Monday, August 13, 2012

Society for Monsters

He struggles to find his way.
The mud. The pools of dirty water. Nothing keeps him away from following his own way, his own path in this sickly life.
And there's the city. Grey and shallow, looking like a sketch made in crayon, too noisy for it's silent and deathly ways of killing everything that should stay alive an pure. That's not the place where the fairytale can be born or stay alive!
But he passes through it, becoming one with the crowd, a mere gray silhouette. But even so, the man continues to walk, pushing aside everything that stands in his way, putting down everyone that tries to keep him away from his path. He only listens to the light. He only follows the light.
He doesn't hear his own heart beating in his chest.
He can't see the way the light fades away.
He lost his way.
He lost his way in the city and now he's all confused and wondering if what he did till then was wrong. He had nothing. Nothing to keep safe, nothing to hold dear, nothing to love. His obsession was the one that kept him above the waves that threatened to crash over his weak body, above the water that could have drowned him.
But he took his time to wander around the cold city with the rain falling over his back. The tall buildings were howling at the emptiness that was surrounding them. The sky was ignorant at the suffering beings that were crawling from one side of the street to another. Somewhere in the distance, a man died. Somewhere close by, a girl lost her teddy bear. But even so, looking at the innocence of life, he could see the monsters that were swarming around. And they weren't made of smoke or shadows. And they weren't weak and dying. No. They were touchable. They were powerful. They were eating and living. They were living inside every single human. And he, the only man that held his heart in his hand, with his will strong, he was the only one that could see them. The monsters. A society of monsters, where saying 'sorry' was like comminting suicide, where helping the others was a prof of despise, where 'I am who I am and you are my slave!' was more apropiate to tell to you best friend. A society where love died.
That's what he saw. And there was no way out for him. Out of the city, out of that circle of darkness, out from that society that grew up with time, swallowing the sun in the end.
And he bowed down in the end. His heart withered and disappeared without him even noticing. His will grew weaker with time until it broke down. He got influenced to do bad things. He became a liar, a thief, a rapist. A murderer for dreams...

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