Saturday, January 28, 2012

Once upon a red tree's leaf

Chapter 10:~Going back

MBlaq's leader, Yang Seung Ho's mother dies from heart attack.
MBlaq delays their comeback till January 2012.
Seung Ho leaves Seoul without his fellow member. Destination? Unknown yet!
"Really now! Don't they have anything else to do?"I mumbled while shuting down my iPad. "Like getting a life for their own?"
I turned on the iPod that was connected to the car's audio system. And it began playing one of my favourite songs: "Out In The Sea" by Jade Valerie.
"In 100m please turn left,"I hear the robotic voice of the GPS.
I pressed on the touch-screen and turned it off. "Yeah right...that's what you said half an hour ago and I almost hit a tree!" I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel.
I took a quick glance in the rearview mirror, assuring that no one was following me. "Great! Now I'm paranoiac too!"
But then again...I didn't want anyone to know where I was going, even though it was kinda predictible. I was going back to my old home. I needed time to heal myself and find once again my inspiration. After my mom's death I felt too empty to write something. Or even to press the piano's keys! So I took off. And my old place appeared in my mind as soon as I decided to leave Seoul.
Now again, where should have I turned left? I sooo love my bad orentation sense!
I stopped the car and looked around me. "Great! I'm lost on the highway! Yang Seung Ho, you're a dummy!"I mumbled as I hit a stone with my foot.
And I decided to wait for a car to pass by me. And I waited. And I waited. And I waited...then it appeared! An old van driven by an even older man!
"Are you lost, young one?"the old man asked me through the opened widow.
"Yes! I need to get to Anyang and I missed the turn. Could you plese tell me how can I get there?"I smiled.
"Anyang? What business do you have there, child?"
I frowned. "I'm kinda in a hurry. Can you please helpt me?"
The man let out a laugh. "Now you sound like my young master,"he said with his eyes sparkling behind his glasses. "Ok! You turn back and you drive back for half an-"
But I wasn't listening to him anymore. Something from his voice brought back a piece of my forgotten memories...
"Young master! What are you doing here, outside? Shouldn't you be inside? Your mother will not be pleased if she finds you here!"said a middle-aged man.
"But I came to help you, ajusshi! You're too old to do this by yourself. And I'm young and strong. I can help you!"answered a child.
The man let out a laugh and he put down the rake from his hands. "Yes, that's true, young master, but you should go in now."
"Child? Have you heard what I told you?"the old man's voice brought me back to the present.
"Uh? N-No. Sorry! Ajusshi, who's your young master, if I may ask?"
The old man smiled. "He's a great young man! He's an important singer in Seoul now."
"Mr. Kwon..."
"How did you know my name, child?"he asked with curiosity.
"It's me, ajusshi! It's me, Seung Ho!"I exclaimed grabbing his hand through the open window. "It's me, Yang Seung Ho! I'm home, Mr. Kwon!"
"I was planning on moving back to my old village and leave a quiet life,"he said as he opened the front door with his spare key.  "But now that young master is back, I feel I can be useful once again."
I smiled as I stepped inside. The floor was feeling cold under my feet. But the again, something came out from the depths of my memory...
"Seung Ho! Where are you going dressed like that? Put on some proper cloths, young man!"scolded a woman's voice. "And where are you going? Don't you have some piano pieces to practice? Or have you forgotten alredy that you have an important exam to pass?"
A younger version of me stopped on kitchen's doorstep"I'm not going to attent the exam. I'm going to stop playing the piano. I made up my mind. I want to be a singer."
"Seung Ho-yah, I thought we already went though this! I though we agreed that you'll persue your pianist career!"
"NO! I made up my mind! I'm going to Seoul to be a singer,"replied the insolent me.
I blinked as the memory faded away, leaving behind only the dusty floor and the stiff air. "Forgive me eomma...I give you so much heartache. And you still suported me through everything..."I whispered.
"Young master, you should go rest. You must be tired,"I heard Mr. Kwon's voice behind me. "When you'll wake up everything will be just like you remember,"he added smiling while turning on the light in the corridor.
I smiled and took my bag from the floor. "I'll everything to your care, ajusshi! I'll be upstairs if you need me..."
I went up the stairs, inhaling the dusty air. It felt like a million years passed since I last went up those stairs. My room's door...I pressed the knob and entered. It was like I never left. Next to my bed were two piles of book and some music sheets were scattered over the desk.
"I really was a worm book,"I chuckled, taking one white book into my hands. "Anne Of Green Gables".
"I like how Anne thinks. I think I resemble her a bit. She's stubborn and so am I. She has a boy as her best friend and so do I. But Seung Ho, I like her idea. Kindred spirits. I think that's what we are, Seung Ho,"said un unknown voice.
"Kindred spirits...and what does it mean?"
"Soulmates,"she answered from the black whole of my dead memories.
I caressed the book's front cover. "Who exactly are you, the one who's invading my dreams? What exactly are you, the one whose presence ligers around me even here?"
I looked around me, searching for an answer. But the room kept silent. I turned my eyes towards the book I was helding. "I will find you. I will find who yu are and what you meant for me. Just watch me!"
When I woked up outside was already dark. I streached my arm and searched for my phone on the floor.
"I thought I told them not to call me,"I mumbled seeing the missed calls. And still I pressed the green button fom the screen.
"Hyung! Hyung? Where are you hyung? Are you ok?"I heard Mir's voice.
"Yah! I thought I told you not to call me while I'm gone,"I huskily said smiling.
"Yeah, bu-"
"Is that Seung Ho?"cuted in G.O. "Give me that! YAH! Haven't I told you to call me once you get there?!"
"YAH! Is this the way you talk to your hyung?!"I snapped while turning on the lights. "I thought I told you not to call me. What was so urgent?"
"Haven't you read the articles that are all over the internet?"
I frowned. "Really guys? You know that they would write anything about anyone as long as they get subscribers and I don't know what else!"
"Yeah, but  please stay away from high places. I don't wanna see you on the news anywhere soon!"
"News? What news?"
"Really, Seung Ho, where are you? In the mountains?!"
"They wrote an article about you in which the stated that you're thinking about suicide. The A+s have gone nuts! You should see the messages we're getting on out official page. And our mail box is like a flood of wet letters. Seriously now! Stay away from high places!"
I began laughing. "Okok! I'll keep that in mind. I'll post a message on our official page to calm down the fans. But seriously, Byung Hee, trust me when I tell you that it didn't even cross my mind to commit suicide. Not even once!"
"That's good! That's really good! But still, stay away from high places!"he whined at the phone.
"Yeah...right. Look, I have to go. And Byung Hee?"
"Please don't call me while I'm here. I need to heal. I need to find myself in all this madness."
"Arasoo. Take care, ok?"
"Bye, Byung Hee!"
And I put down the phone.
"Where should I began from?"I asked myself while watching the darkness outside.
A knock at the door made me trun around. "Young maste, dinner is ready,"I heard Mr. Kwon's voice from behind it.
That's it! A warm meal! That's the best way to begin everything!

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