Monday, August 29, 2011

I too, want that somebody...

...who I can rely on, to whom I can entrust my heart.
I need my closest friend to be there for me and not make me feel lonely, 'coz life sure is a bitch. She the biggest bitch when it comes to those dudes that yell from the top of their lungs that they are your friends, only to back out after a while.
I need...a sweetheart on whose shoulder I can rest my head when I'm tired from the bullshit that I've endure through a day. I need that soulmate who can undertand me without saying a word. I need that person in front of whom I can cry without feeling ashamed.
I need to stop being afraid, 'coz I'm who I am and I'll never be who they want me to be.
I need to learn to let go of those who can no longer be with me, who can no longer understand me.
I thank to my mother.
I need to learn how to dance even if outside it's raining cats and dogs.
I need to trust you, the one who can't show his heart in front of everyone.
I need to be your friend, 'coz nights are less scarier when I know I can talk to you.
I need...
I need...
...but you no longer hear me...

I need a person to tell me all those things ...

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