiting for my reply. In Thunder's voice there was something more than his usual coldness and indiference. But what?
"Don't tell me demigod, that you are worried about me."
"I'm not!"he hurried to deny, but way to quickly. "I'm afraid that if something is after you it will hurt my sister too in order to get you. So, what's going on?"
"Touche!"I smiled to myself as I sipped from my drink. "There's nothing after me, so relax! It's just me,"I shrugged, pulling the cape around my hunched body.
"Yourself? I'm afraid I don't understand, vampire. Explain yourself!"demanded Thunder.
"Why should I? So that you can take advantage of my curent situation?"
He remained speechless. Zico appeared next to me and frowned as he saw the guys looking at me.
"What do you want from him?"he positioned himself between us.
"What's wrong with him?"asked Mir.
"He seems...ill,"mumbled the werewolf.
"He is ill. So stop bothering him, ok?"
I sighed. "Zico, don't go overboard. The guys are here to have fun so don't ruin their evening. Gentlemen, enjoy your staying here!"I took a little bow before walking away towards my office.
I was but a mere dark silhouette lurking in the club. The guard knew who I was so they bowed in front of me. But the customers were digusted by my appearance. It hurt. To know that it was only my face that made them be all smiles sometimes...I sighed as I closed the office's door behind me. The only place where I...
"You're slow,"spoke a voice, taking me by surprise.
"Why are you bothering me? Go away!"
"Not until you tell me everything!"
He took a place on the leather sofa. "Tell me."
I sighed. Was there no place for me to rest in peace? "I'm ill. Happy now?"
"I want to know more."
"Because my sister trusts you. I want to trust you too. So tell me!"
The guy was disturbing me! "I am very ill! I may be the only ill vampire that exists on Earth! I took the virus from a human woman...the only one that i ever loved..."
The sky was moonless, but the stars were shining brightly on the dark velvet of the night. "I don't know how to cure it and I don't know how long I can resist with it in my body. What I'm sure of is that I'm dead tired. I want to rest for a while and I want to get rid of it. It consumes my body inside out. It devours my flesh and blood, but it also pushes me towards the edge of a mental abyss. And I can't see the end of it...I, as a creature of night, I'm afraid of the darkness that's there..."
I took a deep breath as the rain started to cover the window with its round drops. "I'm tired. I want to rest. I am an old vampire that seeks peace on this Earth. I do not want to get involved with any of the inhabitants of this planet, be it supernatural or not. I want...peace. But even so, heartless or not, emotionless or not, your sister took pity in me, even though I look like you see me right now. She showed me that maybe, just maybe, there's still a place for me here, that maybe there's a cure for me somewhere out there. You see, for people like her and Zico, I can not give myself up to the darkness in my mind."
The silence was disturbed only by the rain outside. The music was somewhere far from us.
"And yet, you appeared in front of us in some other form. What was that?"
I smiled bitterly. "Me."
"I don't understand."
"That was my true form. That was the real Yang Seung Ho, the vampire."
I studied Thunder's face. He looked lost in thoughts. And for some odd reason, he looked strangely human.
"There must be something."
"There must be a cure for you."
"Yeah, maybe..."
He stood and came towards me. His hand on my shoulder and his facial expression gave me a shock.
"I'll help you find it no matter what...Seung Ho..."
There are moments in life where people are brought together by fate. And fate is the one that ties them together. Conexions are made in a blink of an eye and friends appear out of nowhere. There are such moments in life that make you think that there is a still a chance out there, waiting for you to discover it. And those moments are the one that make life, no matter of its duration, livable.
The door banged open and Zico showed me his brightest smile. "I found it. I finally found it. I found the cure..."

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