Sunday, January 29, 2012

Once upon a red tree's leaf

Chapter 11:~Another link it's revealed from time's fog

Next morning I woked up way to early. I think it was 5 in the morning when I opened my eyes. I got off the bed and decided to explore the house. Maybe it will revive my memories. I need them to come back to me. In order to find her, I need to find my old self once again…
“Hello there,”I smiled, caressing the piano’s keys. “Let’s see, old friend, just how out of tune are you…”
But it wasn’t that bad! Not bad at all! I opened the lid and looked inside. After few minutes it was like it was new. “Missed me?”I hummed as my fingers pressed some keys, turning out to be an unknown tune. I passed from Chopin to Beethoven and then to someone who I really admire:Yiruma. I played ‘Kiss The Rain’ and ‘Indigo’ one after another...with my eyes closed I could feel that I played this two last tunes for so mayny times before, ‘coz inside my mind some fuzzy images appeared. I tree…some dancing shoes…a bouquet of lillies. And someone’s white hand.
That’s when I stopped.
“Young master, you’re talented as ever,”I heard Mr. Kwon’s voice from the door step.
I turned my head and saw the old man whipping his eyes. “I’m sorry, ajusshi. I must have woken you up.”
“No, I usually wake up around 4 o’clock. My old bones can’t let me rest for too much,”he smiled at me. “Your mother would be so proud of you, young master. So proud!”
“Yeah, maybe. I think I broke her heart when I left this house. And I think this is what killed her before her time,”I muttered, carresing the piano’s wood.
The old man came next to me and took my hand into his. “Please belive me when I tell you that your mother was the hapiest mother on Earth and she was very proud of having you there in Seoul, being one of the top singers. She would always turn on the TV and look at the music programs which displayed you and your band.”
I smiled. I could see that. Like his memories were transported inside of me, I saw my mother opening the TV and putting down her knife which she used to cut  the vegetables for dinner. “Thank you, Mr. Kwon.”
The man smiled. “I think it’s time for breakfast,”he said, letting go of my hand. “Looks like sun is up already.”
And so it was. Sun was up, shining brightly. Another day has begun…
“But this is my old school!”I exclaimed, seeing the building in front of which Mr. Kwon stopped his van.
“Yeah, it is. I thought you might want to visit it. This is the place from where you left, young master."
I opened the car's door and got out. "Maybe I should visit it. I'm curious about it. Thank you, Mr. Kwon!"
He smiled and waved. "Should I pick you up on my way back?"he asked, starting the engine.
"No. I will find my own back."
He just nodded and drove away. This should help, right?
I took some steps towards it, but then I stopped. The school's bell rang. A flood of all sezes kids came out.
"May I help you?"asked the gatekeeper, looking at me awkwardly. "You're not from here, are you?"
"No, I'm not. I came from Seoul,"I replied smiling. "I graduated here though."
His frowning face disspeared and a smiling one took it's place. "Why didn't you say so from the beginning? Go now! You must have missed this place."
I passed by the gates and entered the school yard. The kids didn't mind my presence at all, so I kept walking towards the school.
"Hey! Hey! Hey you!"called someone, making me turn around. "Yeah! You you!"
A black haired young man came towards me. He looked familiar...
"Sunbae! What are you doing here?"I asked after recognizing Yesung.
He smiled widely. "Hey! You're not the only one that misses his old school!"
My eyes grew wider.
"You know, it's pretty strange to hear you call me 'sunbae' even though I am your sunbae,"he frowned.
"We grew up together,"he revealed, making me stumble on my own feet. "Yeah, we did! And even though I was your sunbae, you always called me 'Yesung'. Actually, you were the one that gave me this name,"he added with a soft smile.
"I-I did what?"
"You gave me this nickname. It means-"
"..'art-like voice',"I mumbled.
"Yeah! Do you remember it now?"he smiled as we entered the school.
I shook my head.
"That's too bad. 'Coz you sure miss a lot of memories,"he smiled touching the corridor's wall.
I followed him around the school. He smiled all the way. But I kept on frowning 'coz I remembered nothing.
"Hehehehe...this is where I first saw you skipping classes,"he showed me an empty classroom. "I think you shocked everyone,"he laughed. 
"Neh, Yesung, tell me, do you know what happened to me? How I ended up losing my memory?"
His smile faded. "No. Your parents haven't told anyone about what really happened there. Not even to our teacher."
"Oh...I see..."
Why? Why did they kept silent? I mean, maybe if I'd knew, maybe I'd be able to remember something. Anything!
"But I can show you a place which used to be your favourite, if you want of couse,"he added with a little smile.
I nodded. "Now I want to get through with this. I'm tired of having a part of my memories blocked. I want to remember. I want to remember everything. 'Coz I have the feeling I'm forgetting something important. Something..."
"...or someone."

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