Thursday, August 30, 2012

Behind Sorrow's Walls

I've walked down the same path over and over again, trying to find something to hold on, something that would be able to pull me up and let me fly from all this mud that has been ditying my wings, pulling off my feathers and chopping them off...
I've cried the same tears over and over again, calling for someone to understand me.
Why am I so different from all the others?
It seems that to me, even dreaming has been denied...
I'm sorry that I have to live in a cage of broken dreams, where my broken heart now lies, beating weakly and waiting to die.
I'm sorry I'm not strong enough to get out in the whole world and yell my lungs out.
I'm sorry that I'm afraid of you judging me...
Yes, this is me.
Yes, I am fat.
Yes, beauty is not an applying characteristic to me.
Yes, there's nothing that fits me when I'm looking for clothes.
And yes, there's no one by my side now.
And thank you, for sticking close my friend, for never leaving me behind... 'coz after enduring the day's light and insults, you come with soft breeze to heal my pulsating wounds, to relax my nervs by singing your sweet melody to the falling leafs. Thank you for being always the same and for taking as who and what I am!
It seems that you're the only one that remained still as time flew by you...

1 comment:

  1. You have a beautiful soul and those who have one they sure are beautiful outside. Why should you look like others? Today Barbie is something common, but persons like us are original. Yep, we are strange, different and one day someone will notice us. Be proud of what you are. I sure am. Here are 2 songs for you about beautiful women.
    P.s eu am o vorba: nu sunt eu de vina ca nu/mi gasesc haine ci, cei care la fabrica. In poze par slaba, dar sa stii ca nu imi gasesc atat de usor pentru ca am coapsele mari si talia mica, iar bustul e mic si mainele lungi. In concluzie hainele sunt de vine:P. Dupa ce ai sa iesi din intuneric probabil ca vei face o schimbare.