Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Once upon a red tree's leaf

Chapter 4:~Summers apart

"Hey Seung Ho,"greeded me Yesung.
"Oh, hi there, Yesung! How is the piece?"I asked while putting down my bag.
He smiled with his eyes on the piano's keyboard. "Not easy at all. But it's fun. How's yours?"
I looked at the papers in my hand. Nights of practicing. Lack of sleep, no wasn't simple. Not at all. But I did it. For her...
"It wasn't easy, that's sure!"
"Neh Seung Ho, did something happen between you and Mi Rae?"
I looked at him frowning. This kid never ceased to amaze me! He was the quiet type, the one that sees and hears everything and still leaves the impression that he knows nothing.
"Not really. Why are you asking?"
"Just. Because you seem to be fighting most of the time,"he shrugged.
And he was right. Most of the time we were speding on fights. Silly things, but still...we slowly grew apart. The gap between us was getting bigger and bigger, imposible to overcome. She moved further away from me while I was still clinging onto her. Maybe that was my destiny.
"Hi there, red tree!"I rested my palm against the old tree's bark. "I'm sorry I came alone today. Mi Rae is a little busy,"I smiled bitterly. "But don't be afraid! She'll come..some day..."
And I sat in the same place I used to sit with Mi Rae. Everything was the same. The summer sun was shining above me and the cicadas was playing in the green grass. Everything seemed so peaceful.
"Seung Ho?"
I opened my eyes only to see my muse right before me. Was I dreaming? I rubbed my eyes.
"Mi Rae?"
"Who else, silly?"she laughed while sitting next to me.
I can still recall that moment. She was wearing a blue dress and white shoes. Her long hair was tied up in a pony tail, revealing her white neck with smooth skin.
"How come you're here?"I asked. "Where's Dongwoon?"
"He has a football match,"she shrugged. "And I don't like that sport. It's...stupid,"she laughed.
"I bet he wishes his girlfriend was there to watch him."
"Yah...don't talk like that. I'm glad I came here. I missed you, Seung Ho."
My heart was hurt. I cried many tears before deciding to wait for her no matter what. But then again...
"You missed me, you say? Then how come you're never around when I need you? How come you're always with him, clinging onto him like you're blind and can' see he's cheating on you with every girl in the school? How come you never reply to my messages? How come you moved from our desk and let me all alone? Huh? How can you say you missed me after getting further away from me, Mi Rae? What happened to our promises? You said you'll never forget about me? But how come you casted me away so quickly after he appeared in your life?"
I touched my hurting cheek. Then I slowly took my bag and took out a blue file.
"Thank you, Mi Rae, for releasing my heart,"I mumbled, throwing the file at her feet. "Goodbye!"
" ♫ Mi Rae's Symphony ♫ "
My first time on the stage. It was like a nightmare. Everyone was looking at me and I couldn't move an inch. I was praying to die. Yes. Right there, right at that moment.
"Seung Ho, fighting! You can you it, Yang Seung Ho!"said someone from the crowd.
The spotlight was blinding me, making me incapable of seeing the person that spoke. But that voice was too familiar to me. It was unmistakable. It was the voice tha warmed my heart so many times, that hurt it so badly. And then, with determined fingers, I pressed the piano's keyboard. Sweet and slow, the melody filled the hall. Even with my eyes wide opened, I could clearly see everything that melody was about: the red tree, the sweet smell of lilies, a tree and a window, many white nights filled with laughter, a pile of books and dancing shoes. Everything was there, right in front of me...her smile that warmed my heart...
"Hello, Mrs. Choi,"I greeded politely.
"Aigoo, your son is a gentleman!"exclaimed the lady dressed in white. "Annyeong, Seung Ho. Are you here to see Mi Rae?"
I nodded.
"That's good! My poor baby has stage fright,"she smiled at me. "Having her best friend here will help."
Will it really?
Then the lights went out and the first ballerinas came out. Pyotr Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake". And my Mi Rae sure thing looked like a swan out there on the stage. Gracefully, she danced her way inside everyone's heart. He smooth movements made my heart easy. She looked like a small, white butterfly. So thin that wind could have carried her away from me.
"Congratulations, Mi Rae,"I said later on, while handing her the bouquet of roses. "You were by far the best dancer out there!"
She touched her cheek with the side of her hand while taking the flowers. "You think so? 'Coz I'm sure I missed couple of steps there..."
"It looked perfect!"I assured her with a smile.
"Seung Ho?"
"I'm sorry,"she softly said while hugging me. "I'm sorry..."
I gently stroked her back. "It's ok. No harm intended..."
"Let's go home together, Seung Ho."
"How about Dongwoon? Won't he be upset?"
"Nevermind him! I want to spend some time with my best friend,"she smiled while taking my hand. "Let's go to the red tree, Seung Ho! I want you to tell me there that you forgave me."
"Arasso. Let's go!"I said taking her hand.
And we ran. We ran as if something was chasing us. We ran and we laughed.
"Mi Rae! Are you ok?"I cried as I helped her up.
"I scrached my knee. But it will-"
I bended down and put my hands on her foot.
"S-Seung Ho...what are you doing?"
"Shhhhh! I'll blow over it and it will stop hurting,"I smiled in the dark while slowly blowing air over the scrach. "You're still such a kluts, Mi Rae!"
"Last one at the tree is a rotten egg!"I laughed starting to run.
But after few steps I stopped and grabbed her hand. "I still haven't forgotten that you're scared of the dark..."
Mi Rae...I know you're still afraid of the dark. So please, stay within the spotlight. Always lighting the way into my life...
No matter where you are now, I'll always remember this. Your unforgetable eyes, Mi Rae, I will see then once again some day. Some day, Mi Rae...let's meet again.

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