Saturday, February 11, 2012

Once upon a red tree's leaf

Chapter 21:~Gone with the wind

"Are you ok?"
I nodded.
"Are you sure?"
I nodded.
"What happened there, Seung Ho?"asked G.O. leaning forward from his seat. "Didn't you put on the red scarf? How did they knew you were going to be there? No one approached us!"
"I don't know what happened there either,"I lied. "Now sleep, Byung Hee! We have a long way till we reach New York,"I continued, putting around my neck a special pillow for traveling.
I opened my eyes and I looked around me. The boys were asleep. I should be thankful to G.O.'s mom for the V.I.P. tickets she bought for us. The V.I.P. area was quiet and there was no one to bug us. The business men were having their own problems to think about so they didn't care about us, some idols, being there at all.
Sighing, I opened my bag at rearranged all my things inside there. I opened my Louis Vuitton wallet and looked at the cash that was inside. I should have exachanged the wons with some dollars back in Korea. Then I saw my diary and I took it out. A stewardess passed by and looked at me.
"Do you need anything?"
"A glass od cold juice would be great,"I adressed her my casual smile. 
"Right away, sir!"
I thanked her for the juice and I opened the diary on the little table in front of me. I opened it at an unwritten page and pulled out a pen. It was time I put my thoughts in order and write down the events that occurred right before taking off.
                     "Mr. Diary,
          Today I thought that everything might be lost. Manager hyung locked us inside the dorm. If it weren't for Junhyung from Beast, I would still be inside there and not here, on my way to New York, to her. He didn't understood me. Manager hyung, really couldn't see my feelings, no matter how I explained it to him. Why? Why are some people so blind when it comes to someone else's happiness? Would it have been such a crime to let me leave for a couple of days? Really now...
             I should have said it at the very beginning. My heart beats so fast now that I know I'm on my way to her, that I feel like everyone around me is helping out. Everyone and everything. Even the small piece of land down there, even the wind that carries us towards our destination...everything is helping out. You know what I've been thinking about receintly? If I get to see her, I can die anytime, 'coz I'll die happy. If I get to let her know what she means to me, then I can say that everything I did until now was not in vain. I feel like all this years that we've spend apart were but a mere second in which we both fell asleep and didn't have the chance to dream and meet in the land of dreams. But then again I'm a little bit afraid of what will happen. 'Coz no matter how much I plan what m going to tell her or how I'm going to act when I'll see here, there is still a gap between us, that makes me wonder: hasn't our bond been broken by time? Are we still the same as before? What if she...move on? Without me?
               No, I can't let this kind of thoughts dig up my insecurity!
              But coming back to today's events...I'm gonna have a word with Dongwoon when I come back! I mean, now that I think about him giving me his red scarf, everything seems so fishy! 'coz let me tell yu this one thing: those reporters knew exactly who was going to be there and what distinctive thing as he going to wear. And guess what? That was me, wearng Dongwoon's red scraf! I was quite stupid. I should have thought that he can't help me out of the blue like that! I'm way to naive! But how can he do that?! Isn't he an idol too? Hasn't he been in similar situations before? He's mean!~
                Oh, how my heart is beating!
                Like crazy! I wish I could fly faster and be already there so I can start my searching.
               Wait for me, Mi Rae! I'll be there soon hold you, to love you. I promise you this:the eternity will seem short compared to the love I'm going to offer to you~!
I closed the diary and I looked out the window with a smile blooming on my lips. The sun was raising. A new day was starting.
"This is the captain speaking. We arrived in New York City at 10 am. We have -8°C temperature outside, so be careful and put on extra clothes. We hope you enjoyed your flight with us. Please njoy you're staying here!"I heard a voice.
Me and the boys got off the plane quietly. We were to sleepy to talk or anything. We arrived at Terminal 1 which serves as landing track for the Incheon flight. We looked around us a little disoriented. JFK International Airport was one of the most crowded airports I ever saw!
"Let's take a taxi,"I huskly said to the boys who nodded and followed me outside.
We got inside a yellow cab. "To the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, please,"I said in a perfect English.

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